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DND waited two months before removing Fortin from duties and as head of Canada’s vaccination rollout

May 17 2021 — Robert Fife and Kristy Kirkup — National Defence waited nearly two months to remove Major-General Dany Fortin from his military duties and as head of Canada’s vaccination rollout because it was scrambling to deal with a series of allegations of sexual misconduct involving at least seven high-ranking officers, sources say. The federal government replaced Maj.-Gen. Fortin on Monday, naming Brigadier-General Krista […]

Public gives poor grade to federal efforts to get to net zero: report

May 17 2021 — Ian Bailey — Public opinion research for Natural Resources Canada shows many Canadians are giving the federal government poor grades on key goals in the fight against climate change. The executive summary of research report Natural Resource Issues in a Low-Carbon Economy says more Canadians rate the federal government’s performance as poor, as opposed to good, on implementing […]

The deeper roots of C-10, in the thickets of cultural nationalism

May 15 2021 — Andrew Coyne — How did it come to this? Leave aside, for the moment, the implications – for free speech, for Canada’s reputation, for net neutrality – of Bill C-10, the federal government’s misbegotten effort to catch the internet in the same regulatory web as that which has long enveloped the conventional broadcasting industry. Leave aside, too, the […]

CSIS first alerted Ottawa to national-security concerns of two scientists at top disease laboratory

May 12 2021 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Canada’s spy agency urged the removal of security clearances for two scientists who were later dismissed from the country’s top infectious-disease laboratory because of national-security concerns relating to their work with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, according to two sources. In January of this year, Xiangguo Qiu, who headed the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies […]

Chrystia Freeland defends wage subsidy as opposition accuses Liberals of ‘showering their rich Bay Street friends’

May 12 2021 — — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland defended the federal wage subsidy Tuesday as opposition MPs expressed concern that the massive $110.6-billion emergency pandemic program has been used by large firms to pad their bottom lines. Conservative and NDP MPs questioned the minister about a Globe and Mail investigation, which found that hundreds of publicly traded companies, or […]

Ottawa enters legal battle over Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline

May 11 2021 — — The Canadian government is formally wading into a legal battle over the future of Enbridge Line 5 pipeline, a major cross-border energy conduit for Ontario and Quebec, warning a U.S. court that Michigan’s effort to shut this down unilaterally would not only disrupt Canada’s energy security but damage bilateral relations. “The proposed shutdown would cause […]

MPs vote for Public Health Agency to disclose uncensored details of lab firings

May 11 2021 — Steven Chase — A parliamentary committee is threatening to escalate a months-long dispute with the Public Health Agency of Canada after the organization’s president repeatedly refused to disclose why two scientists were fired from Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease lab earlier this year Iain Stewart, the head of PHAC, which has taken a leading role in the fight against COVID-19, […]

Amendments to Bill C-10 would require YouTube, other platforms to recommend Canadian content

May 8 2021 — — The Liberal government is proposing new amendments to Bill C-10, which outlines changes to the Broadcasting Act, aimed at requiring YouTube and other streaming platforms to recommend Canadian content and divert a share of Canadian revenues toward cultural production funds. The Liberals say the amendments make it clear that the legislative changes related to social […]