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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith with peace offering to Justin Trudeau

Jan 26 2023 — David Staples — Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has suddenly and dramatically moved off her scorched earth stance against the Trudeau Liberal’s Just Transition plan to radically change the Canadian economy in the name of slashing carbon emissions. In a new letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Smith invites Trudeau to meet in February with the goal of negotiating […]

Premier Smith ‘sickened’ by staggering disruption planned with Trudeau’s Just Transition

Jan 16 2023 — David Staples — The staggering scope of change that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to impose on Canadians with their Just Transition program is made clear in a newly-released government document. Such is the magnitude of the proposed change that Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said she “felt sick” reading it. The document — uncovered by a freedom of information […]

Poilievre’s path to election victory might lie with new immigrants

Sep 15 2022 — Doreen Barrie — Canada doesn’t have a sod-house-to-Sussex-Drive equivalent to the American log-house-to-White-House myth. However, Pierre Poilievre seems set to create one, along with an inspirational story grounded in his personal experiences. In his victory speech Saturday night, he pointed out that despite being the child of a teenage mother and given up for adoption, he “dared to […]

Kenney critics pounce on Alberta premier after federal Conservative leader O’Toole booted

Feb 3 2022 — — After federal Conservatives ousted leader Erin O’Toole Wednesday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s critics seized the opportunity to call for United Conservative Party members to do the same. The federal leader was endorsed and supported by Kenney, who is facing a similar leadership review in three months, leading some to speculate that O’Toole’s dethroning could foreshadow […]