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Families of Flight 752 victims report threats, acts of intimidation — and blame Tehran

Apr 5 2020 — — Family members in Canada who have criticized Iran’s government after losing their loved ones in the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 say they’re being targeted with threats and intimidation — and they blame Tehran. Global Affairs is aware of “reports” of victims’ families “being approached in Canada in situations which have caused them […]

Ottawa looks to Kushner, other U.S. trade officials to resolve medical equipment dispute

Apr 4 2020 — Katie Simpson — The Trudeau government is looking to the relationships it established during NAFTA negotiations to resolve the urgent dispute over personal protective equipment with the United States. According to senior sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Canadian politicians at different levels, and of different political stripes, will and have been reaching out to contacts in […]

Mexico joins Canada, notifies U.S. it’s ready to implement new NAFTA

Apr 4 2020 — Janyce McGregor — The Mexican government notified Canada and the U.S. late Friday that it is ready to implement the revised North American trade agreement, leaving it up to the Americans now to decide when the deal should take effect. Jesús Seade, Mexico’s chief negotiator, announced the news on Twitter overnight, saying in Spanish that “with this, we […]

The economy’s on life support and Canadians need help now. What’s the holdup?

Apr 3 2020 — Chris Hall — As the COVID-19 caseload shows every sign of surging in Canada, the delivery of promised financial relief for people who’ve lost their jobs or closed their businesses remains maddeningly slow. The federal government’s emergency wage subsidy is at least three weeks away from being available. It could take even longer. The emergency response benefit for […]

Scheer says Conservatives won’t shy away from criticizing government’s COVID-19 response

Apr 3 2020 — John Paul Tasker — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Friday that a “Team Canada” approach to the COVID-19 crisis doesn’t mean the Liberal government’s response to the pandemic should be free from criticism. “Taking a Team Canada approach does not mean no tough questions or oversight. In fact, the opposite is true,” Scheer said, while promising to put forward […]

Canada notifies U.S. and Mexico it has ratified revised NAFTA

Apr 3 2020 — Janyce McGregor — Canada notified the United States and Mexico Thursday evening that it has finished its ratification process and is now ready to implement the measures in the revised North American trade agreement. The Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) will take effect on the first day of the third month after all three countries have given their notice of […]

Evidence mounts of COVID-19 ‘silent spreaders’

Apr 3 2020 — Karina Roman — Researchers are finding mounting evidence that asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers are “driving” the rapid spread of the virus around the globe — contradicting what Canadian officials were saying just weeks ago. At the end of January, Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, told the House of Commons health committee that based on what is […]

Premiers pull together over shortage of COVID-19 medical supplies

Apr 3 2020 — Kathleen Harris — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a virtual meeting with Canada’s premiers this evening about the pressing need for critical medical supplies in the face of an expected surge in COVID-19 cases and a global battle to secure life-saving equipment. The call with provincial and territorial leaders took place as public health agencies across Canada scramble […]

Quebecers warming up to Trudeau’s handling of COVID-19: polls

Apr 3 2020 — Eric Grenier — In the first weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, Quebecers had been overwhelmingly supportive of Premier François Legault’s handling of the crisis and were far less likely than other Canadians to think the federal government was doing a good job. Polls suggest that’s changing. More Quebecers still report satisfaction with their provincial government’s performance than with […]

Calls mount for Ottawa to release projections on COVID-19 spread

Apr 2 2020 — John Paul Tasker — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the country may have to endure the COVID-19 pandemic for months to come, but his government has so far refused to release internal projections of just how deadly the virus could be and when the caseload might peak. Other countries, including the U.S., have offered models stating how many […]

Nova Scotia puts climate change consultation on hold because of COVID-19

Apr 2 2020 — — A new climate change strategy for Nova Scotia hinges upon public consultation, which has now been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In October, the provincial government passed the Sustainable Development Goals Act, which requires the province to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, and reach net-zero emissions […]