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Why the rich should revolt — and it’s not for the reasons they think

Sep 15 2017 — Terence Corcoran — On July 15, a beautiful 26 C summer day in Ottawa, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the Justin Trudeau government’s plan to revamp tax rules for small business corporations. The Liberals say these corporations — formally known as Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations — take advantage of giant tax loopholes that Canada’s wealthy use to dodge billions […]

‘Extremely disappointing:’ clean tech firms hit hard by U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate accord

Jun 2 2017 — — Canadian clean-technology companies said it’s “extremely disappointing” that U.S. President Donald Trump will withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, but believe state-level green legislation still represents an opportunity. Stock prices at domestic clean-tech companies plunged this week amid reports Trump would take the U.S., the world’s second largest emitter and Canada’s largest trading partner, […]

Justin Trudeau is suddenly the new enemy of the militant climate crusade

Apr 19 2017 — Kevin Libin — Another day, another disappointment for Bill McKibben. The eco-activist, author and co-founder of the anti-carbon lobby group, confessed Monday that he’s been let down yet again, this time by our own prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Worse, McKibben wrote in the U.K.’s Guardian, Trudeau has proven himself to be phonier than even Donald Trump. The […]

Emails show Rachel Notley’s NDP meddling further in the running of Alberta’s Heritage Fund

Mar 27 2017 — Kevin Libin — In October, Alberta’s NDP government instructed the Alberta Investment Management Corp. (AIMCo), the managers of the province’s Heritage Fund, to call up the Financial Post. That, after a column (written by me) revealed that the government had been letting its political priorities seep into what was supposed to be an arm’s-length relationship with AIMCo, which […]

Kathleen Wynne’s sleazy, desperate hydro ploy to fool Ontarians is, well, brilliant

Mar 2 2017 — Kevin Libin — Ontario’s Liberal government is already being savaged for its latest scheme to quell the provincial outrage over out-of-control electricity rates. Even before the plan was official, the details that were leaked to the Toronto Star — reporting that power-bill costs would be “smoothed out” by rearranging contracts at lower rates, but longer periods — were […]

Trudeau’s Liberals can’t smile away the fact that Trump is about to eat Canada’s lunch

Jan 9 2017 — Kevin Libin — Canada’s Liberal government has a welcoming message for foreign companies that might be concerned about a protectionist post-Trump America: Come on up, we’re open for business! Only, not if you’re in the drywall business. Last week Canada’s trade tribunal ruled to uphold punitive tariffs on U.S. sheetrock imports to Western Canada, since they were found […]

CRTC’s ‘cornerstone’ ruling on basic telecom service expected to have repercussions for telcos

Dec 19 2016 — — Canadians are about to find out what the federal telecommunications regulator means when it says “broadband is vital.” The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is poised to release its ruling on what constitutes basic telecom service next week, a “cornerstone” decision that chairman Jean-Pierre Blais said could have repercussions for the next decade. The CRTC […]

Ottawa willing to intervene on behalf of The Rebel after journalists banned from UN climate conference

Oct 26 2016 — — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she is willing to intervene after a United Nations department rejected an application for media accreditation from a Canadian news company on the grounds that it is an “advocacy media outlet.” The Rebel, the right-wing news and opinion platform published by political commentator Ezra Levant, received the rejection notice earlier […]