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Canada has plenty to gain from upping its defence spending

Nov 27 2019 — Colin Robertson — If we thought passage of the new North American free-trade agreement would get Donald Trump off our back, think again. We’ve been served notice that Canada has got to pony up more on defence and security. We should do so, not because the U.S. wants us to, but because it serves Canadian interests, especially in […]

Huawei’s pocketbook pitch: Chinese giant touts Canadian job creation in push for 5G access

Nov 27 2019 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife — Chinese high-tech giant Huawei says it has funnelled $50-million into Canadian university research over the past decade and added nearly $700-million to Canada’s economic output in 2018 alone, figures it is releasing as it tries to persuade Ottawa not to ban its equipment from next-generation 5G wireless networks in this country. These numbers are in […]

Andrew Scheer’s days are numbered

Nov 26 2019 — John Ibbitson — Leading the fractious Conservative Party of Canada is a challenge for any leader. Andrew Scheer does not appear up to that challenge. Within the party, people are asking whether he will step down now or draw out the agony until April’s leadership vote. Mr. Scheer’s supporters have good reason to be upset by this lack […]

Social conservative groups call for Andrew Scheer to resign

Nov 25 2019 — Marieke Walsh — Some social conservative groups say Andrew Scheer can’t stay on as Conservative Party leader because he failed to defend their beliefs during the federal election campaign and are rallying their members to help ensure his ouster. Mr. Scheer secured the leadership of the Conservative Party in part by winning the late-ballot support of party members […]

No appetite for an early election, but B.C. NDP prepares campaign nonetheless

Nov 25 2019 — — British Columbia’s minority government has defied the odds, marking 28 months in power without its hold on power being tested. But New Democrats were warned Sunday they must ready for an early provincial election. Bob Dewar, special adviser to Premier John Horgan and a principal author of the agreement with the Green Party that has […]

Andrew Scheer fires top aides as he tries to hold onto Tory leadership

Nov 23 2019 — — Andrew Scheer has fired two top aides, a month after the Conservatives lost an election they were expecting to win. Chief of Staff Marc-André Leclerc and Director of Communications Brock Harrison were both fired effective immediately, according to an email sent by Mr. Scheer to staff and the Conservative caucus, and obtained by The Globe […]

New Minister of Middle Class Prosperity declines to provide clear definition of middle class

Nov 22 2019 — Bill Curry — Canada’s first-ever Minister of Middle Class Prosperity declined to provide a clear definition of the middle class, but she said having kids enrolled in hockey is a telltale sign. Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortier was elevated to cabinet Wednesday with the new position of Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance. The title […]

Jason Kenney dismisses public backlash over election watchdog removal as ‘misreporting’

Nov 22 2019 — Justin Giovannetti — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said any public backlash to the removal of the province’s election watchdog is due to “misreporting and opposition mischaracterization” during his first public appearance since the contentious Bill 22 was introduced. Election commissioner Lorne Gibson was removed and his independent office was dissolved on Friday as Bill 22 came into effect. […]

Why would Jason Kenney fire the man investigating his party? Because he can

Nov 22 2019 — Robyn Urback — A warm welcome back to the conservative government of Alberta’s past. It’s been four years and change. We’ve missed you. Hopefully, absence has made the heart grow fonder for the traditional comforts of a conservative dynasty in Alberta: Cozy sole-sourced contracts, politicians who preach austerity and spend lavishly on themselves, that general aura of shamelessness […]

Attorney-General David Lametti invokes power to block judge-ordered disclosures

Nov 22 2019 — Colin Freeze — For the first time in Canada, the federal attorney-general has overridden a judge’s order to release documents that the government considers to be national-security secrets. Attorney-General David Lametti signed a secrecy certificate to prevent details about a Canadian Security Intelligence Service surveillance operation on the Chinese embassy in Ottawa from being disclosed in the case […]

Vancouver mayor says Prairie premiers should ‘get over’ themselves and work with Ottawa

Nov 21 2019 — Marieke Walsh — Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart says his advice to premiers warring with Ottawa over energy and environment policy is to “get over yourselves” and focus on the policy files like infrastructure and transit where the two orders of government can agree and work together. Mr. Stewart’s comments followed a brief meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau […]

Deputy PM Freeland to oversee relations with U.S. and provinces in Trudeau’s new cabinet

Nov 20 2019 — Daniel Leblanc and Robert Fife — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a new cabinet that will rely heavily on Chrystia Freeland, the new deputy prime minister who will remain in charge of Canada-U.S. relations and add responsibility for working with the provinces as minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. In her role, Ms. Freeland will be in charge of legislation to ratify […]