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Newman on NAFTA: Mitigating Collateral Damage

Dec 9 2017 — Don Newman — Canada is a trading nation. That is why developments in the past year to both our current and potential trading relationships are so troubling. Look at the four pillars of our trade policy. NAFTA, The Trans Pacific Partnership, CETA, the trade agreement with the European Union, and a potential Free Trade Agreement with China. The […]

Trade relationships that matter

Jun 15 2015 — Jacquie LaRocque and Adam Taylor — Ensight Canada’s Election Monitor has been tracking the issues Canadians care about and want action from politicians on in the lead up to the election. While our key data findings show that the economy remains by far the dominant issue, it is interesting to see how Canadian perceptions about trade have shifted and what is […]

Why Canada needs to be less reliant on the U. S.

Apr 14 2015 — Jacquie LaRocque and Adam Taylor — In official Ottawa, buzzwords are as plentiful as tulips in May. Indeed “Whole-of-Government” finds its way into many a discussion – whether it belongs there or not. The public service’s Blueprint 2020 defines whole-of-government as “an enterprise-wide management culture and supporting structures, effective and efficient business processes, flexible funding arrangements and enterprise-wide systems, widespread adoption […]