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Twitter list of NDP staff launched by UCP-affiliated account draws criticism

Feb 10 2019 — — A list of NDP staffers created by a Twitter account associated with UCP Leader Jason Kenney’s office drew criticism Saturday, while comments posted with the list defended it as a way to point out partisan tweets made during government hours. The Twitter account Unite Alberta shared the list Friday, along with the message: “Since many […]

Sunshine ski resort owner gets unfair offer he can’t refuse from feds

Jan 24 2019 — Licia Corbella — The Collins dictionary defines extortion as “the crime of obtaining something from someone, especially money, by using force or threats.” Parks Canada, then, may have just become this country’s largest extortionist. On Monday, Ralph Scurfield, president and CEO of Sunshine Village — the ski resort he and his family have built into a world-renowned destination […]

As election stakes rise, so does dissent in Kenney’s UCP

Jan 16 2019 — Don Braid — Some Alberta fantasists thought provincial conservatives would truly unite after the mass floor-crossings of 2014, or the formation of the United Conservative Party in 2017. It was not to be. Maybe it will never be. Our homegrown conservatives are born to brawl. They’re at it right up to the eve of a crucial provincial election […]

Canadians believe a pipeline ‘crisis’ has arrived and say Ottawa needs to do more: poll

Jan 16 2019 — Chris Varcoe — Premier Rachel Notley regularly needles Ottawa these days to “step up” and improve oil transportation in Canada, turning the Trudeau government into Alberta’s pipeline pincushion. There’s a reason for the frequent digs. Albertans overwhelmingly believe the federal government isn’t doing enough to ensure pipelines get built — along with half of all Canadians — even […]

Trudeau talks tough on women’s rights but fails to deliver

Jan 9 2019 — Naomi Lakritz — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brand of feminism is wearing rather thin and hypocrisy is showing beneath it. Last year, the federal government announced that any small business or organization wanting funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program had to be pro-choice. This ridiculous stipulation meant that a pro-life group couldn’t get any money to hire […]

Former Reform party MP Myron Thompson dead at 82

Jan 6 2019 — — A man credited as one of the builders of Alberta’s reform movement at a time when western alienation was on the rise has died at 82. Family, friends and former political allies of Myron Thompson are remembering the longtime Sundre-area MP as a unique personality in politics who was proud of his roots. Thompson was […]

Notley firmly rejects separatism but vows to fight on

Dec 28 2018 — Don Braid — Premier Rachel Notley knows exactly where she stands on this Alberta separatism thing. “I say that my Canada includes Alberta, and my Alberta is part of Canada,” she says in a year-end interview. “We have an obligation as political leaders to find a solution. We absolutely have to find a solution. “Nobody wins in the […]

Fildebrandt launches complaint over past UCP donation, party claims it was an ‘honest oversight’

Dec 28 2018 — — Freedom Conservative Party Leader Derek Fildebrandt says Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign broke election rules by failing to properly report in-kind donations. The UCP says the issue was an “honest oversight” and the donations in question, worth about $283, weren’t deliberately concealed. Fildebrandt, a former UCP member, said he hosted and paid for a leadership campaign […]

Canada may be cracked but it’s not broken

Dec 27 2018 — Rob Breakenridge — It is undeniable that a deep sense of frustration has settled in across Alberta, and it’s unlike any we’ve seen in at least a generation. It seems to have gone beyond mere frustration with the current federal government and the legal impasse over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and morphed into a broader disillusionment […]

Talk of Alberta exit is out in the open again

Dec 12 2018 — Don Braid — After lying dormant for nearly 40 years, talk of Alberta separatism is again boiling to the surface. On Tuesday, Premier Rachel Notley said she’s well aware of the increasing chatter about giving up on Canada. And she dealt with the question exactly as the first PC premier, Peter Lougheed, did back in the 1980s. “I […]

Trudeau’s heaven will be Alberta’s hell

Dec 10 2018 — Chris Nelson — We hear enough from politicians these days so it’s with trepidation I step aside for a few paragraphs to provide a platform for our prime minister to regale us with his worldview. You see, while hardly Churchillian in tone or content, his expressed view is vital in gaining true insight. Therefore it needs reading and […]