National Newswatch

Great pipeline divide fracturing the national interest

Feb 8 2018 — Don Martin — The Great Divide forms the southern stretch of Rocky Mountain border between Alberta and British Columbia. Rain falling on the western side flows toward the Pacific. On the eastern slope, it gurgles toward the Atlantic or Arctic oceans. But this geographically defining landmark turned politically rocky this week with two premiers under the NDP flag […]

Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s political rise a welcome triumph

Feb 1 2018 — Don Martin — What happened in Vegas ended up as a very public triumph for an underrated MP on the floor of the House of Commons this week. The MP everyone would’ve voted least likely to succeed in 2011 has been named the NDP House Leader. Then-33-year-old Ruth Ellen Brosseau immediately negotiated all-party agreement to fast track anti-sexual […]

Don Martin’s political predictions for 2018

Dec 22 2017 — Don Martin — Predicting the future of Canadian politics is a dark and murky art. But after consulting insiders and veteran observers, I’m going to try a glimpse the year ahead and hope my mostly-wrong 2017 predictions were a particularly miserable anomaly. For starters, it’s pretty clear NAFTA will be axed in late spring with President Donald Trump […]

Surely Kent Hehr has talked himself out of cabinet

Dec 7 2017 — Don Martin — So three days after and Kent Hehr is still in cabinet. That would be three days after the disabled minister of disabilities shrugged off victims with disabilities using some the coldest, crassest and frankly craziest language I’ve ever heard a politician utter. To the survivors of Thalidomide, who looked to him for compassionate understanding, Hehr […]

Trudeau government needs to start sweating the small stuff

Nov 2 2017 — Don Martin — This government is too young to act so old. It usually takes a full term or two for a government to achieve a level of sufficiently arrogant entitlement to boldly spew patronage, wildly squander money or rule by secretive decree – and it usually hits just before voters throw the bums out. But there are […]

Despite damage control, Morneau’s reputation has taken a hit

Oct 19 2017 — Don Martin — When crisis communicators of the future need an example of a reputation-shredding failure to enact timely damage control, they will point to the Bill Morneau debacle. It took four days for the finance minister to act on the obvious – he was, at very least, distracted by a perceived conflict of interest by controlling a […]