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‘Game of Thrones’ finale recap: Ashes to ashes

May 20 2019 — — Some say the world will end in fire. / Some say in ice. And so, our song of ice and fire ends as we all said it would: In extended council meetings and elective monarchy! Congratulations to anyone who correctly called King Bran in their “Game of Thrones” office pool. You definitely earned that Starbucks […]

GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment

May 18 2019 — — Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash said Saturday he had concluded President Donald Trump committed “impeachable conduct” and accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading the public. Amash’s comments recommending Congress pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump were the first instance of a sitting Republican in Congress calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Trump’s irritation with top aides grows over Iran strategy

May 16 2019 — — President Donald Trump has become irritated at an emerging impression his hawkish national security advisers are marching him closer to war with Iran despite his isolationist tendencies, according to people familiar with the matter. Instead, Trump is signaling his intent to speak with the Iranians as tensions rise in the Persian Gulf, and his national […]

Maine Senate passes bill giving state’s electoral votes to national popular vote winner

May 16 2019 — — Maine’s lawmakers passed a bill that would give the state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who won the national popular vote, taking a step toward becoming the 15th state to enact such a law. The Maine Senate voted 19-16 Tuesday to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would give all committed states’ […]

Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion ban

May 15 2019 — — Alabama sent the most restrictive abortion bill in the country to the governor’s desk Tuesday night, with the state’s Senate passing legislation that could punish doctors who perform abortions with life in prison.

Tim Conway, star of the ‘Carol Burnett Show,’ dies at 85

May 14 2019 — — Actor and comedian Tim Conway, best known for his work on “The Carol Burnett Show,” died on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, according to his publicist. Conway was 85. He had been battling a longtime illness prior to his death, Howard Bragman, Conway’s representative, told CNN. He was not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, […]

NYT: White House reviews plan that would send up to 120,000 US troops to Middle East

May 14 2019 — — Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented a military plan at a meeting of top national security officials last week that would send as many as 120,000 US troops to the Middle East in the event that Iran strikes American forces in the region or speeds up its development of nuclear weapons, The New York Times […]

Dow plunges 700 points after China retaliates with higher tariffs

May 13 2019 — — The Dow plunged Monday after China said it will raise tariffs in retaliation to last week’s tariff increase by the United States. China hiked tariffs on $60 billion of imports from the United States. It first imposed the tariffs last year. Worries over the escalation of the trade spat with China just aren’t going away. […]

Iranian leader announces partial withdrawal from nuclear deal

May 8 2019 — — Iran will partially withdraw from a landmark nuclear deal signed with six other nations in 2015, amid heightened pressure from the United States in recent weeks. President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech Wednesday that Iran would reduce its “commitments” to the deal, but would not fully withdraw. The move comes a year after […]

‘We’re freaked’: Trump startles US businesses with fresh tariff hike

May 7 2019 — — President Donald Trump’s decision to escalate tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods on Friday is angering American businesses that say they were taken by surprise. Importers received just five days’ notice about the sudden rise in the tariff rate to 25% from 10%. Phil Page, the CEO of Missouri-based Cap America, estimates that his […]