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The knight in shining armour falls hard from his high horse

Sep 19 2019 — Don Martin — Roughly ten years ago, I had lunch with then-backbench MP Justin Trudeau to pitch him on a warts-and-all biography. The way I figured it, he was five years away from being Liberal leader and eight from being prime minister so a book could introduce him to voters without sugarcoating. He listened politely before shrugging off […]

Trudeau sees doing the right thing as ‘counterproductive’

Sep 13 2019 — Don Martin — The weasel word from week one of the campaign was ‘counterproductive’. It would be, as Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has put it every day on the hustings, ‘counterproductive’ for his government to actively defend Quebecers who are denied the right to wear religious symbols and clothing in public service jobs. It’s far more productive to […]

Campaign 2019 is the battle where truth goes to die

Sep 5 2019 — Don Martin — Every campaign war room has pails of political dirt held at the ready until it can be thrown for maximum muddy impact into the faces of reeling opponents. The unofficial Liberal rule is that there’s no statute of limitations on dredging up attack material from the ancient history of first-time leaders in a national campaign. […]

Who’s behind the anti-Andrew Scheer ad airing during Raptors game?

Jun 10 2019 — — If you’re watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Canada, you’ll see a 30-second ad from an organization called Engage Canada attacking Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Where did the group get the cash to pay for a Toronto Raptors playoff commercial that could cost upwards of $50,000? The group is hesitant to say. Tabitha […]

Last words from Parliament’s nearly departed

Jun 6 2019 — Don Martin — Amid the frantic push to complete the government agenda, forcing increasingly-cranky MPs to sit past midnight many nights, some of the better speeches are being delivered in the House of Commons. They’re coming from the MPs saying farewell to politics, either because they’re sick of the place, fed up with the toxicity of the job […]

Gen. Vance’s leadership is no longer worth saluting

May 23 2019 — Don Martin — It’s easy to kneejerk a demand for the prime minister to resign, as the Conservatives do on the flimsiest of pretexts. It requires a lot more evidence to hoist a question mark over the leadership of the Canadian Armed Forces. But beyond Chief of Defence Staff Jonathan Vance’s rushed judge and jury execution of Vice-Admiral […]

It’s a charade, but question period is the only answer

May 16 2019 — Don Martin — Today was the 13th question period in the House of Commons this month. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has attended just three of them, only one being on a Wednesday when he dances around every opposition query. Mind you, Official Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer hasn’t exactly earned a gold star for House attendance. He’s only made […]