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Axelrod’s advice to Liberals: convince voters you still represent change

Apr 21 2018 — — Re-election campaigns — like the one the Trudeau Liberals will embark on next year — hang on a government’s ability to convince voters that it still represents positive change, Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod said Friday. But since electoral success seems more and more these days to depend on offering voters something other […]

Sober suits, no drama: how Trudeau got the low-key foreign trip he badly needed

Apr 21 2018 — Evan Dyer — The Official Opposition barely mentioned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s foreign travel this week. Instead, Conservatives mostly used question period to rehash the PM’s excursion to India two months ago, and the unforced errors that plagued it. So the Trudeau government succeeded at least in not giving its enemies any fresh ammunition — which surely came […]

Justice minister tells young Liberals she’s open to talking about further decriminalizing drugs

Apr 20 2018 — Kathleen Harris — Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she’s open to looking at decriminalizing small quantities of drugs and easing Canada’s prostitution laws — both progressive policies that are popular with youth delegates at the Liberal Party convention underway in Halifax. Wilson-Raybould said she has learned through discussions with stakeholders and sex workers that legalizing prostitution is a […]

Grassroots Liberals split on push for Canada to ease reliance on foreign oil

Apr 20 2018 — Kathleen Harris — As the Liberal government deals with deep divisions over a western pipeline expansion, grassroots party members are pushing for a long-term vision that relies less on getting oil to market and more on Canada’s energy independence. Delegates at the Liberal convention in Halifax, the unofficial kick-off for the 2019 election campaign, begin to debate 30 […]

NDP MPP questioned staffer’s loyalty after taking parental leave, complaint alleges

Apr 20 2018 — — A Hamilton-area MPP questioned a staffer’s commitment to his job after he took parental leave to care for his baby, in a voicemail obtained by CBC News. In that same call the Ontario NDP’s Paul Miller also suggests the union representing party employees does “more harm than good.” Miller, who represents Hamilton East–Stoney Creek, complained […]

Male CBC hosts earn almost 9.5 per cent more than their female colleagues, data show

Apr 20 2018 — Simon Houpt — Male hosts who work for the CBC/Radio Canada make an average of almost 9.5 per cent more than their female counterparts, despite the public broadcaster using what it calls “gender-neutral criteria in order to recruit and retain highly sought-after employees.” The disparity in salaries is reflected across most employment categories listed in a recent CBC […]

Canadian chopper pilots will be using the Afghanistan playbook in Mali, committee told

Apr 20 2018 — Murray Brewster — The Canadian helicopters going to Mali will be outfitted as they were in Afghanistan, and will fly their missions the way they did there, senior military commanders said Thursday. The country’s military operations command, Lt.-Gen. Steve Bowes, and the director of the strategic joint staff at National Defence headquarters, Maj.-Gen Al Meinzinger, testified before the […]

Trudeau not ready to join British PM’s ban on single-use plastics

Apr 19 2018 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped short today of echoing British Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for Commonwealth members to ban single-use plastics — but pointed to a planned discussion at the next G7 summit, being hosted by Canada later this year. May announced earlier Thursday that her government is banning plastic straws, cotton swabs and […]

Warnings to Taipei and Washington: China takes real and verbal shots across Taiwan Strait

Apr 19 2018 — — Beijing’s threat was vague but ominous — a warning from the Maritime Authority to stay out of a parcel of ocean in the Taiwan Strait. “Live-fire drills to check Taiwan independence,” declared the Global Times, a tabloid that often reflects China’s most hawkish leadership voices. Chinese commentators predicted a show of force involving the aircraft […]