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Central bank’s ‘definitive’ language on pausing future rate hikes an ‘appropriate’ choice, say economists

Jan 27 2023 — Ian Campbell — Many observers were pleased with the Bank of Canada’s “definitive” language that its latest interest rate hike will likely be the last for some time—barring unexpected circumstances—but there was less consensus among economists on how different segments of Canadians will experience the bank’s monetary tightening. “It’s pretty definitive that if things unfold the way they […]

‘Disappointing comment’ to see Trudeau describe Ford’s health-care changes as ‘innovation,’ says Toronto Liberal MP Sgro

Jan 26 2023 — Abbas Rana — Veteran Ontario Liberal MP Judy Sgro says Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s recently announced health-care changes involving more of a role for profit health-care providers are “terrible” and she finds it “disappointing” that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described these changes as “innovation.” “It’s a disappointing comment, I don’t think it’s innovation,” said nine-term Liberal MP […]

Farewell to one of a kind

Jan 25 2023 — Tim Powers — A couple of weeks ago, Canadian politics—particularly those in the conservative fold—lost a one-of-a-kind character. Asad Wali died far too young at age 53 at his home in Toronto after a lengthy fight with multiple sclerosis. The broad Canadian public would not have known Wali, but if they did, they would have loved him as […]

‘Structural failures’ and lingering trauma top of mind as convoy anniversary nears, say MPs, advocates

Jan 25 2023 — Stuart Benson — As the Ottawa Police Service prepares for the one-year anniversary of the Freedom Convoy descending on local streets, community advocates say the “lingering trauma” experienced by Ottawa residents and their community-level perspective must be “absolutely central” in evaluating the response of police and all three levels of government, and any lessons learned. Ahead of the […]

Trudeau calls Ford’s health-care changes an ‘innovation,’ but some Ontario Liberal MPs call it ‘American’-style health care ‘fundamentally’ opposed to Canadian values

Jan 24 2023 — Abbas Rana — Premier Doug Ford’s proposed changes to the Ontario health care will Americanize the provinces’ health-care system where a resident’s credit card—not their OHIP card—will determine the quality of the care they receive, say some Ontario Liberal MPs. “There’s a fundamental shift in what he’s proposing because what it’s doing, essentially, is creating a real two-tier […]

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is leaving the building

Jan 23 2023 — Rose LeMay — New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had a mixed leadership, like any leader. But she will be remembered for putting her idealism into action. Ardern’s Labour party was elected in a coalition and Ardern named ministers from other parties to enshrine the partnership, while in Canada, the NDP are still out in the cold. In […]

Ignoring Danielle Smith is Justin Trudeau’s best strategy as she tries to bait him into a fight leading up to Alberta election

Jan 23 2023 — Chelsea Nash — Amidst what experts are describing as a significant downturn in federal-provincial relations, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has made it clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—not her opponents at the ballot box—is her target for the upcoming Alberta election. Pollster Nik Nanos of Nanos Research said to understand at least some of the tension between Ottawa […]

Lantsman says Hill media will see more of Poilievre when House returns on Jan. 30

Jan 22 2023 — Christopher Guly — The upcoming parliamentary session could find Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre making himself more available to the Hill media who have unsuccessfully sought interviews with him, according to Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman. “You’ll see more of him when we’re back in Ottawa on Jan. 30,” said Lantsman (Thornhill, Ont.) about the day when the House […]

Signs of Ontario inching towards a health-care deal may ‘break the logjam’ so other provinces follow suit, as premiers’ united front shows cracks

Jan 20 2023 — Ian Campbell — Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s recent health-care announcements may “break the logjam” in ongoing tensions between the provinces and federal government on health care, and show Ford’s willingness to “take the punch” when putting forward politically risky ideas, say strategists. “I think that often the federal government, and maybe other premiers, need Doug Ford to take […]

Trudeau looks to gather momentum in clean tech race after potentially game-changing signs from U.S.

Jan 18 2023 — Les Whittington — It’s hard to know if U.S. President Joe Biden can really look past Pennsylvania when it comes to international commerce. But history-making developments brought about by the Russians and Chinese in the past few years appear to be forcing a reshaping of the Democrats’ inveterate protectionist mentality. Expecting a narrative in which Prime Minister Justin […]

Conservatives dismiss criticism of Poilievre’s $1,700 fundraising dinners as ‘gimmicky politics’ from ‘financially strained’ NDP

Jan 18 2023 — Stuart Benson — Despite the NDP’s criticism of Pierre Poilievre’s recent top-dollar fundraising events as “cash-for-access” grabs with the wealthy, Conservative strategist Tim Powers says he believes the party’s real concern stems from Poilievre “eating their lunch” when it comes to garnering support from blue-collar Canadians. On Jan. 10, Politico reported that Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre (Carleton, Ont.) […]

‘Made-in-Canada’ strategy needed for defence procurements following $406-million U.S. purchase for Ukraine: NDP critic

Jan 17 2023 — Neil Moss — Following the Canadian government’s announcement of the $406-million planned purchase of an American National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) to donate to Ukraine, the NDP’s defence critic says she’s hoping for greater planning from the federal government to ensure domestic-made equipment gets priority. NDP MP Lindsay Mathyssen (London–Fanshawe, Ont.) said the government needs to exhibit […]

Beyond dry January, supporting a culture of moderation

Jan 17 2023 — Dan Paszkowski — New Year’s is a time when we resolve to make a fresh start and change our lives for the better. Following the lead-up to the holiday season, many of us are now paying our bills and looking to alter our consumption of food and beverages. January is a time to get things back on track […]

Trudeau and cabinet to head to Hamilton, an ‘electoral hotspot,’ to plot House, legislative, and electoral strategy

Jan 16 2023 — Abbas Rana — With speculation about a potential cabinet shuffle in the air, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers are heading to the Steel Town, a key electoral battleground in the next federal election, to plot parliamentary, legislative, and electoral strategy for the year ahead—a year that could plunge Canadians into a general election. “There hasn’t been […]