National Newswatch

Cabinet shuffle! Borders! Election!

Jul 19 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — A cabinet shuffle is the kind of thing that only excites the nerdiest of political nerds, so you would be excused if you were enjoying your summer instead of reading into the subtleties of what this cabinet shuffle might mean for the federal election scheduled for Oct. 21, 2019. One thing is clear, though: the […]

Canadians split right down the middle on Trans Mountain purchase: Ipsos poll

Jul 18 2018 — — Canadians are evenly divided when it comes to support for Ottawa’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, a new poll suggests, but more than one in 10 remain undecided about the controversial move. The poll, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Global News, reveals that 42 per cent of respondents support the federal […]

Ford government wrong to revert back to 1998 sex ed curriculum

Jul 13 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi — Fulfilling yet another campaign promise, the Progressive Conservative government confirmed earlier this week that for the coming school year, students in Ontario would not be learning the updated sex education curriculum that had been revamped and reintroduced in 2015. Instead, students will be learning a curriculum that dates back to 1998. That’s an era that […]

Are we actually pretending ‘gropegate’ isn’t partisan on both sides?

Jul 11 2018 — — I make a point of trying not to base columns too much about little, micro-Twitter controversies, but I can’t resist today — it’s brief, I promise. An American journalist, Emily Peck, recently published a column about Brett Kavanaugh, the man just nominated by U.S. President Donald Trump to join America’s Supreme Court, replacing the retiring […]