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Canada should fight for open internet, says former head of FCC

Nov 25 2017 — Catharine Tunney — The former head of the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. has a strong warning for Canada: do what you can to protect the internet. Tom Wheeler, head of the FCC under former U.S. president Barack Obama, said the Trump administration’s decision to repeal his net neutrality policy could become a cross-border issue. In 2015, […]

Former Liberal senator battling CRA over $350K tax bill

Nov 24 2017 — Zach Dubinsky — The Canada Revenue Agency is taking a recently retired Liberal-appointed senator to court to force her to answer questions and turn over documents as part of a multi-year audit of her tax returns. The dispute centres on $1.35 million in business losses that Pana Merchant claimed but the CRA disallowed, and comes as the tax […]

Ottawa turns to U.S. tech giants too often: internal memo

Nov 24 2017 — Dean Beeby — Canada’s home-grown tech companies have long complained that Ottawa keeps turning to giant American firms like IBM for its information-technology needs — and an internal federal report suggests they’re right. “There is a large concentration (almost $10 billion) across a small number of large international companies,” says the study, which examined federal IT spending for […]

Cellphone companies may need to step up privacy protections, minister says

Nov 23 2017 — Catherine Cullen — Cellphone companies may need to do a better job protecting their customers, in light of a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation showing security vulnerabilities in Canada’s two largest cellphone networks, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said. And if telecommunications companies need “encouragement” to better protect privacy, the government will provide it, he said. “According to the information in […]

Competition Bureau wants answers from Sears liquidators on alleged price mark-ups, says report

Nov 23 2017 — Sophia Harris — The Competition Bureau is investigating allegations that some merchandise was marked up in price for Sears Canada liquidation sales, says a report by the court-appointed monitor for the retailer. Since Sears liquidation sales began, CBC News has heard complaints from several shoppers who found marked-up price tags. They believe prices were raised to offset advertised […]

Bill who? Canadians might not know the finance minister’s name, but they know what they think of him

Nov 23 2017 — Eric Grenier — In 2015’s Canadian Election Study, an academic survey conducted during every federal election campaign, a handful of people asked to name the minister of finance said it was Mike Duffy. One respondent, with some apparent hesitation, said it was “Mulcair maybe.” Another felt confident it was “a lady whose name I don’t recall.” Some guessed […]

Trudeau says housing is a human right — what does that mean exactly?

Nov 23 2017 — John Paul Tasker — As part of its ambitious national housing strategy, the Liberal government is vowing to enshrine the right to adequate housing as a fundamental human right in Canadian law, a symbolic move that has practical considerations. For years there has been an international push to do just that, and Canada is already a signatory to the […]

Federal government not tracking interventions with returning ISIS fighters

Nov 23 2017 — Evan Dyer — Turning radicalized individuals away from extreme ideologies and helping them rejoin Canadian society is a key goal of the federal government, but it has little data on how well that fight is going. The new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence is supposed to be on the front line of this fight. […]

Interviews underway for next RCMP commissioner

Nov 22 2017 — Alison Crawford — Interviews are underway this week for the next commissioner of the RCMP — and the government’s newly announced selection committee provides clues about what the government is looking for in the new leader of the national police force. Late last week, headhunting firm Boyden notified some applicants they were no longer under consideration for the […]