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CBC says Rosemary Barton will not take part in lawsuit against Conservative Party

Oct 12 2019 — Chris Hannay — The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. says it will remove two political journalists, including The National co-host Rosemary Barton, as applicants in a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed against the Conservative Party of Canada. The CBC filed a legal application at the Federal Court on Thursday alleging that the Conservative Party and executive director Dustin Van Vugt had violated […]

Conservatives running Facebook ads falsely accusing Liberals of planning to legalize hard drugs on Chinese-language page

Oct 12 2019 — — The federal Conservative Party has been running Facebook ads on its Chinese-language page falsely accusing the Liberal Party of planning to legalize hard drugs, rhetoric the Conservatives have pushed aggressively in Chinese but have made little reference to in English. The page has run a total of six ads, according to Facebook’s advertising transparency library. […]

The NDP fight for survival in Quebec at the Louiseville fair

Oct 12 2019 — Les Perreaux — Ruth Ellen Brosseau is chatting with her people at the Festival de la galette de sarrasin on a pleasant fall afternoon when a middle-aged man with a broad smile bounds down a front stoop to shake her hand and pose for a picture. This is no ordinary front stoop along Louiseville’s buckwheat festival strip, and […]

CBC and Rosemary Barton take Conservatives to court over election ads

Oct 11 2019 — — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and two political reporters, including Ottawa-based anchor Rosemary Barton, are taking the Conservative Party of Canada to court over the use of television excerpts in partisan advertising. The application in the Federal Court of Canada, which was filed on Thursday, said the contentious material was used in a Conservative ad that […]

Conservative platform unveils billions of dollars of cuts to balance budget

Oct 11 2019 — — Andrew Scheer revealed a Conservative government would cut $18-billion in infrastructure spending over five years, a surprise announcement that came a day after the Conservative Leader said he had already outlined all of his planned spending cuts. The party says the change is triggered by a plan to take the existing 12-year allocation for infrastructure […]

Horgan told chief of staff not to brief him on B.C. Legislature scandal

Oct 10 2019 — — Months before police escorted the two top officers of the B.C. Legislature away from the precinct, the Speaker of the House offered Premier John Horgan details of alleged wrongdoing. He declined to be briefed, leaving the file in the hands of his chief of staff with instructions to keep him out of it. The senior […]

Allies of former Conservative Party minister Peter MacKay mull leadership bid

Oct 10 2019 — — Supporters of former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay are laying the groundwork for a possible leadership bid in the event party leader Andrew Scheer is unable to defeat the Liberals in the Oct. 21 general election.Veteran Conservative Party insider John Capobianco, a senior vice-president at the public relations and marketing agency FleishmanHillard Inc., confirmed to […]

Elections Canada contradicts Scheer’s claim that ruling was issued in support of Conservative advertising practices

Oct 9 2019 — Bill Curry — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says that Elections Canada issued a ruling in support of the party’s advertising practices, but the elections watchdog is contradicting that claim.The agency said it simply provided guidance to the Conservatives in an e-mail this week, including a suggestion that the party should consider how the public might perceive its advertising […]