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Premier Jason Kenney deserved a better death

May 19 2022 — Don Martin — There’s a lesson for Canada’s political leaders in the short life and quick death of Jason Kenney as premier of Alberta. It’s one-strike-you’re-out politics now after Kenney got the weakest vote of confidence possible with a 51 per cent thumbs-up to his leadership from the United Conservative Party base. It’s an almost-unfathomable act of internecine […]

Poilievre faces backlash for comments on Jordan Peterson podcast

May 19 2022 — — Some are calling attention to a comment Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre made while appearing as a guest on controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson’s podcast in an episode posted on Tuesday. “I’m a believer in using simple Anglo-Saxon words that strike right at the the meaning that I’m trying to convey,” Poilievre said in the interview. […]

Poilievre personally holds investment in Bitcoin as he promotes crypto to Canadians

May 17 2022 — Glen McGregor — Conservative Party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre has a personal financial interest in cryptocurrencies that he has promoted during his campaign as a hedge against inflation. The Ottawa-area MP’s assets include units of Purpose Bitcoin, a Canadian-based, exchange-traded fund that holds cryptocurrencies, according to his May 4 disclosure to the federal ethics commissioner. Poilievre’s campaign denied […]

Legault reverting to age-old sport of Anglo-bashing

May 17 2022 — Tom Mulcair — Stirring resentment against others isn’t exactly new in politics. Today we’re likely to call it “populism.” It leads to things like Trump’s Muslim ban. It can also incite people who espouse racist “replacement” theories to carry out violent acts. This is some of the most vile politics there is. Historically, people of character have stood […]

Average price of gas in Canada tops $2 a litre for first time

May 17 2022 — — Gasoline prices are showing no signs of letting up as the average price in Canada tops $2 a litre for the first time. Natural Resources Canada says the average price across the country for regular gasoline hit $2.06 per litre on Monday for an all-time high. The average was a nine-cent jump from the $1.97 […]

From Poilievre’s banking pledges to absent climate talk, former PM Campbell questions direction of Conservative Party

May 14 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Amid discussions about the battle for the soul of the Conservative Party, former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says without leadership on policies such as climate change, the party’s identity will remain in question. “I’m sorry, if you’re not worried about climate change, and you’re not worried about resurgent authoritarianism, and you’re not a champion of […]

Climate change reveals dark secrets as human remains found in receding Lake Mead

May 14 2022 — — “Where are the bodies buried? Climate change is showing us.” If there was ever a headline that grabs you, that would be it. Bodies? Climate change? Here’s how the two are connected. In the American West, the second-largest man-made reservoir has dropped to historic lows due to drought. Water flowing down the Colorado River fills […]

‘Anger that I haven’t seen before’: Singh harassment incident puts renewed spotlight on politicians’ security

May 12 2022 — Rachel Aiello — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s recent encounter with protesters at an Ontario election campaign stop, where he was verbally harassed, is casting a renewed spotlight on politicians’ security, with Singh telling CTV News that he’s witnessing a level of anger he hasn’t seen before. “What I’m noticing is true is that there is more of a […]

Trudeau questions if Poilievre cares about Canada’s economic reputation after pledging to fire central banker

May 12 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out swinging Thursday in response to Pierre Poilievre’s pledge to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada if he came to power. Trudeau said that the perceived Conservative leadership frontrunner either misunderstands or doesn’t care about how integral the independence of the central bank is to the country’s economic […]

Never mind abortion, what book are you reading? There’s no debate it was a brutal Conservative format.

May 12 2022 — Don Martin — The abortion question was dealt with in less time than the revelations about the candidate’s favorite music and the book they are currently reading. We also learned their most binge-worthy television series, their personal hero and which historical figure those vying to become a future Conservative prime minister would want to join them for dinner. […]