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The cost of landing on Saudi Arabia’s bad side will be big

Aug 7 2018 — Kevin Carmichael — News of Canada’s apparent ejection from the list of countries that stand to benefit from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s largesse reminded me of something that Stephen Poloz, the Bank of Canada governor, said last month. It was from his interview with the Financial Post. I had asked Poloz if he thought Canadian aluminum […]

The Trudeau Liberals offer a sexist tobacco policy to ‘protect’ us ‘vulnerable’ females

Jul 10 2018 — Kristin Halle — The federal government recently introduced a series of draft regulations that will remove all branding from tobacco packaging as well as standardizing the physical properties of cigarettes in Canada. Anti-tobacco campaigners are applauding the proposed regulatory regime: Canadian Cancer Society lobbyist Rob Cunningham says they’re “the best in the world.” These draft regulations are founded […]

Trudeau stumbled into a trade war. That isn’t all Trump’s fault

Jun 14 2018 — Kevin Libin — Canadians have always ridiculed Americans for their cocky swagger and over-the-top patriotism but look who’s getting all jingoistic now. It’s hard to miss our trade-war drums beating with unseemly enthusiasm after Donald Trump’s angry reaction Sunday to our prime minister’s post-G7 press conference. Virtually overnight, boasts of being the globe’s great free traders and champions […]

Slim majority of Canadians disapprove of Ottawa buying Trans Mountain pipeline

Jun 4 2018 — — A small majority of Canadians say they are against Ottawa’s $4.5-billion purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, a dramatic change in sentiment about the project in roughly a week. A Forum Research poll of 969 Canadians found that 52 per cent of respondents disapprove of the federal government buying the existing Trans Mountain pipeline between […]

Trudeau’s carbon tax plan is close to blowing up in his face

Mar 16 2018 — Kevin Libin — Things have turned very much Jim Karahalios’s way lately, and they might not be done yet. If you haven’t heard of Karahalios, he was the noisy member of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives persecuted by his own party for refusing to let former leader Patrick Brown get away with making carbon taxes an official policy. Although […]

Canada is now playing hardball on trade with U.S. — good

Jan 11 2018 — Terence Corcoran — The NAFTA-is-dead movement gathered steam on Wednesday. Or maybe it’s just more hot air emanating from the whirling machinery of strategic negotiation leading up to the beginning of the Montreal Round of negotiations scheduled to begin Jan. 23. The prospect of NAFTA’s demise has long been a Trump administration product, mostly generated by the president’s […]