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Economic turnaround a 2017 highlight for Premier Rachel Notley

Dec 27 2017 — Emma Graney — When asked to pick a single highlight of 2017, Premier Rachel Notley doesn’t hesitate. The economy, she says, nodding. Alberta’s economy lurched into 2017 in the grips of a recession. But with a new year just days away, Alberta leads the country in economic growth. We’re turning the corner economically, Notley said in a year-end […]

Alberta bans ticket bots under sweeping consumer protection bill

Nov 30 2017 — Emma Graney — Albertans will no longer have to compete with automated software when they’re trying to buy tickets to the biggest sporting and music events. Ticket bots, which rapidly buy huge quantities of online tickets, will be banned under sweeping changes to consumer protection laws introduced in the legislature Wednesday. Bill 31 also protects consumers from retaliation […]

New UCP leader aiming for immediate byelection in Calgary

Oct 30 2017 — Emma Graney — Calgary MLA Dave Rodney will quit Wednesday, opening the door for Jason Kenney to pursue a seat and go face to face with Premier Rachel Notley on the floor of the legislature. It’s an important move for Kenney, elected leader of the United Conservative Party Saturday. With Alberta grinding ever-closer to the 2019 provincial election, […]

Former Alberta NDP MLA Karen McPherson joining the Alberta Party

Oct 30 2017 — Emma Graney — Former NDP MLA Karen McPherson, who quit the governing party’s caucus to sit as an independent, has joined the Alberta Party. McPherson, the member for Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill, left the governing NDP while citing the increasing polarization of Alberta politics. According to a document obtained Sunday by Postmedia, McPherson feels she can better serve her constituents […]