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Well done, everyone: Vaccines were our last line of defence, but now our governments have bungled that as well

Jan 22 2021 — Andrew Coyne — In the U.S., the media are full of fury at the sluggish pace of the country’s vaccination rollout. Headlines describe it as a “debacle,” a “disaster,” even a “total disaster,” and why not? As of Thursday, just 36 million doses had been distributed nationwide, of which 17.2 million had been administered, i.e. injected into people’s […]

Trudeau says government re-examining Governor-General vetting process in wake of Payette resignation

Jan 22 2021 — Robert Fife and Kristy Kirkup — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there was a rigorous vetting process for naming former astronaut Julie Payette to the role of Governor-General but he did not say whether past employers were contacted prior to her appointment to the viceregal role. Mr. Trudeau spoke to media on Friday following the resignation of Ms. Payette on Thursday. […]

Independent review of Rideau Hall harassment will challenge Governor-General Julie Payette’s tenure, sources say

Jan 21 2021 — Robert Fife — An independent review of workplace harassment allegations made by former and current staff at Rideau Hall has been completed, with confidential sources who have been briefed on the review saying it paints a very negative picture of the work environment in the Governor-General’s office since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tapped former astronaut Julie Payette for […]

Keystone XL may be the end of Alberta’s risky investments

Jan 21 2021 — Kelly Cryderman — In the past, Alberta’s oil wealth has helped to soothe voter angst about risky investment bets. But with the Biden administration’s revocation of the presidential permit for the Keystone XL project Wednesday – which could be the final stop for the controversial pipeline after more than a decade of stops and starts – that era […]

Pfizer pushes for tax breaks in 2021 federal budget

Jan 19 2021 — Bill Curry — Pfizer Canada Inc. (PFE-N) is urging the Liberal government to cut or freeze corporate taxes and approve targeted tax breaks in the 2021 federal budget, while also criticizing Canada’s efforts to reduce tax avoidance by global multinationals. The policy recommendations are outlined in a prebudget submission sent to the Commons Finance committee by Pfizer Canada, […]

Trudeau warns Canadian companies in China to avoid using forced labour

Jan 19 2021 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says government officials will contact Canadian companies doing business in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region to warn them against using forced labour or engaging in other human-rights abuses. Mr. Trudeau told reporters Tuesday that the outreach will include three publicly traded Canadian resource companies that have active projects and plans in Xinjiang, […]

A Biden presidency opens the door to greater co-operation despite many bilateral challenges

Jan 19 2021 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his top advisers are optimistic that relations with the more like-minded Biden administration will be effortless enough to collaborate on matters such as fighting climate change, building a new green economy and pushing for a North America First policy. No one is under the illusion, however, that a newly Democratic […]

How Canada should respond to Joe Biden’s Keystone XL decision

Jan 19 2021 — Adam Radwanski — Joe Biden is poised to begin his presidency with a wake-up call for Canadians who expect him to compromise his climate agenda in the name of diplomacy. The president-elect’s apparent plan to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline expansion as one of his first actions after Wednesday’s inauguration, laid out in leaked transition documents, shouldn’t come […]

Pretending that energy jobs will come back is only making things worse

Jan 18 2021 — Jim Stanford — Like most industries in Canada, fossil-fuel businesses have suffered painful job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession. Plunging global prices and steep reductions in capital spending have led to major job cuts. Fossil-fuel industries (including oil, natural gas, coal, and related activities) lost 17,500 jobs in the 12 months up to September.