National Newswatch

Canada urged to offer safe haven to Hongkongers

Oct 26 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole is calling on the Canadian government to urgently adopt special measures that provide a safe haven for Hong Kong residents facing persecution under a harsh national security law imposed by China on the former British colony. Mr. O’Toole said Canada must also be prepared to support the 300,000 Canadians living […]

‘This needs action’: NDP, experts call for solutions to racial bias in federal prison risk assessments

Oct 26 2020 — — Ottawa must address systemic racism in prisons, which is being perpetuated by risk assessments that are biased against Black and Indigenous inmates, opposition and legal critics say. The unfavourable risk scores contribute to the overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous men in prison, they say, something the Liberal government has vowed to address at a time […]

Roland Paris says Joe Biden will be a better friend to Canada – but at a price

Oct 24 2020 — Roland Paris — After four years of President Donald Trump’s insults, threats and sanctions against Canada and other close allies of the United States, the prospect that American voters might replace him with Joe Biden, who has promised to repair relations with America’s traditional partners, seems tantalizingly close. But Canada will be tested no matter which candidate wins […]

U.S. presses Canada to hit China with sanctions over Uyghurs

Oct 23 2020 — — The Trump administration is lauding Canadian MPs for condemning China’s brutal persecution of largely Muslim minorities as “genocide,” and is encouraging Ottawa to join Washington in imposing sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for the repression. A senior official in Washington, who is deeply involved in the U.S. government’s China file, welcomed a statement by a […]

Parliamentary committee calls China’s mistreatment of Uyghurs ‘genocide,’ urges Ottawa to sanction Beijing officials

Oct 21 2020 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife — MPs on a Parliamentary committee dominated by the ruling Liberal Party have issued a report and a statement saying China’s conduct in Xinjian amounts to genocide, and is urging the Canadian government to adopt Magnitsky-style sanctions against Chinese officials. This comes less than a week after China’s ambassador to Canada warned Canadian Parliamentarians against taking […]

Asking the Liberal government questions, at a time like this? Who does the Opposition think it is?

Oct 21 2020 — Andrew Coyne — “Do we really want a committee,” an incredulous Pablo Rodriguez, Government House Leader, asked reporters on Tuesday, “that has the power to force the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, all ministers, to drop their work, the important work they’re doing and come testify?” There you have the nub of the question, at least as […]

Charity coalition says it has concerns about secrecy at WE Charity

Oct 20 2020 — — A coalition of more than 90 Canadian charities and international development agencies says it is concerned about a pattern of opaque behaviour at WE Charity, including the charity’s unwillingness to sign the coalition’s code of ethics. Cooperation Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, which represents almost all major Canadian aid organizations, […]