National Newswatch

Canada’s real plastics problem is the politicians

Dec 20 2019 — Don Martin — Watching the age of personality be eclipsed by the plastic politician has been the most distressing phenomenon to observe as I leave after 40 years in the daily news business. We are in an era where the proliferation of media relations staffing is only exceeded by the decimation of journalism ranks. Ironically, many of those […]

Scheer will enter history books as a one-term mistake

Dec 13 2019 — Don Martin — In the weeks following the election, Andrew Scheer became increasingly isolated in his personal bunker, trying to ignore the pounding of enemy artillery getting ever closer to taking down his leadership of the Conservative party. What should’ve been a thunder of return fire from MPs defending him was replaced by crickets. Even those loyal to […]

Freeland wins a waiver from PMO contro

Nov 21 2019 — Don Martin — If the new crop of cabinet ministers appear a little lost for words, beyond gushing thanks for their $85,000 pay raise, it’s because they don’t yet know what to think. Their marching orders haven’t arrived. The Mandate Letters, still being penned by the Prime Minister’s Office, will soon come down from on high as commandments […]

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