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Trudeau government needs to start sweating the small stuff

Nov 2 2017 — Don Martin — This government is too young to act so old. It usually takes a full term or two for a government to achieve a level of sufficiently arrogant entitlement to boldly spew patronage, wildly squander money or rule by secretive decree – and it usually hits just before voters throw the bums out. But there are […]

Despite damage control, Morneau’s reputation has taken a hit

Oct 19 2017 — Don Martin — When crisis communicators of the future need an example of a reputation-shredding failure to enact timely damage control, they will point to the Bill Morneau debacle. It took four days for the finance minister to act on the obvious – he was, at very least, distracted by a perceived conflict of interest by controlling a […]

Liberals smart to push ahead with closing the tax loopholes

Sep 14 2017 — Don Martin — It’s time for the T4 taxpayers of the nation to rise up. With professionals rolling out sob stories of proposed changes cramping their ability to hide taxes through incorporation, the most influential group remains silent on the sidelines. I’m referring to the vast majority of us: Millions of Canadians trapped by a single T4 remuneration […]