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American domestic terrorism presents a threat to Canada

Jan 12 2021 — Diane Francis — Canada is not immune from the hate crimes and domestic terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists that afflicts the United States. The difference is that the Americans have pneumonia and, so far, we only have a cold. Last week’s riot in Washington, D.C., provides the most shocking example of the grave and present threat gripping the […]

The slow arrival of vaccines is costing lives

Jan 7 2021 — Joe Oliver — The slow arrival of COVID-19 vaccines is the latest setback for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in confronting the biggest challenge of his political career. His overarching responsibility is to reduce the number of infections and mortality from the pandemic and mitigate its devastating impact on the economy. Tragically for the country, that delay extends the […]

The ghost of Trudeau père

Dec 23 2020 — — Fathers have to deal with sons, and sons with fathers. Such is life since a couple of globs in the primordial goop invented sexual reproduction. Justin Trudeau is into his second government and sixth year in power. We can now begin to compare father and son, each born to wealth, each seen as a dilettante […]

Net-zero would be net-negative for Canadians

Dec 8 2020 — Joe Oliver — The long-heralded Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act sets out a radical target: remove or offset all manmade greenhouse gases by 2050. In spite of its vainglorious billing, Bill C-12 constitutes a betrayal of serious purpose to environmentalists, as well as a menacing assault on jobs and growth to economists, businesses owners and anyone else who cares […]

Are Canadians really sure who we should be rooting for?

Nov 4 2020 — Joe Oliver — As the vote-counting in the U.S. election moves through its endgame, most Canadians are worried. Quite a few are carriers of the Trump derangement syndrome who cannot discuss the current president without reference to his real or imagined moral failings, mendacity, bellicose behaviour and racist dog whistles. Moreover, they are psychologically incapable of distinguishing between […]

Trump getting increasingly desperate and erratic as election nears

Oct 13 2020 — Diane Francis — History reveals that as power ebbs desperate leaders undertake desperate actions. Some monarchs have launched wars and Nero watched Rome burn, as the legend goes. And in the most powerful democracy today, there’s rising concern about an erratic President Donald Trump who thrashes around in a worrisome manner as his polling support sags. “Presidents fabricate […]

When the CEO is sick, honesty is the best policy

Oct 8 2020 — Paul Deegan — How the Trump White House has handled the president’s bout of coronavirus should give pause to anyone who heads an organization, including directors of Canadian publicly traded companies. Holding large events where many, if not most, attendees are not wearing masks or face shields, as the White House did in introducing Supreme Court nominee Amy […]

On Trudeau’s fiscal Titanic they’re loading up on deckchairs

Sep 29 2020 — Joe Oliver — At a time of extraordinary economic peril, Canada finds itself led by a profligate government with a weak electoral mandate. The problem is exacerbated by the prime minister’s fixation on personal and partisan advantage rather than adherence to parliamentary accountability. To top it off, his minority reign may last several more years if he concedes […]

Debunking the Liberal tax-and-spend myth

Sep 21 2020 — Diane Francis — Liberals often share two common myths: that running deficits and racking up debt can continue indefinitely; and that there is no limit to how high taxes can be raised. Both must be debunked. Deficit spending may have to continue in the wake of the pandemic. But Canada’s problem is that the Liberals, pre-COVID, were a […]

The ‘woke minefield’ ahead of Erin O’Toole

Sep 18 2020 — — The mainstream media are predictably putting newly minted Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole through its mandatory tests for adherence to centre-left orthodox precepts. Failure to conform means being labelled as out-of-step with Canadian values, intolerant and perhaps even as a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal (unless this subspecies of archaic humans becomes a protected historical class).

Is Erin O’Toole Trump North?

Sep 11 2020 — Terence Corcoran — When Erin O’Toole launched the all-new Conservative party onto the Canadian political scene this week, his first job — in answer to a persistent CBC reporter — was to assure everyone: I am not Donald Trump North. But with his Canada First economic strategy, O’Toole set himself up for questions to which the real answer […]

Let’s end silly season and talk serious policy again

Sep 3 2020 — Joe Oliver — Media attention is currently preoccupied with policies where political leaders are in violent agreement, like abortion, but will soon pivot to what will really affect Canadians and their future prosperity when we hear the speech from the throne later this month from an embattled Governor General. Erin O’Toole, the newly elected Conservative leader, is off […]

Erin O’Toole is the best man for the job

Aug 24 2020 — Diane Francis — Newly minted Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is the right guy for the job. He will become Canada’s next prime minister. His acceptance speech was pitch perfect. His French was excellent. He reached out to Canadians of all regions and viewpoints with a pitch to consider the Conservatives as an alternative to the divisive, tainted and […]