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Adam Vaughan leaves politics with his fight for affordable housing far from won. Who will step up to fill the void?

Aug 9 2021 — Heather Scoffield — For years now, Toronto MP Adam Vaughan has personified the Liberals’ housing policy, an outspoken advocate within the government ranks, pushing to entrench Ottawa in the subsidy game and making affordable housing his cause célèbre. But if he thinks the federal work is done on the affordable housing front, he should think again. As he […]

Celebrate our achievements as motivation to build a better Canada

Jun 30 2021 — John Milloy — Should we celebrate Canada Day? As we head toward July 1, the idea of cancelling our national birthday has gained momentum. Canada’s history, many argue, is too often the story of those on the margins being oppressed or subjugated. The continuing discovery of the remains of children at former residential schools and the senseless killing […]

Canada’s Catholic bishops need to read the room and issue a formal apology over residential schools

Jun 10 2021 — John Milloy — Canada’s Catholic bishops are in hot water. The horrific discovery of the remains of 215 children at a former Catholic-run residential school has resulted in renewed calls for the church to formally apologize. Patience is wearing thin, and commentary has grown increasingly hostile. One columnist even questioned the church’s charitable tax status. Most Canadians, particularly […]

Why wouldn’t politicians be among the first to be vaccinated?

Dec 17 2020 — John Milloy — Politicians should be among the first Canadians to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Could you imagine if someone seriously made that suggestion? It seems unfathomable. As Susan Delacourt pointed out in a recent Toronto Star column, elected officials are on their guard to avoid “any suggestion that they’re using their positions to secure immunity before their […]

Erin O’Toole wants China’s ambassador to Canada to publicly apologize to Canadians, or be kicked out

Oct 16 2020 — Tonda MacCharles — Canada’s Global Affairs officials summoned China’s top diplomat in Canada for a private dressing down Thursday after remarks he made warning Canada against offering political asylum to Hong Kong democracy activists. But Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says if Ambassador Cong Peiwu does not publicly apologize for his “belligerent” comments, which O’Toole called a threat to […]

Ford is an opportunist who has an answer for every question, but is it the right answer?

Nov 5 2018 — John Milloy — Although I am not Doug Ford’s biggest fan, I do have some grudging respect for his political prowess. His ability to tap into Ontarians’ frustrations is impressive. Smart politics, however, doesn’t always equal good policy. A perfect example is the premier’s crusade against the way Ontario’s schools teach math. The Tories recently made the surprise […]

Our dirty little secret: No one has a monopoly on fairness

Oct 16 2018 — John Milloy — What do debates over Canada’s refugee policy, Ontario’s basic income pilot and Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination all have in common? It can be summed up in one word — fairness. Like so many policy discussions taking place today, proponents on both sides of these issues are desperately trying position themselves as representing the only […]

Justin Trudeau’s sunny days about to end

Sep 10 2018 — Geoffrey Stevens — Summer is usually the best of times for the party in power in Ottawa. With Parliament in recess, ministers have the stage largely to themselves, free to announce whatever they wish with as much spin — and as little explanation — as they choose. The opposition parties are left to whine about high-handed government while […]

Congratulations on winning the election — now what?

Jun 9 2018 — John Milloy — Elections by their very nature produce those who are victorious and those who are defeated. For both, the resulting upheaval to their lives can be dramatic. Thursday’s provincial election was no exception. For some, it means heading to Queen’s Park as a newly elected Member of Provincial Parliament. For others, it marks the end of […]