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Alberta has been disrespected for too long and needs a fair deal now

Jan 23 2020 — — Last week I participated in “The Value of Alberta,” a Calgary conference devoted to examining Alberta’s importance to Canada and how the province can achieve a fairer relationship in Confederation. Most Easterners do not appreciate how profoundly frustrated Albertans are about their poor treatment — so frustrated that deeply patriotic citizens are contemplating what should […]

The biggest cellphone price gouger is Ottawa

Jan 17 2020 — Terence Corcoran — Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains has his marching orders, direct from the Liberal politburo. The post-election mandate letter he received from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau orders Bains to “use all available instruments” to reduce the average cost of cellphone bills in Canada by 25 per cent. The Liberal platform said such a move would save the […]

Let’s celebrate our champions and protect our freedoms

Dec 26 2019 — Joe Oliver — Canadians often remind each other how incredibly fortunate we are to live in this wonderful country, especially considering the tyranny and persecution endured by people elsewhere in the world. There is indeed a great deal to be joyful about and many champions and accomplishments to celebrate. So let’s start with a few of our proudest […]

Alberta needs a new deal, fast, or separation is inevitable

Nov 4 2019 — Diane Francis — Alberta must adopt Quebec’s playbook and become a “nation” within a nation or threaten to leave. The ballot box does not work and Alberta is Canada’s breadwinner, but is treated like a stepchild. Step one is for Alberta to demand the immediate construction of the TMX pipeline and the scrapping of Bills C-48 and C-69. […]

‘It’s time Canadian companies stand up’: Agnico-Eagle CEO vows to make the case for energy and mining

Oct 24 2019 — — Two days after a federal election left Canada fractured along regional lines, and divided on many issues including whether to build energy pipelines, Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. chief executive Sean Boyd said he plans to begin advocating more forcefully for resource development. The comments came in an interview with the Financial Post on Thursday, when […]