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Government policies frustrating mining potential in Nova Scotia

Aug 16 2023 — Alex Whalen and Julio Mejia — Nova Scotia’s mining industry remains an important part of the provincial economy. With its production of gold, gypsum, limestone, salt and other minerals, the industry employs more than 5,000 Nova Scotians and contributes almost $500 million annually to the provincial economy. Unfortunately, government policies are frustrating the industry’s growth. Every year, the Fraser Institute surveys […]

Canadians wait much longer for drugs than Americans and Europeans

Jun 5 2023 — Nigel Rawson and Bacchus Barua — Canadians have access to fewer new drugs than Americans and Europeans, and consequently may endure undue suffering from ailments and disease. And we wait much longer for drugs that are approved here. For once, this unfortunate situation has little to do with bureaucratic lethargy but rather hostility governments and public agencies have shown towards the […]

Governments in Canada spent more than $350 billion on corporate welfare

May 3 2023 — Tegan Hill and Joel Emes — According to a recent study published by the Fraser Institute, federal, provincial and local governments in Canada spent $352.1 billion (inflation-adjusted) subsidizing firms from 2007 to 2019—more than was spent on national defence over the same period. This corporate welfare, which does little if anything to stimulate widespread economic growth, came with huge costs to […]

Federal budget does not meet definition of restraint

Apr 6 2023 — — I was forced by Chrystia Freeland, the finance minister, upon her delivery of the federal budget, to repair to the Merriam-Webster dictionary to check my English comprehension. In her budget speech she said the government is exercising “fiscal restraint” and determined to uphold “fiscal responsibility,” but the tables in the budget document with all the […]

Houston government should acknowledge attitude towards taxes in Nova Scotia

Mar 23 2023 — Alex Whalen and Jake Fuss — In Nova Scotia this week, the Houston government will table its second budget. Thus far, the government has experienced unusually strong growth in revenues while funnelling most of this new revenue into new government spending. But new polling data suggest the government should be cautious about continuing this approach. To understand why, we first must […]

Trudeau government’s upcoming budget must address ‘growth deficit’

Mar 17 2023 — Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacios and Jake Fuss — There’s been much debate about Ottawa’s budget deficits, borrowing, and the need to rein in spending, particularly given current inflationary pressures. But what’s missing is a discussion about the “growth deficit.” The Trudeau government’s policies have largely been about redistributing existing income rather than growing it, and the few policies actually aimed at promoting economic […]

Smith government wastes generational opportunity in Alberta

Mar 4 2023 — Tegan Hill — In its first budget, the Smith government had a golden opportunity to use Alberta’s surpluses—fuelled by a temporary windfall in resource revenue—to improve the province for the long-term. Unfortunately, it wasted that opportunity and simply continued the spending habit of many of its predecessors, which has fuelled a boom-and-bust cycle in provincial finances for decades. When […]

More private clinics will help Ontario—but province needs fundamental health-care reform

Jan 24 2023 — Tegan Hill and Bacchus Barua — The Ford government recently announced plans to use more private clinics to help with Ontario’s surgical backlog. Ontario wouldn’t be the first province to do so, and based on the experience of other jurisdictions, it would be a positive step forward to help Ontario’s struggling health-care system. But for long-term improvements, such initiatives must be […]

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