National Newswatch

Federal government postpones study of airport privatization

Apr 21 2018 — Bill Curry — The federal government is shelving its in-depth study of airport privatization after nearly two years of examining the multibillion-dollar potential of selling off the key federal assets. During a private meeting with airport executives in Ottawa this week, Transport Minister Marc Garneau confirmed that the Liberal government is not moving ahead with privatization at this […]

Liberal base fights for left-wing shift at national convention

Apr 21 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — The Liberal base is trying to push the party leftward at the national convention in Halifax, hoping to get its leadership to adopt a progressive platform that addresses issues such as pharmacare and the decriminalization of the sex trade and possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. The pressure is coming from inside the Liberal […]

Nine early signs of how Facebook ads are being used in Ontario’s election

Apr 20 2018 — Adam Radwanski — Even as Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford pushes back hard against comparisons to Donald Trump heading into this spring’s Ontario election, he has been using Facebook advertising to target Ontarians who are “interested” in the U.S. President. Meanwhile, local candidates for Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have been highlighting exactly how much their government’s last-ditch spending spree […]

Ottawa to boost powers to push through Trans Mountain pipeline

Apr 19 2018 — — Ottawa is preparing to counter British Columbia’s bid to control the flow of oil through the province with legislation that will enhance federal power to push through the Trans Mountain pipeline. The move comes as Kinder Morgan says the fight has caused “unquantifiable risk” to its project. “We think that federal jurisdiction is clear; we’re […]

Special prosecutors appointed for Elizabeth May, NDP MP Kennedy Stewart after Trans Mountain pipeline protest

Apr 16 2018 — — Special prosecutors have been appointed to handle criminal contempt proceedings against two British Columbia MPs arrested alongside dozens of others during protests against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Michael Klein and Greg DelBigio, both senior Vancouver lawyers in private practice, will handle the cases involving Burnaby South MP Kennedy Stewart and Federal Green Party […]

Pipeline furor another signal of rising power of the West

Apr 13 2018 — John Ibbitson — Good news! We are facing a crisis in national unity, but for once it’s not about Quebec. The dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline is a major challenge both for the country and for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But that dispute also reflects how Canada has changed. This is not about language or culture. Rather, […]

Why a pipeline could cost Justin Trudeau the next election

Apr 13 2018 — Gary Mason — It wasn’t long ago that the thought of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being a one-term wonder would have been unthinkable. Not any more. A confluence of issues and events – hello, India! – have reshaped the Liberal Leader’s image in the unkindest of ways. However, it’s his government’s contentious environmental agenda, and his handling of […]