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Local dietitian questions Conservative leader’s expertise on food guide

Jul 17 2019 — — Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is promising a review of the Canada Food Guide if he becomes prime minister in the next election. Scheer’s concern stems from a lack of consultation, which he argues, leaves the guide in the hands of ideologues and open to bias. But registered dietitian Ali Chernoff says that the opposite […]

Renata Ford to be MP candidate for People’s Party of Canada

Jun 21 2019 — — The wife of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford will be running to become a MP in the upcoming fall federal election. A spokesperson for the People’s Party of Canada confirmed that Renata Ford will be announced as a candidate for the party in the riding of Etobicoke North. The official announcement will be made by […]

Kenney under fire for comments about NDP candidate

Feb 2 2019 — — The UCP is on the defense over comments about an NDP candidate in Airdrie-Cochrane from their leader Jason Kenney that he made during a fundraiser. In the 45 second Instagram story posted to Logan J. Kehoe’s account, Kenney appears to mock NDP candidate for Airdrie-Cochrane Steve Durrell saying: “The NDP acclaimed their star candidate to […]

Resignation was sent out ‘without my permission’: Patrick Brown

Feb 15 2018 — — Patrick Brown admitted in a television interview that members of his staff drafted and released his resignation letter without his permission, throwing its validity into question ahead of a crucial leadership vote and a looming provincial election. “The resignation was actually sent out on my behalf without my permission at the time,” Brown told Global […]

Questions arise after Trudeau selfie with terror suspect

Sep 29 2016 — Cormac MacSweeney — Opposition MPs are raising concerns after reports say a Canadian suspect in a terror investigation was able to get so close to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he took a selfie with him. It looks like any other selfie members of the public take with Trudeau, but according to a report from The Star and La […]

Trending: When photo ops go wrong, Kathleen Wynne edition

Mar 1 2016 — — If there’s anything to learn from the HBO program “Veep”, it’s that politicians don’t like photo opportunities. During an election campaign, the long trip into office involves dozens of photo ops every day. You get primped and preened, you get funny hats plopped on your head or you are forced behind the wheel of awkward […]

Canadian support divided for Syrian refugee plan

Dec 9 2015 — — Canadian opinion on the Trudeau government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees over the next few months is nearly split down the middle. In an exclusive poll conducted by Forum Research for CityNews, almost 50 per cent of Canadians polled say they support the government’s plan to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by the end […]

NDP, Liberals jockeying for Toronto votes

Sep 11 2015 — — The NDP and the Liberals are jockeying for Toronto’s votes as the federal election campaign heats up, with the New Democrats leading in the downtown and the Grits gaining ground in Etobicoke and North York. While the Liberals are fighting the dominant Conservatives in those ridings, they’ve captured Scarborough, according to a Mainstreet/Postmedia poll. “The […]

NDP ad parodies Conservative attack on Trudeau

Sep 11 2015 — — A new ad from the federal NDP parodies a Conservative attack ad on Justin Trudeau, noting that when it comes to Stephen Harper, “it’s time to let him go.” The commercial references the Conservative ad which says Trudeau “is just not ready.” Both ads show a hiring committee looking at a pile of resumes. The […]