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Trump is too small for the moment

Apr 20 2020 — Jim Vibert — Liberate Minnesota? No. Liberate America from this narcissist-president who somehow manages to descend to ever-lower depths of depravity, even while his nation struggles to contain the coronavirus. Friday, after viewing TV coverage of protests against restrictive measures to slow the spread of the virus, Donald Trump took to his infamous Twitter account to back the […]

Listen to public health officials to slow COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 16 2020 — Jim Vibert — The crucial messages coming from provincial public health officials across Canada are remarkably consistent. If we hear them and heed them, Canada has a chance to slow the COVID-19 outbreak, like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have. If we — or a significant number of us — fail to hear and heed the advice of […]

I embrace the healthy fear that I am racist

Mar 2 2020 — Lezlie Lowe — Hello. My name is Lezlie. And I am racist. Am I out burning crosses and refusing to sit in restaurants beside Asian people for fear of coronavirus? No. But I am white and I live in a society that privileges whiteness. In Halifax, data show that African Nova Scotians are six times more likely to […]

Alberta-Ottawa clearing a ray of light in a month of storms

Mar 2 2020 — Dan Leger — Sure, it’s March, the month of storms, but the Canadian skies seem more foreboding than they have in years. Rail blockades are crippling commerce and killing jobs while politicians flail about over who should do what. Projects are being cancelled and a recession may be looming while the coronavirus pandemic promises damage and sorrow we […]

The biggest myth — that every story has two equal sides

Feb 17 2020 — Dan Leger — Some days, you have to ask why the gosh-darned lame-stream media can’t just present the facts, ditch the opinions and give us what we’re entitled to: the two sides that make up every story. It’s a constant complaint about the news: journalists fail to provide equal treatment to the “two sides to every story,” as […]

The Conservative struggle with faith and politics

Feb 3 2020 — Dan Leger — My, but the days must seem tiresomely familiar to Canada’s Conservatives. Rarely do 24 hours pass without some fringe candidate or self-righteous ideologue rattling on about the evils of abortion, same-sex marriage, minority rights or other corrosive issues. “Damn media is giving those nuts a platform,” Conservatives cry. But they know what the problem is […]

Will Conservatives resist siren call of Trumpism?

Jan 20 2020 — Dan Leger — The campaign for the Conservative Party leadership officially is on, with more on the line than a job for one person yearning to become prime minister. In many ways, Canada’s idea of democracy is at stake. Unlike ever before, Conservatives face choices about what their party stands for and where it is headed. Will Conservatives […]

Australian bushfires hold lessons for the whole world

Jan 6 2020 — Dan Leger — Australia is so vast that even Canadians struggle to comprehend the scale of the disaster unfolding there now. Think Fort McMurray in 2016, only monstrously larger and with no end in sight. The Fort McMurray fires burned 589,000 hectares and caused $11 billion in damage with an epic firefighting battle that transfixed the country. Australia’s […]

To combat the climate crisis, we need total war

Jan 4 2020 — Lezlie Lowe — New year. New decade. And as we hit reset, we desperately need a new war. Because as I see it, we’ve got the 2020s to engage in a concerted battle against the climate emergency, and not much longer. So far, we’ve proven ourselves wholly incapable of doing the society-bending work required to save what we […]

Conservatives look back to the future

Dec 28 2019 — Jim Vibert — Red Tories show signs they might be back. A couple of former Liberal premiers are considered viable candidates for the federal Conservative leadership, so it’s safe to assume the party is open to all options, particularly those that line up to the centre of right. These are the fantasy-fuelled, fun-filled preliminaries that precede the serious […]

With Andrew Scheer out, will Peter MacKay seek the Conservative leadership?

Dec 12 2019 — — Former Central Nova MP has long been considered a possible contender to head party. With Andrew Scheer’s resignation, Peter MacKay will most likely be thrust into the limelight once again, as a possible successor to fill the Conservative Party leadership. It’s speculation that has surrounded MacKay, even before the Conservative Party failed to unseat Justin […]