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Kevin O’Leary doesn’t speak French—but says he could still be prime minister

Jan 15 2016 — Evan Solomon — Kevin O’Leary—former Dragon’s Den dragon, investor and former television host—says he can’t speak French, but he doesn’t think that’s a problem if he runs to be Canada’s prime minister. Liberal parliamentary secretary for defence John McKay, Conservative MP Alex Nuttall and NDP foreign affairs critic Hélène Laverdière debate Canada’s commitment to the fight against ISIS […]

Government report on physician-assisted death coming soon, says Liberal MP Sean Casey

Jan 13 2016 — Evan Solomon — Wild Rose MLA and energy critic Leera Aheer says Alberta needs to get its oil to market amid economic woes for the province, the country and globally. Armine Yalnizyan, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Mike Moffatt, professor at the Ivey School of Business and the University of Western Ontario debate […]

Brad Wall flatly rejects calls to run for new federal Conservative leader

Jan 8 2016 — Yael Berger — Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall firmly rejected any suggestion that he will run for leader of the federal Conservatives. “I am not running for federal politics, period,” Wall told host David Akin Thursday on “Everything is Political” on SiriusXM radio. Wall will be running for re-election in the province’s upcoming election in April and he is […]

Minister Hajdu says MMIW inquiry designed to hear from families and communities

Jan 8 2016 — Evan Solomon — Minister for Status of Women Patty Hajdu from Thunder Bay says hearing what happened to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls will be central to finding out what happened to victims during the national inquiry. Alvin Fiddler, Grand Chief at Nishnawbe Aski Nation, says there are many challenges for police forces in remote, First […]

Feds need to get more involved in housing strategy to fix homeless veterans problem, says Veterans Affairs Minister Hehr

Jan 7 2016 — Evan Solomon — Globe and Mail Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife explains what Canada has to gain or lose from a free trade deal with China. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May lays our her concerns over increased free trade with countries like China and says Canada shouldn’t do trade with nations that are not on equal par with […]

Premier Wynne says her government has acted responsibly to ensure accountability in gas plant investigations

Dec 18 2015 — Evan Solomon — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne distances herself from the political aides charged with breach of trust, mischief and improper use of government computers saying “they never worked for me.” Ontario NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns said he hopes more details of the gas plant scandal come out in the trial beginning in the new year. Aboriginal […]

Paul Martin says Liberals will bring change for indigenous Canadians sooner than many think

Dec 17 2015 — Evan Solomon — Former Prime Minister Paul Martin, who negotiated the Kelowna Accord and now works to improve education for First Nations youth, says Aboriginal Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett is ready to bring change for Indigenous Canadians and that change may come sooner than people might expect. Health Minister Jane Philpott says the government still hopes to bring […]

Justice Sinclair calls residential schools system ‘cultural genocide’

Dec 16 2015 — Evan Solomon — After six years, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has published its final report. It rips off the blinders the country has on residential schools and it’s a shocking series of revelations—systematic neglect, abuse, death—all well known by and supported by the political leadership. Commission chairman Justice Murray Sinclair gives the details.

How will Liberals keep COP21 commitments?

Dec 15 2015 — Evan Solomon — Maclean’s reporter Nick Khöler brings the latest from the Mike Duffy trial on Duffy’s payments to outside consultants and even details about the hairdresser who gave Peter Mansbridge his ‘do. Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson and Conservative environment critic Ed Fast debate how the Liberals will follow […]

Evan Solomon calls Trump supporter Ann Coulter’s anti-Muslim comments bigotry

Dec 11 2015 — Evan Solomon — Maclean’s reporterNick Köhler on day three of Mike Duffy’s testimony on the stand. President of The Native Women’s Association of Canada Dr. Dawn Harvard talks about the racism faced by Canada’s indigenous peoples and why maybe it’s time for an #IndigenousLivesMatter movement. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel on questions she raised in the House of Commons […]

David Frum on Donald Trump the ‘flim-flam’ man and why he’ll never win the GOP nomination

Dec 10 2015 — Evan Solomon — Freelance journalist Nick Köhler brings news from Day Two of Mike Duffy’s testimony in his trial for fraud, breach of trust and bribery. MPs Mark Holland, Scott Reid and Alexandre Boulerice debate electoral reform and whether Justin Trudeau needs to call a referendum to have legitimacy for his plans to overhaul and ditch the first-past-the-post […]