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Ford may indeed have a secret agenda

Aug 17 2023 — John Milloy — Does the Ford government have a hidden agenda? As a former politician I usually hate this question. Although governments may have secrets, in my experience they rarely involve implementing secret policies — trying simply to keep the ship of state afloat is challenging enough. I must admit, however, that the recent auditor general’s report on […]

Elected life becoming less and less attractive

Aug 4 2023 — John Milloy — A former Conservative cabinet minister shared an observation with me about cabinet shuffles. Having once experienced a humiliating demotion, he noted that the phone always rang when you were on the way up but was silent on the way down — the time you most needed support. I thought of his words during last week’s […]

Virtual Parliament may breed resentment

Jun 29 2023 — John Milloy — There’s a joke about a snooty university professor objecting to the way a particular problem was solved: “It might work in practice,” he snorts, “but does it work in theory?” That is my reaction to the House of Commons’ recent decision to give MPs the option to continue participating in parliamentary business via Zoom, even […]

Time to focus on solutions rather than process

Jun 15 2023 — — As Canadians watch the brouhaha surrounding David Johnston’s report and subsequent resignation, many may be asking themselves how we went from discussing foreign election interference to asking how many times David Johnston drove a young Justin Trudeau and his brothers home after skiing. Here is how I think we got here, and it involves letting […]

Pierre Poilievre trashes Justin Trudeau’s ‘egotistical’ redesign of Canadian passport, says he’d scrap it

May 12 2023 — Stephanie Levitz — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre pledged Thursday he’d undo the coming changes to the design of the Canadian passport, saying the Liberals have replaced iconic images of the country with what amounts to a colouring book. Passports are updated roughly every 10 years and the latest version was unveiled this week by the Liberal government, who […]

Alcohol escalator tax needs a ceiling

Mar 7 2023 — Sylvain Charlebois — Everything is more expensive these days at the grocery store. We’ve also seen increases at the liquor store, or wherever you purchase your favourite alcoholic beverages. Well, these products are about to get more expensive yet again. In 2017, the federal government had the brilliant idea of indexing taxes on alcoholic beverages to align with […]

Why I want Mike Schreiner to lead the Ontario Liberals

Jan 31 2023 — John Milloy — I admit it. I joined dozens of other Ontario Liberals and signed an open letter to Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner asking him to join our party’s upcoming leadership race. No, I haven’t had a horrible lapse of judgment or suddenly become disloyal to the party that I represented for 11 years. On the contrary, […]

Follow the money on private health care threat

Jan 25 2023 — Christopher Holcroft — I cherish medicare. As a teenager, I suffered a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction while on vacation in another province. My parents rushed me to the nearest hospital emergency room where I was rapidly treated and kept overnight for observation before resuming my holiday. Three years ago, my mother underwent complex cancer surgery that required significant rehabilitation. […]

David Onley’s contributions will be missed

Jan 18 2023 — John Milloy — With the passing of former Ontario Lt.-Gov. David Onley, Ontario has lost a visionary, a champion for people with disabilities, and a remarkable individual. As a former Ontario cabinet minister, I had the pleasure of interacting with Onley during his time in office. Although ministers tended not to spend much time with the Queen’s representative, […]

Alcohol guidelines misleading

Dec 5 2022 — Dan Malleck — By now, you may have heard about the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction’s (CSSA) recent report that recommends, in order to avoid a litany of harms, Canadians should limit their consumption of alcohol to two drinks or less per week. The report, which significantly reduces internationally recognized recommendations of a maximum of two […]

Doug Ford has no mandate to sell off the Greenbelt

Nov 29 2022 — John Milloy — The Ford government is messing with the Greenbelt and Ontarians should be furious. I say this as someone who was part of the McGuinty government that brought the Greenbelt to life in 2005 — one of the most important accomplishments of my time in office. The idea was simple — take two million acres of […]

This should be the Green Party’s moment

Aug 30 2022 — John Milloy — As the world burns, the federal Green Party leadership race officially opens this week. According to one media report, party members have made many suggestions about how to showcase candidates. Beyond the usual debates, some want those vying for the top job to participate in an open mic night or engage in on-line game competitions. […]

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