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Alberta premier’s office calls for apology, retraction of CBC stories alleging contact with Crown prosecutors

Jan 25 2023 — — Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is calling on CBC News to retract and apologize for a story that cites unnamed sources alleging her office emailed Crown prosecutors regarding the handling of cases tied to last year’s Coutts border blockade. In a statement Wednesday, Smith’s office referred to CBC’s reporting in a story published Jan. 19 as […]

Federal memo shows heavy impact of ‘just transition’ on Alberta

Jan 16 2023 — Don Braid — The federal plan to “transition” jobs and regional economies in the fight against climate change is more vast and all-embracing than suspected by even the most suspicious sovereignty fan in Premier Danielle Smith’s office. “When I saw the memo, I felt a pit in my stomach,” Smith said Monday morning. “It’s worse than I feared.” […]

Smith challenges Ottawa’s ‘just transition’ plan for oil and gas workers

Jan 8 2023 — — Alberta has no intention of following a federal plan to transition workers out of the energy sector, Premier Danielle Smith said Saturday. The premier, on her Saturday morning radio show, said it’s still unclear what the Liberal government is proposing with “just transition” legislation aimed at helping workers find new jobs in a low-carbon economy.

Smith could end up making rival Notley our most powerful premier

Dec 8 2022 — Chris Nelson — Would you like Joe Ceci in charge of your retirement money? OK, now I’ve your attention, the next order of business is apologizing to our former provincial treasurer under the previous NDP government. Ceci, the current MLA for Calgary-Buffalo, took enough stick from the likes of me when he was actually looking after Alberta’s books, […]

Dictatorial, unworkable sovereignty act may be worst legislation in Alberta history

Dec 5 2022 — Don Braid — Alberta is engulfed in a heart-wrenching crisis of children’s health that even makes official cruelty unavoidable. Mortally ill children are being moved from the hospice where they were lovingly cared for in their dying, into the Alberta Children’s Hospital itself, along with their care teams. Respite care, which helps families whose kids have severe disabilities, […]

Treated mine water release essential to oilsands reclamation

Dec 5 2022 — Pierre Gratton, — Current global unrest and ongoing impacts from the pandemic have brought the security of supply of energy and resource products into sharp focus, not just for Canadians but our allies around the world. This priority was reinforced at the highest political levels with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland saying in a recent speech that “Canada […]

Former Premier Jason Kenney resigns as MLA

Nov 29 2022 — — “I am concerned that our democratic life is veering away from ordinary prudential debate towards a polarization that undermines our bedrock institutions and principles,” he wrote. Former Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced he has resigned from his role as a member of the legislative assembly Tuesday evening.