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Ontario voters deserve better than a political gong show

Feb 22 2018 — Margaret Wente — Patrick Brown reminds me of a really bad boyfriend. The more you find out about him, the worse it gets. There’s something sneaky and sharp about the way he operates. His taste for age-inappropriate women is a little creepy. Everything is always all about him. Add it up and he’s just too weird. So you […]

After an awkward India visit, will Trudeau learn his lesson?

Feb 22 2018 — Sonya Fatah — Photo ops have limitations, as Justin Trudeau is learning on his inaugural visit to India as Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Trudeau may not have thought family photographs shot against the backdrop of the magnificent Taj Mahal or in the rustic confines of the elephant conservation centre in Mathura would backfire. If the delegation returns […]

Information watchdog blasts Liberals ahead of her retirement

Feb 21 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — In her last week in office, Canada’s information watchdog is accusing the Liberal government of reneging on its promise to bring a new era of openness to Ottawa and of failing to defend the “Charter right” of Canadians to quick and easy access to federal documents and data. “The government is sliding into more secrecy […]

The Trans Mountain pipeline will never be built

Feb 20 2018 — Margaret Wente — Andrew Weaver, the most powerful Green Party politician in Canada, is a smart man. This week he tweeted out a prediction that strikes me as dead on. Despite the posturing of Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley, he said, “it is virtually certain” that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will never be built. Why won’t it […]

Elections commissioner examining Liberal MP Majid Jowhari’s fundraiser

Feb 20 2018 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — The office of the elections commissioner is examining a fundraiser organized by Liberal MP Majid Jowhari that is opposed by his own Richmond Hill riding association but endorsed by federal party headquarters. Mr. Jowhari, an Iranian-born Canadian who has advocated for closer ties to Tehran since his election in 2015, has organized a $150-a-plate fundraiser […]

Morneau signals federal budget may include funding for independent no-fly-list system

Feb 19 2018 — Robert Fife — Finance Minister Bill Morneau has signalled to the parents of children tagged on Canada’s no-fly list as potential security threats that next week’s federal budget could include money to establish an independent no-fly-list computer system to end airport hassles for law-abiding Canadians. Mr. Morneau has invited parents, who use the hashtag #NoFlyListKids, to his Ottawa […]

To vilify Sir John A. Macdonald is to wrongly seek a single scapegoat for Canada’s mistreatment of Indigenous people

Feb 19 2018 — Bob Plamondon — The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario wants to take his name off their schools. Because of vandalism, his birthday is no longer celebrated in Kingston. Members of the Canadian Historical Association will soon vote on dropping his name from its annual literary prize. Is it only a matter of time before we knock down Sir […]

Supporter of homophobic, anti-Semitic U.S. religious leader to speak at NDP convention

Feb 16 2018 — Gloria Galloway — An American political activist who publicly supports a U.S. religious leader known for his homophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric is among the keynote speakers at the New Democrats’ biennial convention this weekend in Ottawa. Tamika Mallory, one of the organizers of last year’s Women’s March on Washington that took place immediately after Donald Trump was inaugurated […]

Trudeau ratchets up pipeline pressure on British Columbia

Feb 16 2018 — Kelly Cryderman — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has increased the pressure on British Columbia in the dispute over the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, saying the province’s proposal to block the project risks alienating Alberta and derailing any consensus on Canada’s climate-change plan. Just two weeks ago, Mr. Trudeau said he was “not going to opine on disagreements between […]