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NORAD: Remaining Relevant

Nov 22 2019 — — A joint Policy Paper from The School of Public Policy and the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Most Canadians probably understand that NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — is an operational military alliance between the U.S. and Canada that has been protecting the two countries from aerial attack and invasion since the Cold […]

Another Way to Buy Frigates

Nov 13 2019 — — It is rare that a senior government executive can participate in the details of two nations’ processes executed in the same time frame to select a warship design for subsequent modification and construction. One is able to compare the different approaches and develop perspectives that are rarely achieved through periodic briefings and the high-level exchange […]

How to Manage LNG Project Risk?

Oct 18 2019 — — Energy use continues to grow, fuelled by global economic growth, population growth, the improvement in living standards, and growth of the middle class in the developing world. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA): “Rising incomes and an extra 1.7 billion people, mostly added to urban areas in developing economies, (will) push up global energy […]

Rediscovering the Cost of Deterrence

Sep 17 2019 — — The Canada-U.S. Permanent Joint Board on Defence (PJBD) held its 238th meeting in Ottawa this June. Established in 1940, the PJBD1 was created to provide study and recommendations to the governments of both Canada and the United States for the joint defence of “the north half of the Western hemisphere”. Of late, there has been […]

Strong, Secure, Engaged: A Two-Year Review

May 8 2019 — — The Trudeau government released its defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, in June 2017 with considerable fanfare around the publication’s fiscal underpinnings. It was stated that the policy review that led to the document was the most rigorously costed Canadian defence policy exercise ever. The policy was supported by external auditors and accompanied by several fiscal […]

Updating an ODA Policy in Canada: The Role of Global Remittances in Development

Apr 13 2019 — — The federal government has pledged to update Canada’s official development assistance (ODA) policy and this paper examines the potential important role of remittances in the development program. Remittances can serve as a significant form of cross-border capital flows and can have sizable effects on both the sending and receiving countries. This policy piece provides an […]

Strong, Secure, Engaged So Far

May 10 2018 — — Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE) is an ambitious defence policy predicated on a significant increase in defence spending and an especially ambitious planned increase in spending on capital procurement (equipment and infrastructure purchases – Vote 5 in the Estimates). Overall, the new funding framework outlined in the policy would see nominal spending increase by 70 per […]

Canada’s Refugee Strategy: How It Can Be Improved

Apr 16 2018 — — When citizens lose faith in their government’s refugee policies, there arises the potential for an anti-immigration backlash, as several European countries have recently discovered. Canada has yet to see that happen, but it has for too long been muddling along with a refugee-processing system that is seriously flawed. Refugees go unprocessed for years, and in […]

Canada’s Fashion Diplomacy Malfunction: When Trudeau Travels Abroad

Mar 7 2018 — — The Trudeau family’s ill-starred holiday in India has triggered scorn and opprobrium in Delhi and derision from thoughtful international opinion leaders such as the Carnegie Institute, the Washington Post and the BBC. Canadians seduced by the feel-good publicity created during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s previous trips abroad – where his strong jaw, easy charm and […]

Canada-U.S. Trade: An Enduring Relationship, NAFTA or Not

Feb 28 2018 — — Save for the Great Lakes, the border separating Canada and the United States is a political boundary and not a natural one. North of the U.S.-Mexico border, both Canada and the United States share continental geographical and physical boundaries and regions that run north-south. Before initial contact between European settlers and First Nations, the First […]

A Basic Primer on Naval Shipbuilding

Feb 28 2018 — — The National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) is consistent with the “Build in Canada” shipbuilding policy, which when fully implemented will deliver ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard, employing two shipyards competitively selected in 2011.

Mediating an Impasse: The Way Forward in Ukraine

Feb 28 2018 — — The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been exceptionally resistant to resolution, with numerous mediation attempts resulting in broken agreements which have at best de-escalated the most intense fighting while failing to address underlying issues. Major obstacles to resolution are those core elements of grey-zone conflict that we identified in our previous policy commentary. These include […]