National Newswatch

U.S. takes Canada off priority watch list on intellectual property

Apr 25 2019 — — The United States is crediting tighter rules in the new North American free-trade deal for its decision to move Canada off a list of countries that it says are the worst violators of intellectual-property rights. Not that Canada is completely in the clear, however: the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is keeping Canada on […]

Budget watchdog says carbon-price revenues to be $2.6B this year

Apr 25 2019 — — Canada’s budget watchdog says revenues from the federal carbon price will be more than $2.6 billion this year and exceed $6 billion a year within five years. The new analysis by the parliamentary budget office, which includes both the high-profile fuel tax applied in four provinces and a separate pricing system for big industrial emitters, […]

Canada banning oil, gas and mining from marine protected areas

Apr 25 2019 — — The oil and gas industry has worn out its welcome in Canadian marine conservation areas. Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson today is announcing a total ban on oil and gas work, as well as mining, waste-dumping and bottom-trawling, in all of Canada’s marine protected areas. Wilkinson is at an international nature summit in Montreal where Canada […]

Ontario cancels program that aimed to plant 50 million trees

Apr 25 2019 — — Ontario is cancelling a tree planting program, with those involved warning the move will lead to the loss of jobs and environmental benefits that forests provide. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry told Forests Ontario the day after the Progressive Conservative government delivered its budget this month that the 50 Million Tree Program was […]

Wilson-Raybould: Feds want to just ‘manage the problem’ of Indigenous Peoples

Apr 24 2019 — — Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she believes the federal Liberals have decided to “manage the problem” with Indigenous people rather than do the hard work of reconciliation. In a speech today at the First Nations Justice Council in British Columbia, Wilson-Raybould accuses her former cabinet colleagues of backtracking on the grand commitments Prime Minister […]

Axworthy urges renewed Canada-Ukraine ties despite concerns about new president

Apr 24 2019 — — Former Canadian foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy is urging Canada to renew its relationship with Ukraine while expressing some reservations about the country’s new president. Axworthy recently returned from leading a team of 160 Canadians who helped monitor the election that saw comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy elected president earlier this week. Axworthy said the election of a […]

P.E.I. Tory leader says ‘resistance’ politics of counterparts isn’t his style

Apr 24 2019 — — The leader of the Prince Edward Island party poised to form the Island’s next government isn’t sounding much like his tough-talking counterparts in Alberta and Ontario, preferring the gentle “Island way” over the politics of confrontation. Dennis King’s Progressive Conservatives won the most seats in the provincial election Tuesday, and he’s aiming to form a […]

Slim majority vote ‘no’ to electoral reform in Prince Edward Island referendum

Apr 24 2019 — — A slim majority of Prince Edward Island voters have rejected a switch to a proportional representation electoral system, though it remains unclear how the province’s new government will respond. Voters in Tuesday’s general election were also asked to answer a referendum question: “Should Prince Edward Island change its voting system to a mixed member proportional […]

Voters in Prince Edward Island elect Tory minority amid Green surge

Apr 23 2019 — — Voters in P.E.I. have shed their century-old embrace of the Island’s two-party system, electing a Tory minority government and handing the upstart Green party official Opposition status for the first time. With all polls reporting Tuesday, the Tories had won 12 seats, the Greens held eight, and the incumbent Liberals, led by Premier Wade MacLauchlan, […]