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Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows

Sep 13 2017 — — In the third month of Donald Trump’s presidency, Vladimir Putin dispatched one of his diplomats to the State Department to deliver a bold proposition: the full normalization of relations between the United States and Russia across all major branches of government. The proposal, spelled out in a detailed document obtained by BuzzFeed News, called for […]

Canada’s Supreme Court Just Ruled Some Bestiality Is Legal

Jun 9 2016 — Paul McLeod — Bestiality is legal in Canada as long as no penetration is involved, according to a shocking Supreme Court of Canada ruling Thursday. While bestiality is a criminal offence in Canada, the top court ruled the legal definition is much more limited than how it has been interpreted for decades. It all goes back to the […]

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says He’s Planning “Days Of Rage” At The Convention

Apr 2 2016 — — Roger Stone, the longtime Republican political operative and current ally of Donald Trump, says he’s trying to organize protests at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer to disrupt any effort by the party to “steal” the nomination from the frontrunner. Stone tweeted several times on Friday evening about his plans, announcing a “Stop the […]