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Homage to the ‘Merchant of Venom’

Aug 28 2017 — Gerry Nicholls — Indeed, obituaries in the New York Times and Washington Post noted how Finkelstein, who was known for his innovative and aggressive tactics, had revolutionized American politics. What wasn’t mentioned in those obituaries, however, is how Finkelstein also influenced Canadian politics. And influence it, he did. In fact, Finkelstein showed Canadian conservatives how to play the […]

Harper’s Gitmo: The Sisyphean Task of Senate Reform

Sep 2 2014 — Ian Brodie — One of Barack Obama’s first official acts as President of the United States was to order the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay closed by the end of 2009. Closing “Gitmo” had been more than just a campaign promise for Candidate Obama. It was the essence of his moral case against the Bush Administration. The prison […]