National Newswatch

Trust me, there’s no pardon on pot in American eyes

Oct 18 2018 — Don Martin — Amid euphoric media coverage of the first Canadian to buy legal pot, the more interesting and ignored angle would be the last person charged with possession of cannabis in this country. It was probably some lippy kid living on a city street who was busted in tandem with another minor offence. But the record for […]

Michaelle Jean has lost the aura of someone worth defending

Oct 11 2018 — Don Martin — She was a breath of fresh air into a stale job. Incredibly bright and charismatic with an instant connection to average Canadians, Michaelle Jean checked every box on a list to shake up the staid image of a Canadian Governor General. Her vice-regal performance, despite a few hiccups, lived up to the hype – particularly […]

Chretien slams Canada’s judicial appointments process

Oct 10 2018 — Rachel Gilmore — In the wake of the controversial appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, former prime minister Jean Chretien issued harsh criticism of Canada’s own, recently changed, judicial appointments process. “If you have a bad judge in Canada, you know who is responsible. You know. It is the minister of justice and the […]

Real or hypothetical, Alberta separation angst bound to grow

Sep 6 2018 — Don Martin — Alberta separation talk is not intended as a threat. Yet. It’s the sort of grumble which rumbles when Albertans feel they’re undervalued as a mere gas tank for Canada’s economic engine. But the man who wants to be Alberta premier if the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion stays above ground told Power Play that the volume […]

Why bigger isn’t always better in building a new cabinet

Jul 18 2018 — Don Martin — It’s bigger, but that’s not to say it is any better. Boosted by five new ministers—who in turn will be bolstered by plenty of support staff and the costly perks of executive office—the Trudeau election-ready cabinet is bordering on bloated with overlaps and carved-out creations aimed at tackling nagging problems. Yet there’s never been proof […]

MPs mulling their political best-before dates

Jul 12 2018 — Don Martin — It’s that time of the pre-election cycle when MPs ponder their private lives and then take the pulse of their ridings to gauge the odds of being rewarded with re-election or facing the risk of a voter pink slip. A dozen MPs are on the way out so far, but more are expected to engage […]

On Kenney’s Trudeau attack, stupid is as stupid does

May 17 2018 — Don Martin — Seemingly without provocation this week, the Official Opposition Leader in Alberta decided to blast the prime minister as stupid. Jason Kenney seems to be very proud of his hyper derision in the Calgary Sun, refusing to recant after belittling Justin Trudeau as “empty” and having “the political depth of a finger bowl” incapable of digesting […]

Sajjan says Harper’s endorsement of Trump’s Iran decision ‘not helpful’

May 10 2018 — — Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan broke from the prime minister and foreign minister’s message track on Stephen Harper co-signing a full-page advertisement in Wednesday’s edition of the New York Times hailing U.S. President Donald Trump’s leadership on Iran, saying it was out of line for the former prime minister to do so. In an interview with […]

Trudeau apology tour dilutes the value of saying sorry

May 10 2018 — Don Martin — Saying sorry is the hardest word for politicians. It’s either viewed an admission of wrongdoing or a show of weakness. But Justin Trudeau has taken aim at becoming the greatest apologist in our history. In fact, the prime minister is apologizing for most of our history as regrets roll out, some for actions predating the […]