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Trudeau appoints Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar

Oct 22 2017 — Nahlah Ayed — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is appointing Bob Rae a special envoy to Myanmar, two months into a growing crisis that has left 600,000 Rohingya Muslim people displaced. The move comes in response to growing public pressure to act in the face of what Canada and the United Nations have labeled ethnic cleansing of a long […]

Goodale asks U.S. to help stop illegal border crossings into Canada

Oct 22 2017 — Alison Crawford — Canada’s Public Safety Minister has told his American counter part to keep a “wary eye” on the travel visas it issues to the United States. In an interview Sunday with CBC News, Goodale said Canadian officials have identified trends where documents issued from certain U.S. embassies and consulates are being misused. “We have asked them […]

Jagmeet Singh on Bill 62, what’s next for him and cage fighting with Trudeau

Oct 22 2017 — — Hot on the heels of his resignation from the Ontario legislature, the newly-minted federal New Democratic Party leader isn’t dropping any hints about whether he will run for a seat in the 2019 federal election. Jagmeet Singh officially quit as MPP for the Bramalea-Gore-Malton riding Friday just weeks after taking the helm of the NDP. […]

Dougald Lamont leads Manitoba Liberals after tight race

Oct 22 2017 — — After a close race, Dougald Lamont said he had to hear the news twice before fully comprehending he defeated Cindy Lamoureux to win the Manitoba Liberal leadership race Saturday. Lamont squeaked out a victory with just eight votes. “They told me the numbers and I did actually have to ask to have it repeated … […]

Living and loving the Cold War: The wild ride of a Canadian diplomat and spy

Oct 22 2017 — Terry Milewski — They don’t make careers like this anymore. Dodging the secret police in Cold War Berlin. Cranking up the music to deafen the KGB bugs in Moscow. Spying for the CIA in Havana. Rallying Afghan warlords to thrash the Russians. Wrangling former prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s meditation session with Indira Gandhi. Faking documents to spirit a […]

A Finance Minister under siege: what’s next for Bill Morneau?

Oct 21 2017 — — The opposition is showing no sign of letting up on federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, despite his latest efforts to end the ethics controversy swirling around his personal finances. In an interview with The House, Morneau again insisted he divulged all of his assets to Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson and diligently […]

Uncertainty as Manitoba Liberals head into leadership convention

Oct 21 2017 — — Whoever wins the Manitoba Liberal leadership has a rare chance to steal votes away from both the NDP and Progressive Conservatives, but they will need to overcome some big internal challenges, says one expert on the province’s politics. Party members will choose their new leader Saturday from three candidates: Cindy Lamoureux, a young first-time MLA; […]

Senate delay on sex assault training for judges bill ‘makes my blood boil’: Ambrose

Oct 21 2017 — Catharine Tunney — In the wake of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s meteoric downfall over sexual misconduct allegations and the rise of the #metoo campaign, former interim leader Rona Ambrose said it’s frustrating the Senate still hasn’t passed her bill mandating sexual assault training for judges. “It makes my blood boil, to be honest, because it’s really about creating […]

Trudeau reluctant to reveal too much on Quebec’s face-covering law

Oct 21 2017 — Aaron Wherry — Over the course of three days this week, the prime minister was poked and prodded for a position on Bill 62. The Quebec law, passed by the provincial legislature on Tuesday, prohibits anyone delivering or receiving public services from covering their face. That again makes an issue of the niqab. On Wednesday, in the House […]

Bill Morneau says he doesn’t ‘report to journalists,’ bristles at questions about personal finances

Oct 20 2017 — John Paul Tasker — Finance Minister Bill Morneau dodged questions about his use of numbered companies to hold investments Friday, suggesting he does not have to defend his personal financial choices to journalists. After a week of questions about his business holdings, Morneau showed signs of exasperation during an event in Waterloo, Ont., to speak on the government’s “step […]

Jagmeet Singh needs to get it straight on the Air India bombing

Oct 20 2017 — Jonathan Kay — Imagine for a moment if an American politician were asked about Osama Bin Laden, and her response was that she had no idea who was responsible for Sept. 11. She’d become instantly unelectable for dog catcher — no matter what her skin colour, or that of her interviewer. Even here in Canada, Sept. 11 conspiracy […]

Conservative leader Scheer decries ‘irony’ of small business tax plan

Oct 20 2017 — — Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer spoke to small business owners in Waterloo region on Friday at conference centres in Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo. Meanwhile across town. federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau was also pitching small business tax reform to a different small business group. Local business owners focused questions to Scheer on the Liberal tax reform […]

Supreme Court, CRA express concern about cellphone trackers after CBC story: documents

Oct 20 2017 — — The Supreme Court of Canada and a senior executive with the Canada Revenue Agency anxiously reached out to Canada’s communications spy agency for help after the CBC revealed cellphone tracking technology was being used near Parliament Hill, according to documents. In April, a months-long CBC News and Radio-Canada investigation revealed that someone was using cellphone […]