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Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault tells web giants it’s better to be ‘at the table than on the menu’

Jan 24 2020 — Daniel Leblanc — Steven Guilbeault is the Minister of Canadian Heritage, but he often refers to his time as an environmental activist to describe how he plans to force foreign-based internet platforms to fund the creation of cultural content in this country. International web giants have rejected attempts to regulate them and have lobbied against plans to compel […]

What to do with the CBC? Make the audience pay for it

Jan 24 2020 — Andrew Coyne — Perhaps you saw that clip from the CBC’s latest offering, as part of its mandate to “inform, enlighten and entertain” Canadians at the same time as it reflects “Canada’s various geographic, cultural and linguistic realities and identities” while protecting Canadian culture from the ravages of global – but I digress. The show is called Family […]

50 years later, metric still hasn’t won the day in Canada

Jan 22 2020 — Andrew Coyne — As you will no doubt be aware, this month marks the 50th anniversary of the federal White Paper on Metric Conversion in Canada, kicking off what the Pierre Trudeau government called the “inevitable” transition to metric measurement. “All units of measurement used in Canada,” declared the Weights and Measures Act, passed later the same year, […]

Ottawa says geopolitical considerations a factor in Huawei 5G decision

Jan 22 2020 — — Ottawa says it will weigh geopolitical considerations in addition to national security in its decision on whether to ban Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. from future 5G wireless networks. The United States and Australia, allies of Canada in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing group, have already barred the flagship Chinese firm from supplying gear for their 5G […]

Ottawa to implement gun-control strategy in multistep process: Bill Blair

Jan 20 2020 — Daniel Leblanc — The federal government plans to implement its gun-control strategy in a multistep process, acting quickly to prohibit the sale of assault weapons but taking more time for other measures, including a partial handgun ban that requires negotiations with the provinces, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said. During last fall’s election campaign, the Liberals promised to […]

Progress Alberta, a group targeted by Jason Kenney, threatens legal action over public inquiry

Jan 20 2020 — — An Alberta-based group that became a target for Premier Jason Kenney in last year’s provincial election is threatening legal action over a public inquiry into the funding of environmentalists. A lawyer for Progress Alberta, an Edmonton-based non-profit that has been a vocal critic of Mr. Kenney’s United Conservative Party government, sent a letter last week […]