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‘A hot green mess’: Green Party faces tough battle in next election, to the benefit of Liberals and NDP, Paul may not even win Toronto Centre seat, say politicos

Jul 29 2021 — — Green Party Leader Annamie will have a tough time winning Toronto Centre in the next election, due to the party’s highly publicized internal feud which is damaging the party chances and the leader’s credibility, say political watchers. Frank Graves, president of Ekos Research, said the controversy within the Green Party is “not signalling anything which […]

Facial recognition technology ‘fundamentally undemocratic,’ says Angus as critics wary of political use

Jul 28 2021 — — Following backlash after the revelation facial recognition technology was quietly being used in Toronto’s Pearson Airport, calls are being reiterated from Parliamentarians and privacy watchdogs to assess the Wild West landscape in which the same kind of technology is used in politics. A six-month pilot of facial recognition tech to help the Canada Border Services […]

National Liberal campaign director Ishmael advises candidates to rent campaign offices for two months: Liberal sources

Jul 26 2021 — Abbas Rana — With all federal parties entering the final phase of preparations for an anticipated election call next month, a top Liberal campaign official told candidates, campaign managers, and riding association presidents last week that they should rent campaign offices for two months. Liberal sources who attended the online meeting on Monday, July 19, said that in […]

Election campaign call ‘critical’ for O’Toole to break through and bridge gap with Liberals following pandemic, say politicos

Jul 21 2021 — Mike Lapointe — With election speculation swirling and party leaders beginning to criss-cross the country, strategists and political observers say that although Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole may not have a lot of time left available to further endear himself to voters, an election call will wake Canadians up from a pandemic political slumber. This could benefit the opposition […]

McCrimmon not expected to run again, Carney could succeed her as next Liberal candidate in Kanata-Carleton, say Liberal sources

Jul 15 2021 — Abbas Rana — Two-term Ottawa Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon is not expected to run again in Kanata-Carleton and political insiders say Mark Carney, the former governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, could run in the Ottawa area riding. “Karen McCrimmon has dedicated her life and career to serving Canadians, and she has always […]

Black public servants’ class-action suit litigants seeking $100-million mental health fund from feds

Jul 14 2021 — Mike Lapointe — The legal team representing hundreds of current and former Black federal employees now part of a proposed multi-million-dollar class-action lawsuit against the federal government has filed a motion in federal court for the government to implement a $100-million mental health fund to address mental injuries and ongoing challenges faced by Black public service workers. The […]

Haiti sees role for Canada in paving path to new elections

Jul 13 2021 — Neil Moss — Following the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse, the Haitian ambassador in Ottawa says there is a role for Canada in helping the Caribbean nation conduct its elections. Mr. Moïse was killed on July 7 in his Port-au-Prince home. His wife, Martine Moïse, was injured in the attack. In the months leading up to the […]

From shutdown to ‘hybrid,’ prorogation, voting app, and the ‘undermining of democracy’: MPs, politicos weigh in on Canada’s ‘pandemic Parliament’

Jul 12 2021 — Mike Lapointe — From the early warnings about what would become the COVID-19 pandemic, to the public health restrictions in March 2020, the WE Charity scandal, hundreds of billions of dollars of approved spending, and most recently, a contempt of Parliament motion, Canada’s historic and unprecedented 43rd “hybrid” Parliament has been unlike any other, says MPs and politicos. […]

With McKenna out, NDP sees opportunity to recapture Ottawa Centre

Jul 7 2021 — Neil Moss — Following the news that Liberal MP Catherine McKenna won’t be seeking re-election in Ottawa Centre, Ont., the NDP is hoping to use the two-term MP’s exit as an opportunity to flip the riding back to its orange ways. The riding, which has been represented provincially by Ontario NDP MPP Joel Harden since 2018 and was […]

‘They haven’t got a competitor who’s even remotely close’: Liberals on track to win majority in expected September election, but still a few wild cards

Jul 5 2021 — Christopher Guly — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on track to win a third mandate and form his second Liberal majority government if he triggers a federal election, according to June polling numbers. An Ipsos online and telephone poll of 1,501 Canadians conducted for Global News found the Liberals holding first position, month-to-month, with the support of 38 […]

One year into new North American trading pact, Canada has returned to ‘good old days’ of trade disputes

Jun 30 2021 — Neil Moss — After a year with the new NAFTA in place, Canada has returned to stability in its North American trading relationship, but historic disputes continue, say analysts. Gone are the threats for the North American trade deal to be withdrawn, but in its place remain long-standing disputes over Buy American provisions, softwood lumber, and access to […]

How the 43rd Parliament has changed Canada’s legal landscape

Jun 28 2021 — Peter Mazereeuw — A new holiday, fewer barriers to assisted dying, relaxed gambling laws, and easier organ donations were part of the legal legacy left behind by MPs of the 43rd Parliament when they adjourned for the summer last week, possibly for the last time. Thirty-eight bills had passed through both the House and Senate as of the […]

‘This time may be different’: pollsters track ‘record’ shift in core public attitudes and a moral imperative to do something, after Indigenous children’s remains found

Jun 24 2021 — Zainab Al-Mehdar — Pollsters say the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children found in May at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia has significantly shifted core public attitudes and Canadians are engaged, angry, and want governments to act. And on June 24, the Cowesses First Nation said it found 751 […]