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Federal government to declare statutory holiday to mark painful residential school legacy

Aug 15 2018 — Gloria Galloway — The federal government is consulting with Indigenous groups before declaring a national statutory holiday to mark the painful legacy of Canada’s Indian residential schools. The main sticking point has been choosing a date for the annual event. “The overall picture is that it is important to have that day set aside so Canadians continually get […]

Montreal set to press Ottawa for national handgun ban

Aug 15 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — The City of Montreal is set to call for a nationwide ban on handguns and assault weapons, joining Toronto in pressing the Trudeau government to beef up its proposed firearms legislation. Montreal City Council is to debate a motion that will urge the federal government to prohibit weapons that are currently legal, albeit tightly regulated, […]

It’s time for the Trudeau government to move past its errors and post some wins in foreign policy

Aug 13 2018 — John Ibbitson — The painful confrontation with Saudi Arabia is yet another example of the continuity-of-error that defines much of this Liberal government’s approach to Canada in the world. “It’s a sad tale of unfulfilled promises and possibilities left unexplored and amateurish stumbling about,” says Daryl Copeland, a foreign policy analyst who spent three decades as a diplomat […]

Canada is right to stand up for Samar Badawi

Aug 8 2018 — Margaret Wente — Samar Badawi, 37, is an extraordinary woman with the courage of a lion. She fights for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most repressive regime in the world. She took her own father to court for refusing to allow her to marry the man she chose. He took her to court for disobedience – […]

U.S. refuses to back Canada in Saudi Arabia dispute

Aug 8 2018 — Steven Chase — The U.S. government has declined to come to Canada’s defence in the growing diplomatic crisis over its criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human-rights’ record. On Tuesday, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman, speaking at a media briefing in Washington, would not publicly condemn Riyadh’s arrest of civil-rights activists in the Mideast kingdom, as the Canadian government did […]

Saudi Arabia withdrawing students from Canadian schools, suspending flights to Toronto

Aug 6 2018 — Steven Chase — The Saudi Arabian government plans to withdraw all Saudi students studying at Canadian universities, colleges and other schools in retaliation for Canada criticizing the country’s human-rights record. A Saudi government source, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said there are more than 15,000 Saudis here on government-funded scholarships, grants or in trainee […]

Trudeau government quick to brand any deviation from NAFTA negotiating hegemony as disloyalty to Canada

Aug 5 2018 — Campbell Clark — The committee on un-Canadian activities has convened somewhere in a corner of the PMO’s communications office, and they’ve found certain Conservatives to be suspiciously disloyal. Not just disloyal to them, but to the nation, and for the unforgivable offence of meeting Americans without a minder. This is the Liberals preparing to fire at any opponent […]

Scheer fires back at Liberals for ‘pathetic’ attack on Tory MP over NAFTA

Aug 5 2018 — Laura Stone — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is firing back at the Liberals for linking a Tory MP’s recent trip to Washington with ongoing trade negotiations, accusing the government of using a “cynical political strategy” to distract from stalled trade talks with the United States. In a strongly-worded statement released on Saturday, Mr. Scheer said Transport Minister Marc […]

B.C. NDP government moving toward more labour-friendly policies

Aug 4 2018 — Ian Bailey — Earlier this year, British Columbia’s NDP government made a little-noticed change to the Workers Compensation Act that expanded mental-health services for first responders. In particular, these workers no longer need to point to a specific incident to submit a claim for a mental-health condition related to their work. “What’s changed is you no longer have […]

Liberals slam Conservative MP Kelly McCauley for refusing Canadian embassy aid during talks in Washington

Aug 3 2018 — Laura Stone — The Liberal government is crying foul over a Conservative MP’s decision to decline an offer to bring Canadian embassy officials to recent meetings in Washington, but the Tory backbencher says it wasn’t required. Transport Minister Marc Garneau, who heads the Canada-U.S. cabinet committee, criticized Conservative MP Kelly McCauley for attending meetings this week in the […]