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RCMP billing dispute roils Parliament’s police service

Aug 16 2018 — — A hefty unpaid bill from the RCMP is highlighting once again the dysfunction inside a troubled security force created in 2015 to protect Parliament Hill and its politicians from armed attackers. The Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) is an uneasy amalgamation of an RCMP unit and the two security forces formerly responsible for separately protecting the […]

Scheer joins Pakistani-Canadian senator in condemning Bernier’s ‘identity politics’

Aug 15 2018 — John Paul Tasker — Maxime Bernier received an official rebuke from his boss, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, and a broadside from a Pakistani-Canadian Conservative senator today as the party moved to distance itself from the former leadership contender’s opinions on multiculturalism on the eve of its national convention. Scheer pointed out in a statement issued this evening that […]

Winnipeg firm defends $1M deal to send sniper rifles to Ukraine

Aug 15 2018 — — Asked if he’s concerned that selling weapons to Ukraine would escalate the conflict in that country, the owner of a Canadian arms company said: “It may sound callous, but not particularly.” “Since the dawn of time, mankind has been engaged in war, and part of that is equipping yourself properly,” Ross Spagrud, owner of PGW […]

The Saudi temper tantrum could land one devastating blow — to Canadian health care

Aug 15 2018 — Neil Macdonald — Here’s a proposed Canadian reply to the escalating Saudi temper tantrum. Call in the kingdom’s ambassador and tell him: Sorry, Mr. Ambassador, but Canadian universities will never again accept Saudi medical residents. The government could explain that cancelling orders for relatively piddling amounts of wheat and maple syrup is the kingdom’s perfect right, subject of […]

Quebec’s NAFTA negotiator not worried about Canada being left out of U.S., Mexico talks

Aug 15 2018 — Peter Zimonjic and Vassy Kapelos — Quebec’s leading trade negotiator on the NAFTA file says he’s not remotely worried by the fact that the U.S. and Mexico are talking trade without Canada. Raymond Bachand, a former Quebec provincial finance minister and the province’s NAFTA negotiator, made the comments in an interview with CBC News Network’s Power & Politics on Tuesday. “I’m […]

The Liberals want to ‘refresh’ the shipbuilding strategy. What does that mean?

Aug 15 2018 — Murray Brewster — The federal government has been quietly debating a “refresh” of its marquee — but troubled — national shipbuilding strategy, federal documents reveal. A memorandum to the deputy minister of Finance, obtained by CBC News under access to information legislation, notes there was “tangible progress” in ship construction last year, but also references impending productions gaps […]

Jagmeet Singh tours Quebec, where the NDP faces a fight to hang on

Aug 15 2018 — Eric Grenier — Fresh off his announcement that he would be running in an upcoming byelection in British Columbia, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is spending the week on the other side of the country in an attempt to renew some of his party’s fraying links with Quebec voters. With a tour of four ridings in the Montérégie region […]

Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant forbidding sex outside of heterosexual marriage

Aug 14 2018 — — Students at Trinity Western University will no longer have to sign an agreement promising to abstain from all sex outside of heterosexual marriage. The board of governors for the evangelical Christian university in Langley, B.C., voted last week to drop the mandatory requirement that students adhere to what the school calls its community covenant. The […]

Canada talking with U.S. about Trump tax: Morneau

Aug 14 2018 — Elizabeth Thompson — The Canadian government is talking to the U.S. government about the impact a retroactive tax signed into law by U.S. President Donald Trump is having north of the border, Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed Monday. Speaking to reporters in Windsor, Ontario, Morneau said he is aware that some of the U.S. government’s tax changes affect […]

Federal task force on illegal border crossings to get new leader

Aug 13 2018 — — The federal task force managing the government’s response to the spike in the number of migrants crossing the border into Canada illegally is getting a new leader. Transport Minister Marc Garneau and the head of the ad-hoc intergovernmental task force on irregular migration is being replaced by Dominic LeBlanc, a government official told Radio-Canada on […]