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‘The merger worked’: United Conservative Party ready for founding convention

May 4 2018 — Emma Graney — Jason Kenney is billing his party’s gathering in Red Deer this weekend as the “largest political convention in Alberta’s history.” When he talks about the convention, the United Conservative Party leader bandies around words like “energy” and “excitement.” The word “historic” gets a mention, too. “There’s a novelty factor here that I think is drawing […]

Emergency pipeline meeting in Ottawa ends with a whimper not a bang

Apr 16 2018 — Graham Thomson — Well, that went about as badly as expected. Sunday’s meeting in Ottawa between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and British Columbia Premier John Horgan wrapped up with no end to the pipeline impasse. On the positive side, I suppose, nobody stomped out, threats weren’t issued, transfer payments weren’t cut. But neither were […]

Freeze infrastructure dollars to force B.C. pipeline compliance: Jason Kenney

Apr 16 2018 — — If Ottawa was really serious about supporting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, it would freeze all discretionary funding to B.C., says Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney, criticizing the results of a tri-party meeting Sunday. “They have to see that there are consequences,” Kenney said, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced new legislation is coming to […]

Trans Mountain pipeline battle not ‘too far off’ from constitutional crisis: Rachel Notley

Apr 10 2018 — Emma Graney — Alberta MLAs from all sides of the political divide spent Monday talking about repercussions for British Columbia over the increasingly bitter pipeline standoff, but took no concrete steps to do anything about it. It’s likely that won’t happen for days, when the government introduces measures to diminish the flow of oil west, as promised during […]

Trans Mountain saga takes odd twist as NDP, UCP support public investment

Apr 9 2018 — Graham Thomson — The twisting journey of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion has taken its most bizarre turn yet. Straight down the rabbit hole. Not only is the Alberta government considering investing public money in the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain project, official Opposition leader Jason Kenney thinks that’s a good idea. The United Conservative Party leader is not thrilled […]

United Conservative Party to target Edmonton region in 2019 election

Mar 28 2018 — — Alberta’s capital is firmly in the sights of the United Conservative Party for the 2019 election. In an interview Tuesday, party leader Jason Kenney pointed to recent polls indicating solid UCP support in every part of the province except for Edmonton, where his party is in a close race with the governing NDP. As such, […]