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Latvia asks Western allies, including Canada, to help bolster its defences in face of Russian threat

Jan 28 2022 — — Latvian political leaders are pitching a plan to boost defence spending to better deter Russian expansionism, and are asking Canada and Western allies for military assistance to bolster the NATO alliance’s eastern flank. Rising tensions between NATO and Moscow over the future of Ukraine have added fresh anxiety to long-standing fears among Latvia and its […]

Split within the Conservative Party reflects division within the country

Jan 27 2022 — John Ibbitson — It’s no coincidence that the Foothills Conservative riding association in Alberta and the Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek riding association in Saskatchewan are the latest to push for an early review of Erin O’Toole’s leadership. It’s also no coincidence that Saskatchewan members defied Mr. O’Toole and kept dissident Senator Denise Batters in their caucus, or that deputy […]

The many delusions of Russia-Ukraine ‘realists’

Jan 25 2022 — Andrew Coyne — As Russia masses troops on Ukraine’s borders, poised to invade, a chorus of voices urges the democracies to do nothing to deter it. They include, of course, the Trumpist right, whose indifference to Ukraine is of a piece with their worship of Vladimir Putin, but also the pacifist left, who insist there can be no […]

Erin O’Toole gives a pass to Batters support

Jan 24 2022 — Ian Bailey — Erin O’Toole says he has no problem with Tory MPs from Saskatchewan confirming Senator Denise Batters as a member of their provincial Conservative caucus, even though Mr. O’Toole previously removed Ms. Batters from the national caucus after she publicly challenged his leadership of the party. “I don’t really mind,” Mr. O’Toole told a Monday news […]

Canadian spycraft at risk if documents released on scientists’ firing, ex-national security adviser warns

Jan 21 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — eleasing classified information on the firing of two scientists from Canada’s top-security infectious-diseases laboratory could reveal intelligence-gathering tradecraft, says the former civil servant who oversaw the file. Vincent Rigby, who retired in September as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser, said parliamentarians should be able to read secret documents that shed light on the […]

China’s effort to force return of citizens who emigrated a ‘growing problem,’ RCMP Commissioner says

Jan 21 2022 — — RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki calls Beijing’s interference and intimidation operations targeting people who immigrate from China to Canada a “problem,” and says victims can report the harassment to Canadian authorities without fear. Ms. Lucki said Friday in an interview that she had no details at hand about the scale of the issue, but is looking […]