National Newswatch

Tory by-election landslide in Quebec more than a local race

Jun 19 2018 — John Ibbitson — Yes, the Conservatives had a popular hockey coach as candidate, but their thumping of the Liberals in Chicoutimi-Le Ford, Monday night, should worry the Grits. Canadian voters are not rallying to the Liberals in solidarity as Justin Trudeau confronts Donald Trump over tariffs and trade. If that confrontation damages the economy, watch out. Next year […]

Andrew Scheer’s team distances itself from anti-immigration group in Quebec

Jun 19 2018 — Laura Stone — Andrew Scheer’s Quebec team is distancing itself from an online post in an anti-immigration group, made by a local riding president who claimed he was helping campaign for the federal Conservative leader in a provincial by-election on Monday. Catherine Major, the Conservative party’s Quebec press secretary, said she demanded the resignation of Rivière-du-Nord riding president […]

Conservatives table petition calling on Ottawa to ‘abandon’ small-business tax changes

Jun 18 2018 — Bill Curry — Controversial changes to small-business tax rules are about to become law, but a new petition shows they remain very unpopular with thousands of business owners. Conservative MPs tabled a petition Monday with about 45,000 signatures that calls on Ottawa to “abandon” its package of small-business tax changes. At a news conference, Conservative finance critic Pierre […]

U.S. lawmakers warn Canada about Chinese telecom giant Huawei

Jun 18 2018 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Senior lawmakers on U.S. intelligence committees are warning the Trudeau government that Chinese smartphone maker Huawei – which has turned Canada into a key research centre for next-generation mobile technology – is a national-security threat to a network of Canada’s allies. Republican Senator Tom Cotton and Democratic Senator Mark Warner told The Globe and Mail […]

California, Quebec close carbon market to Ontario

Jun 17 2018 — Shawn McCarthy — California and Quebec have closed the joint carbon market to Ontario, preventing companies from dumping some $2.8-billion in emissions allowances after premier-designate Doug Ford announced an end to the provincial cap-and-trade system. While Mr. Ford’s decision could provoke lawsuits from companies that purchased allowance, the province is also set to join Saskatchewan’s legal fight over […]

Senators call on Liberals to boost oversight on exports of military goods

Jun 15 2018 — Steven Chase — Senators are urging the Trudeau government to vastly improve Canada’s means of monitoring whether Canadian-made military goods are being employed to abuse human rights after they’re exported to foreign countries. The standing Senate committee on human rights‘ recently released report, Promoting Human Rights: Canada’s Approach to its Export Sector, follows an investigation by the department […]

Carbon pricing, small-business tax changes to become law as Senate passes budget bill

Jun 14 2018 — Bill Curry — Senators passed the government’s budget bill without amendment, meaning federal carbon-pricing plans and small-business tax changes will soon become law. Senators approved the 556-page omnibus bill Thursday afternoon without a standing vote or discussion at third reading. Some senators were planning to debate the bill further and the speed of the decision came as a […]

Top public servant does not agree Phoenix pay system was ‘incomprehensible failure’

Jun 12 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Canada’s top public servant went on the offensive against the Auditor-General on Tuesday, saying the Phoenix public-service pay system is not the “incomprehensible failure” it was recently called in a scathing report. Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick challenged Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s assertion that the problems with the system, which has failed to pay tens of […]

Donald Trump has finally made us mad. Really mad

Jun 12 2018 — Margaret Wente — We Canadians are a peaceable lot. But Donald Trump has finally made us mad. He came to Canada for the weekend, arrived late, left early … and slagged us on the way out the door. He called our Prime Minister “very dishonest and weak” and said he “acts hurt when called out.”That is not the […]

After the election of Doug Ford, do campaigns even matter?

Jun 12 2018 — Scott Reid — Maybe campaigns don’t matter after all. Such a conclusion would be greeted as heresy by the high-priests of modern politics, who have long sermonized that once the writ drops, anything and everything is possible. Campaigns don’t just matter, we’ve been long counseled – they matter more than anything. And until last Thursday, that’s what I […]