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Think this is bad? Imagine a Liberal minority backed by Greens

May 15 2019 — Don Braid — Take a wary look at British Columbia; a shaky NDP government, supported by three Greens, fiercely hostile to the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now, imagine the same dynamic in Ottawa after the fall federal election. Try not to pass out. It’s by no means unthinkable that the Liberals will be reduced to a minority. To stay […]

‘We both share a basic goal’: Jason Kenney meets with Justin Trudeau

May 2 2019 — — Premier Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convened Thursday for their first face-to-face meeting since the Alberta election, saying they are looking for points of agreement. The meeting comes on the heels of an election that featured the new premier deploying heated rhetoric against Ottawa, and particularly Trudeau, almost daily. Kenney, who also made […]

Politics of fear backfired on Notley and will backfire on Trudeau too

Apr 18 2019 — Licia Corbella — Tuesday’s election win that gave Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party a majority government holds many lessons for those who engage in the politics of fear and smear. Not only does it not always work, it can backfire big time. The Alberta NDP ran a disgraceful, cynical campaign of attempted character assassination against United Conservative Party […]

Marathon man Jason Kenney performs miracle on the Prairies

Apr 17 2019 — Licia Corbella — The metaphor of a marathon doesn’t begin to describe the journey Jason Kenney embarked upon to become Alberta’s 18th premier with a resounding majority government, making the Alberta NDP the only one-term government in the province’s 114-year history. Even an Ironman metaphor doesn’t adequately symbolize the onerous odyssey that Kenney has undertaken to ensure Premier […]

Kenney drives NDP from office after epic political odyssey

Apr 17 2019 — Don Braid — They arrived on a wind of change in 2015, only to be blown out of office four years later by an even more powerful gale. Rachel Notley’s New Democrats, with all their dreams and hopes and agonies, succumbed exactly as UCP Leader Jason Kenney said they would, overwhelmed by a united conservative bloc that is […]

As campaign comes to angry end, Kenney should drop oil-cut talk

Apr 15 2019 — Don Braid — This election campaign comes to no gentle end. Rather, it slams into the finish line, brakes screeching, as hot and emotional as ever. On Sunday, Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel charged that phony robocalls were going out with a voice that sounds like his, saying that he wants people to vote for UCP Leader Jason […]

Notley dances with the one who brought her

Apr 15 2019 — Chris Nelson — Well, if you’re going down to defeat anyhow, then dancing with the one that brought you is as effective an election strategy as any other, I suppose. Maybe that’s why, in the dying days of this provincial campaign, Premier Rachel Notley once again put her faith and Alberta’s economic future into the furtive hands of […]

Hoping I don’t feel nauseous again on election night

Apr 13 2019 — Licia Corbella — During Alberta’s last election night on May 5, 2015, I was so nauseous I had to have a bowl on my lap just in case. Earlier that morning, I had received my first chemotherapy session for the triple-negative breast cancer I’d been diagnosed with that February. I was much too ill to stay up to […]

New poll predicts UCP forms majority government with 67 seats

Apr 8 2019 — — Last week’s leaders debate did little to sway the majority of Albertans ahead of the provincial election, according to a new poll calling for a landslide United Conservative win on April 16. Forum Research surveyed 1,132 Alberta voters following Thursday’s televised debate and found some 55 per cent of the electorate are in support of […]

Young women turn their backs on Trudeau’s hypocrisy

Apr 4 2019 — Licia Corbella — Irony and hypocrisy are close bedfellows. Both were evident in extraordinary ways in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Less than one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked two strong women out of the Liberal caucus for telling the truth about the SNC-Lavalin scandal, 338 young women — called Daughters of the Vote — […]

Albertans will vote on NDP’s economic record or UCP sausage making

Mar 20 2019 — Licia Corbella — Politicking — like sausage-making — is ugly business. With apologies to the late Otto von Bismarck for messing with his famous quote about laws and sausages, “it’s better not to see them being made”. That, however, is what has happened with the so-called “kamikaze candidate” scandal — a.k.a. the “stalking horse” scandal — swirling around […]

UCP contributors fined by Alberta election commissioner

Mar 20 2019 — — The Office of the Election Commissioner has fined a United Conservative Party donor and reprimanded two others for donating money that wasn’t theirs in the wake of the kamikaze candidate scandal. The election commissioner’s website shows political contributor Darcy McAllister was fined $4,000 on Tuesday for contributing $4,000 to the Jeff Callaway campaign with funds […]

Prosecution agreements aren’t inherently bad, but Liberals have messed it up

Feb 14 2019 — Licia Corbella — Deferred prosecution agreements and remediation are two terms being bandied about in discussions regarding the SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal over the past week. Many commentators have been almost as critical about these legal tools to hold corporate criminals accountable as they have been on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of this affair. Last week, it was […]