National Newswatch

Are the federal Conservatives a party of losers?

Jan 16 2020 — Bob Plamondon — If there is one thing federal Conservatives are good at, it’s losing elections. Liberals call themselves the natural party of government, but that’s largely because Conservatives are prone to disunity and choosing unelectable leaders. Will they make the mistakes of the past in 2020 or get it right this time? Canadians don’t have anything against […]

Duke, Duchess should foot security bill if not performing royal duties in Canada: former minister James Moore

Jan 16 2020 — Kristy Kirkup — The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should pay for their own security while living in Canada if they aren’t performing royal duties, former Conservative heritage minister James Moore says. “If they are not actually active members of the Royal Family and performing royal duties and they’re private citizens pursuing private wealth, then they should pick […]

Canadian government may offer interim compensation to families of Flight 752 victims

Jan 15 2020 — Steven Chase — The Canadian government says it’s considering paying out interim compensation to families of Flight 752 victims who died last week in Iran after Tehran’s military shot down their commercial aircraft. The Canadian government says it ultimately expects Iran to pay compensation to the families but has acknowledged a full investigation could be take time to […]

Current RCMP investigations of alleged foreign corruption could lead to first test of DPAs

Jan 15 2020 — Daniel Leblanc — The RCMP are investigating at least two cases of alleged foreign corruption that could lead to the first tests of a deferred prosecution agreement in the Canadian judicial system, a senior RCMP investigator says. Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) generated much controversy last year after SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. tried to get such a deal, but have […]

Security in Canada for Meghan, Harry could cost more than $10-million annually, expert says

Jan 15 2020 — Janice Dickson — A security expert says protecting Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, while they are living in Canada could cost more than $10-million annually. Chris Mathers, formerly of the RCMP who worked in intelligence but also protection of visitors to Canada, such as members of the Royal Family and presidents, estimated the security measures required […]