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The Prime Minister is credibly accused of interfering in a criminal matter for political purposes? You don’t say!

Jun 30 2022 — Andrew Coyne — What to think? Whom to believe? Did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former minister of public safety Bill Blair pressure the commissioner of the RCMP to interfere, for political purposes, in the force’s investigation of the worst mass murder in Canadian history? Did the commissioner in fact interfere? You be the judge. On the one […]

Time for RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to tell the whole story

Jun 30 2022 — Campbell Clark — There’s something crucial missing: an explanation from RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. It can’t wait much longer. The allegation that the Liberal government pressured the RCMP to release information about the investigation into the Nova Scotia shootings of April 18 to 19, 2020, in order to advance their gun-control agenda is now boiling down to two […]

Senior civilian Mountie rebukes RCMP Commissioner for ‘appalling’ behaviour

Jun 29 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — A senior civilian Mountie sent a strongly worded letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki last year, accusing her of bowing to political pressure and displaying “unprofessional and extremely belittling” behaviour to officers investigating the worst mass shooting in Canadian history. The Mass Casualty Commission, which is conducting an inquiry into the April, 2020, killing of […]

Critics need to accept change in the Conservative Party, says former Mulroney cabinet minister

Jun 27 2022 — Ian Bailey — A veteran cabinet minister under Brian Mulroney says the evolution of the Conservative Party is an inevitability that some critical veteran party members should accept. Elmer MacKay made the comment Monday, responding to concerns expressed by former Conservative senator Marjory LeBreton and prime minister Brian Mulroney about the direction of the party during the current […]

The vacuum at the centre of Canadian politics: an incompetent, unethical government faces an intemperate, unhinged opposition

Jun 24 2022 — Andrew Coyne — Over the last few weeks and months it has become impossible to escape the feeling that Canadian politics has come loose from its moorings. There is a manic edge to it, as if the inmates had suddenly and collectively declared themselves absolved of any remaining obligations to common sense, or the ordinary routines of democratic […]

Patrick Brown expresses concerns about Conservative MPs’ talk with soldier facing charges over vaccine-mandate criticism

Jun 24 2022 — Ian Bailey — Conservative leadership candidate Patrick Brown is expressing concern that Tory MPs met this week with a Canadian soldier facing military charges for speaking out against COVID-19 vaccine mandates while in uniform as well as a spokesman for the convoy that blockaded Ottawa in the winter. Mr. Brown said he hoped MPs received guarantees that the […]

MPs vote to call Brenda Lucki to testify on allegations of political interference in RCMP’s N.S. shooting investigation

Jun 23 2022 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife — MPs voted to hold a hearing into allegations of political interference with the RCMP, planning for testimony next month into whether the government pressed the Mounties to advance its gun-control agenda. The Commons Public Safety Committee voted Thursday to hold a hearing in July but the actual date remains unclear. It could be as late […]

Ottawa allowing thousands of Afghans entry to Canada through Pakistan, which has relaxed border restrictions

Jun 23 2022 — — Ottawa is issuing single-journey travel documents to thousands of Afghans who have been approved for resettlement in Canada and is urging them to get to Pakistan, which has relaxed its border restrictions so they can stay there temporarily until they are able to catch flights out. Vincent Hughes, communications director for Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, […]

Former RCMP commissioner defends Mountie behind Brenda Lucki allegations

Jun 22 2022 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — Former RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson and other retired Mounties are defending the integrity of Superintendent Darren Campbell, who has alleged that current Commissioner Brenda Lucki interfered in the investigation of the largest mass shooting in Canadian history to help the Liberal government’s gun-control agenda. Emergencies Preparedness Minister Bill Blair doesn’t accept Supt. Campbell’s written account […]

NORAD upgrade reignites debate over missile defence

Jun 22 2022 — Steven Chase — The federal government’s commitment to invest billions of dollars in upgrading NORAD’s ability to detect and track new missile threats is reigniting a debate over how much of a role Canada should play in eliminating inbound warheads. Defence Minister Anita Anand told reporters this week that Canada has not deviated from its policy to avoid […]

Canada to spend $4.9-billion on modernizing NORAD defences

Jun 20 2022 — — The Canadian government will spend $4.9-billion over six years to help upgrade continental defences as part of a modernization of NORAD. Defence Minister Anita Anand announced the investment Monday at CFB Trenton. A major component of upgrading the North American Aerospace Defence Command is replacing the soon-to-be obsolete North Warning System, a joint U.S. and […]

Can the Liberal Party really replace Justin Trudeau?

Jun 20 2022 — Campbell Clark — The next election is supposed to be three years away, but we’re seeing a lot of predictions of Justin Trudeau’s political demise. But for his Liberal Party, there is no easy way to leave him behind. Predicting Mr. Trudeau’s next three years seems like a mug’s game when you consider the surprises of his first […]