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Conservative field shrinks as Harper talk starts

Jan 24 2020 — Don Braid — The talent void in the Conservative party leadership race is prompting strange scenarios among Alberta loyalists. Their first and faintest hope: Stephen Harper comes back, wins the leadership with ease, runs off Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and recreates a Conservative national government. There is no hard evidence for this, but you have to wonder why […]

Climate action to blame for Alberta’s woes, says Conrad Black

Jan 20 2020 — — One-time media baron Conrad Black told a Calgary conference on Alberta’s future that the province’s economic troubles are in part because of a worldwide “holy war” on fossil fuel industries. Black’s keynote speech at Saturday’s Value of Alberta conference touched on topics from the American political landscape to the virtues of capitalism, but focused mostly […]

Autonomy and separatism take spotlight at Value of Alberta conference

Jan 19 2020 — — Alberta autonomy and separatism were the focus for many who attended a conference in Calgary on the province’s future hosted by Alberta Proud, Buffalo Project and Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity. About 700 attendees at the Saturday event, titled The Value of Alberta, packed a room in the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary to […]

Emotional intelligence: Trudeau’s best skill pays dividends

Jan 16 2020 — Vinay Bharadia — TV commentator John Oliver famously and hilariously roasted Justin Trudeau in the lead up to the PM’s first electoral win, focusing on the then candidate’s touted “emotional intelligence.” Expertly edited news clips quipped that the junior Trudeau may lack his father’s intelligence but made up for it in his “emotional intelligence.” I’m paraphrasing, but Oliver […]

Ambrose remains an ideal candidate for Conservative leadership

Jan 16 2020 — Don Braid — Quebec’s La Presse has declared that Rona Ambrose won’t run for the Conservative leadership. Albertans who know her scratch their heads and say, what the . . .? “A plant from a Quebec rival, no doubt about it,” says one. Who would that be, if not Jean Charest? Ambrose still hasn’t decided. That’s today’s understanding […]

PM’s envoy listens to fears of West, as Encana OK’s moving HQ south

Jan 15 2020 — Chris Varcoe — On the same bitterly cold morning that shareholders in one of the country’s largest petroleum producers officially voted to shift its headquarters to the United States, the prime minister’s special representative for the Prairies stopped in Calgary. It comes after the federal Liberal government was shut out of Alberta and Saskatchewan in October’s election. If […]

New poll shows contented Quebec and angry Prairies — and no wonder

Jan 15 2020 — Don Braid — It was damned near impossible for the Liberals to turn Quebec into Canada’s happiest, most optimistic province, while killing hopes for millions of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan. But they’ve done it. Brilliantly. We already knew discontent was deep on the Prairies. A new Angus Reid Institute poll shows it’s almost bottomless. Seventy-one per cent […]

Trudeau’s genocidal flimflam has international consequences

Jan 9 2020 — Chris Nelson — Not that it will come as much of a surprise to folk here in Alberta, but the United Nations has stuck its well-manicured fingers into the very future of Canada’s major energy projects. The UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination — wager there are some juicy expense accounts tied to membership in that […]

UCP will erupt if looming federal decisions go against Alberta

Jan 8 2020 — Don Braid — Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland visited Alberta relatives, talked to key politicians, including Premier Jason Kenney, and then blew town without a public word. That was odd, considering the gravity of the issues she’s supposed to be managing. This was a fleeting glimpse of the minority federal Liberals — more cautious, less blustery, less often […]

UCP acknowledges troubled launch of war room

Jan 6 2020 — Don Braid — Disappointed in the Canadian Energy Centre, better known as the war room? You have plenty of company there — including the Alberta government. UCP patience is fading, although not yet exhausted, over slips involving logos and clumsy attacks on Alberta critics. “We obviously would have preferred for things to go more smoothly,” says Christine Myatt, […]

Notley’s bad year ends with near miss on the highway

Dec 27 2019 — Don Braid — The Alberta NDP’s very bad year almost got much worse on Dec. 9, when Leader Rachel Notley’s vehicle ran off the Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway just north of Olds. Notley had a twinge of fear before staffer Dylan Sloan managed to steer the vehicle into safety fencing on the median. “I did have a moment […]