National Newswatch

Keeping quiet means cover-up is the only conclusion

Feb 14 2019 — Don Martin — Here’s proof that a week can be a lifetime in politics. One week ago today, Jody Wilson-Raybould was the veterans affairs minister and prime ministerial interference meant limiting debate on a piece of priority legislation. Now Wilson-Raybould is gone from cabinet and seeking legal advice while Justin Trudeau reels under mounting pressure that his office […]

Forget sunny ways, here comes the mud

Jan 31 2019 — Don Martin — While there’s a new sunny way in the relocated House of Commons, thanks to that nifty glass ceiling overhead, it’s the same old fog on the floor. Election year dawned this week between the two main antagonists – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau verses Official Opposite Leader Andrew Scheer – and campaign narratives were being floor-tested.

The blockade that killed pipeline investment

Jan 10 2019 — Don Martin — This was the week international investment in Canadian energy transportation went palliative following multiple bouts of protracted suffering. The industry obit will detail how a few chiefs, bestowed with the ceremonial title by their ancestors, finally proved there’s no way to move oil, bitumen or natural gas from the ground to the ocean. TransCanada had […]

Canadian detentions in China should be addressed at ‘highest level’: MacKay

Jan 4 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Former Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said high-level officials, potentially including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, should engage with China over the escalating dispute that has involved the detention of at least two Canadians. “There has to be engagement at the highest level, right up to and potentially including the prime minister if things continue to […]

Former sergeant-at-arms Vickers would be a welcome change to political scene

Jan 3 2019 — Don Martin — In a Canadian political realm hardening into partisan divides dominated by promise-breaking, polling-directed and scripted-to-the-comma political leaders, a welcome change is musing about entering a leadership race. He’s not going to change the Canadian landscape immediately, but this candidacy would be a heartening sign that better and dramatically different personalities can still be enticed to […]