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Why Kenney is having a rougher ride than Trudeau with his pipeline purchase

Jan 19 2021 — Kyle Bakx — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rarely see eye to eye, often sparring over a variety of issues from financial and economic policy to health care and the environment. Two peas in a pod, they are not. Still, the two share a unique history in that their respective governments both took ownership […]

Erin O’Toole moves to shake off the Trumpian taint

Jan 19 2021 — Aaron Wherry — Erin O’Toole’s decision to issue a 595-word statement on Sunday about his political beliefs suggests he’s at least a little worried about his public image. And he might have good reasons to worry. But the question of what kind of conservative Erin O’Toole wants to be is still difficult to answer. “If the Liberals want […]

Biden’s planned Keystone XL cancellation welcomed by NDP, Green leaders

Jan 18 2021 — John Paul Tasker — The leaders of two federal opposition parties welcomed news today that U.S. president-elect Joe Biden is poised to rescind a presidential permit allowing cross-border construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a decision that would effectively kill the long-delayed project. Green Party Leader Annamie Paul said Biden’s expected move to block the project shows that the […]

Canada clears Boeing 737 Max for flight nearly 2 years after global grounding

Jan 18 2021 — Ashley Burke — Boeing’s 737 Max has been approved to fly again in Canadian skies starting Wednesday, ending a 22-month grounding following a pair of fatal overseas crashes that cost 346 people their lives and did serious damage to the company’s reputation. Transport Canada announced today it has completed its nearly two year review of the aircraft and […]

Ontario wants everyone vaccinated by early August, general says

Jan 17 2021 — — Ontario wants to have everyone vaccinated by late July or early August, the head of its vaccine distribution plan told CBC News Sunday. The updated timeline came as the province saw 3,422 new COVID-19 cases and 69 more deaths, with Toronto alone recording more than 1,000 new infections. Retired general Rick Hillier said while accomplishing […]

Few MPs are opting out of the next election — so far

Jan 17 2021 — Eric Grenier — When people sense the party might be coming to an end, they start eyeing the exits. MPs are no different — particularly in the uncertain climate of a minority government. This past week, three MPs announced they would not be seeking re-election when the country next goes to the polls. One of those retirement announcements […]

Policy alignment, predictability to mark Canada-U.S. relationship under Biden, ambassador says

Jan 17 2021 — — The shared priorities between this country and its southern neighbour — including the COVID-19 crisis, economic recovery and climate policy — will define the Canada-U.S. relationship under a Biden presidency, Canada’s ambassador to the United States says. “I think that the Biden administration and our government have an enormous amount of policy alignment,” Kirsten Hillman […]

Biden outlines ‘Day One’ agenda of executive actions

Jan 16 2021 — — In his first hours as U.S. president, Joe Biden plans to take executive action to roll back some of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor and to address the raging coronavirus pandemic, his incoming chief of staff said Saturday. The opening salvo would herald a 10-day blitz of executive actions as Biden seeks to […]

N.L. election certain as Furey visits Government House, Liberals plan kickoff party

Jan 15 2021 — — Liberal Leader Andrew Furey has been spotted visiting Government House — the residence of Newfoundland and Labrador’s lieutenant-governor — stoking expectations that a general election call is imminent. The visit to Lt.-Gov. Judy Foote — almost certainly to request that she dissolve the House of Assembly, paving the way for an election — follows days […]

1,500 flights and rising as Canadians seek sunny escapes despite surging COVID-19 crisis

Jan 15 2021 — — Thousands of Canadians are thumbing their noses at government advice to stay home and hopping international flights to sunny destinations even as the COVID-19 crisis worsens in many parts of the country, CBC News has found. Canadian air carriers operated more than 1,500 flights between Canada and 18 popular vacation destinations since Oct. 1, even […]