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25,000 Syrians is the ‘lower limit, not upper limit’ says Immigration Minister McCallum

Nov 11 2015 — Evan Solomon — Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum says 25,000 Syrian refugees will be brought to Canada from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey by Jan. 1, 2016, but that’s only the lower limit. He says he hopes more refugees will be settled in Canada through private sponsorship as well, but how, and how much it will cost […]

Ann Coulter blames immigrant votes for Conservatives’ loss

Nov 2 2015 — Evan Solomon — American right-wing author and lawyer Ann Coulter says immigration is to blame for the Conservative Party of Canada’s electoral defeat. She also says Donald Trump’s policy on immigration will help conservatives by increasing “white” voter turnout. Coulter also denies that she made an anti-Semitic comment on twitter in regards to her tweet “How many f—ing […]

Senate Liberals threaten to stall Justin Trudeau’s agenda

Oct 30 2015 — Evan Solomon and Yael Berger — Senate Liberals threaten to stall Justin Trudeau’s agenda if no government Senate Leader is appointed; also calls for referendum on electoral reform. Veteran Senate Liberal David Smith says that there will be “confusion” in the Senate when the House returns because Justin Trudeau refuses to appoint a government leader in the Senate. In an interview […]

Everything is political (and personal) when it comes to Rob Ford and Patrick Brazeau’s reputations

Oct 30 2015 — Evan Solomon — Suspended senator Patrick Brazeau says he wants to put cocaine possession and assault charges behind him and put his focus towards getting back in the Senate and his fraud and breach of trust trial coming up next year. Carleton University Sprott School of Business professor Ian Lee debates Jim Stanford of Unifor on the $1-billion […]

Trudeau and Wynne hug it out but what does their close relationship mean for the future of Ontario and Canada?

Oct 28 2015 — Evan Solomon — Ontario’s Minister for Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure Brad Duguid explains what Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Liberal Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne signals for future policy for the province and the country. David Zussman, the Jarislowsky chair of public sector management at University of Ottawa and author of a book on government transitions, on what Justin […]

Post-election 3-hour special

Oct 21 2015 — Evan R. Goldstein — Arlene Bynon, David Coletto, Anita Vandenbeld, Tony Clement, Charles Adler, Doug Ford, Geoff Norquay, Michele Austin, Matt Gurney, Peter Julian, David Akin, Laura Payton, Tasha Kheiriddin, Supriya Dwivedi, Rebecca Blaikie Abacus Data CEO David Coletto breaks down how the Liberals won a majority government and which parts of the country played a key role in […]

Path to Victory series: The NDP

Oct 15 2015 — Evan Solomon — On the Path to Victory series, Evan Solomon talks to guests about what it will take for the NDP to win the election. Huffington Post Canada’s Althia Raj, Leger Marketing pollster Christian Bourque and NDP war room director Michael Gardiner talk about the NDP’s chances in each province and whether the party can come back […]