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Has the Trudeau government been as derelict on India’s interference as it has been on China’s?

Sep 22 2023 — Andrew Coyne — The tendency of our current politics to view absolutely everything through the lens of partisanship has rarely been on better display than in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s dramatic announcement in Parliament Monday: that Canadian intelligence officials were pursuing “credible allegations” of Indian involvement in the assassination of a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh […]

Did India assassinate a Canadian citizen?

Sep 20 2023 — Andrew Coyne — For the Indian government to kill an Indian citizen, without trial, in India would be a grievous wrong. To kill one of its citizens on foreign soil would be worse still: not just extra-judicial but extra-territorial. But to assassinate a Canadian citizen, in Canada, would take matters to a whole new level. It is the […]

The lessons of Walkerton were lost on Danielle Smith’s government

Sep 19 2023 — Jen Gerson — It was after a rainstorm in May, 2000, that water contaminated by E. coli washed into the Ontario town of Walkerton’s water supply. The town’s water treatment centre proved inadequate to the task of ridding it of the deadly bacteria. Within days, thousands would become infected, seven would die and countless others would suffer lifetime […]

Canadian authorities have intelligence that India was behind slaying of Sikh leader in Surrey, B.C.

Sep 18 2023 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canadian national-security authorities have what they consider credible intelligence that India was behind the mid-June fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent Sikh leader in British Columbia designated a terrorist by New Delhi and part of a separatist movement seeking an autonomous state for adherents of Sikhism. The sources would not provide details on […]

Canada must better protect immigrants, refugees from foreign intimidation, report says

Sep 18 2023 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife — A new report by human-rights lawyers, released ahead of the public inquiry on foreign interference, says Canada must be prepared to take forceful action to protect those who are often the targets of these attacks: immigrants and refugees. It says Canada is breaking its obligations under international law to protect those who start a new […]

Canada looking to safeguard ‘sensitive skills and information’ that Forces veterans could pass on to foreign militaries

Sep 16 2023 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife — Canada says it is investigating how to safeguard the “sensitive skills and information” that members of the military take with them when they retire after reports of former Western fighter pilots selling their knowledge to China prompted Australia to announce a crackdown on unauthorized training of foreign defence forces. Australia announced Thursday penalties of up […]

Katie Telford, long-serving chief of staff, is the last woman standing in Justin Trudeau’s inner circle

Sep 16 2023 — Shannon Proudfoot — At this point, “Gotta check with Katie,” is basically a Parliament Hill magical incantation. She is the quiet voice that carries, the last person in the room, a first-name-only Ottawa main character. Some prime ministers have employed their chiefs of staff as mercenaries for specific moments and replaced them when the situation demanded something different. […]

Home truths about Canada’s housing mess

Sep 15 2023 — Andrew Coyne — By the time you read this the federal government will have unveiled its latest suite of policies designed to address the crisis in the Canadian housing market, or at least the crisis in Liberal polling. Whether these are likely to be any more effective than the policies it has introduced to date we shall see. […]

Libraries must be curated, not culled with abandon

Sep 15 2023 — Marsha Lederman — School libraries have finite resources, including space, and will never be able to include every book that was ever published – nor every book that was once offered by that individual library. Collections are weeded not just to make space though – updates are needed when books are beyond repair, but also for textual accuracy […]

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