National Newswatch

Nearly 70 per cent of irregular border crossers who had cases reviewed granted refugee status

Oct 21 2017 — Michelle Zilio — Nearly 70 per cent of asylum claimants who entered Canada through unauthorized crossings and had their cases reviewed between March and September were granted refugee status, according to newly released government data, which are based on the small fraction of cases that have been processed. More than 15,100 people have crossed into Canada at unofficial […]

Quebec veil law Bill 62 sparks protests and confusion

Oct 21 2017 — Ingrid Peritz — Quebec’s new law forcing women to unveil before getting public services is meeting with confusion, street protests and resistance from civic leaders, exposing the divisive impact of legislating on matters of faith and human rights in Canada. Bill 62 became law on Wednesday, but the largest cities and transit authorities say they will not yet […]

After two years, the real Justin Trudeau emerges

Oct 20 2017 — Globe and Mail — Remember when the federal government was run by a Machiavellian prime minister and his closest acolytes, who together pulled the levers of power from inside his office at the expense of Parliament? Who mercilessly enforced discipline on his cabinet, and used strict image and message control to present the leader as a man working hard […]

Liberals drop capital-gains tax proposal amid family farm concerns

Oct 19 2017 — Bill Curry — The Liberal government is dropping one of the three key elements of its controversial small-business tax proposals in response to farmers’ concerns that it would harm the ability to pass on the family farm to the next generation. Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay made the announcement at a farm in the […]

Facebook to launch hotline for hacked Canadian politicians

Oct 19 2017 — Daniel Leblanc — Facebook Inc. is launching an initiative to help Canadian politicians and parties protect their accounts in the lead-up to the next federal election, while acknowledging the difficulties of policing fake news and misleading ads on its platform. The social-media company will launch a Canadian “election integrity initiative” on Thursday, Kevin Chan, Facebook Canada’s head of […]

The dark clouds behind Singh’s sunny ways

Oct 19 2017 — Konrad Yakabuski — New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh has a fuzzy understanding of the right to self-determination. Either that, or the trained lawyer sees a political advantage in leaving his position on the right to secession, and the ease with which it can be exercised, open to interpretation as he courts Quebec and Sikh separatists in his […]

Morneau told former company he would use blind trust

Oct 19 2017 — Steven Chase — Finance Minister Bill Morneau told the company he once helmed that he would be placing his substantial holdings of Morneau Shepell in a blind trust – a mechanism used by cabinet members in office to insulate themselves from conflict-of-interest accusations. Ultimately, he changed his mind and instead indirectly kept his holdings – a decision that […]

Bombardier’s surrender of C Series an act of desperation

Oct 18 2017 — Konrad Yakabuski — The only surprise about Bombardier’s move to surrender control of the C Series to one or the other member of the planet’s big-airplane duopoly is that it took this long. During this nearly two-decade-long saga, the odds were always stacked against Bombardier. Its decision to try to take on Airbus and Boeing on their own […]

Morneau chose not to establish blind trust, ethics watchdog says

Oct 17 2017 — — Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson, speaking publicly for the first time on Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s financial arrangements, made it clear she didn’t advise the Toronto politician against establishing a blind trust for his substantial assets. The federal watchdog emphasized that she merely advised him there was no need to set one up.

Bombardier CEO confident Airbus deal will resolve Boeing trade row

Oct 17 2017 — — Bombardier Inc.’s chief executive has expressed confidence that the deal to sell control of the C Series aircraft division to Airbus Group SE will resolve the trade dispute with Boeing Co. The agreement with Airbus could see some C Series aircraft assembled at its plant in Alabama. That would skirt duties of nearly 300 per […]

Former governor-general David Johnston to become executive adviser at Deloitte Canada

Oct 17 2017 — Gloria Galloway — David Johnston has retired from seven years of representing the Queen but says his work to build a better Canada will continue at the country’s largest professional-services firm. Deloitte Canada will announce on Tuesday that the 76-year-old Mr. Johnston, who recently stepped down as Canada’s 28th governor-general, has been hired as an executive adviser helping […]