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Trudeau policies—an economically dangerous déjà vu

Jul 23 2022 — Tegan Hill and Jason Clemens — Increasing taxes, skyrocketing government debt, expanding regulations, soaring inflation and rising interest rates. You may think we’re describing Canada today, but in fact these were the policy decisions and circumstances that defined Pierre Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister in the 1970s and early 1980s, which eventually culminated in a near crisis. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Justin […]

Important oversights from Trudeau Budget 2022

Apr 13 2022 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — At 300-plus pages, it’s impossible for anyone to reasonably analyze the recent federal budget comprehensively in a day or two. However, as the foundational document setting down the government’s intentions for spending, taxing and borrowing for the following year and roughly into the future, it’s important to assess the budget methodologically.  To that end, we […]

Trudeau can promote world peace by embracing fossil fuels

Mar 15 2022 — Kenneth Green — The sudden reappearance of a blatant “hot” large-scale war of conquest in Europe has shocked a Western world grown complacent about the prospect of such things. What Vladimir Putin has once again unleashed on Ukraine and the world is an abomination, and we must all hope for a quick cessation of violence and return to […]

Year-end facts Prime Minister Trudeau doesn’t want you to know

Dec 30 2021 — Niels Veldhuis — To hear Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Freeland tell it, everything is rosy with Canada’s economy. Indeed, Minister Freeland recently said Canada is “ready, as a country, to come roaring back.” That’s good rhetoric, but what about the facts? As 2021 ends, here are a few year-end facts Canadians should understand. For starters, the […]

Chamber of Commerce embraces climate alarmism and attacks businesses in Ontario

Dec 2 2021 — Matthew Lau — If anybody is looking for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to defend business interests from deleterious governmental climate policies, they should know that the Chamber is wandering the climate wilderness, as if Israelites in the desert, looking for government “incentives” to fall like manna from heaven. The Chamber recently launched its “Climate Action Series,” which […]

Trudeau emissions plan impossible without huge energy costs and/or imports

Nov 13 2021 — Elmira Aliakbari, Milagros Palacios and Jason Clemens — Prime Minister Trudeau recently announced hard caps on emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for Canada’s oil and gas sector, which will decline over time to help achieve Ottawa’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. As is so often the case with the current government, there are serious questions that have not been asked—let alone answered—about […]

Initiatives to equalize everyone will only result in disorder

Nov 10 2021 — Matthew Lau — Last month in Ottawa, the Coalition for a Better Future—which consists of more than 100 business and industry associations, think-tanks and community organizations—held a summit to discuss how to make Canada more equal, environmentally-friendly and prosperous over the next few decades. The coalition’s decided ideological orientation, evidenced by its summit and public statements, is of […]

Quebec’s Bill 96 motivated by false fears about language and misunderstanding about economics

Oct 29 2021 — Yanick Labrie — Being a relatively small share of North America’s population, Quebec’s French-speakers have always had good reasons to feel concerned about their fate as a linguistic community. Over time, these concerns have spurred calls for government intervention and legislation to stop or reverse a perceived decline in French usage in the province. Answering these calls, the […]