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Canada continues to delay decision on COVID vaccines IP waiver

Apr 21 2021 — Neil Moss — The Canadian government maintains it hasn’t made up its mind on a waiver that potentially could allow increased vaccine production around the world, a delay some say is equivalent to opposing the initiative. The waiver was brought forward to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) last October […]

‘It’s getting worse, we’re going backwards’: Ontario MPs say constituents confused, frustrated, angry with vaccine supply issues, and partisan ‘finger-pointing’ as COVID cases skyrocket

Apr 19 2021 — Mike Lapointe — Canada’s most populous province is facing an increasingly uphill battle in reining in the pandemic with new cases of COVID-19 hitting all-time highs last week, intensive-care units stretched to capacity, and what a number of Ontario MPs describe as confusion, frustration, and anger with the vaccine rollout among their constituents. Ontario recorded 4,250 new COVID-19 […]

Syrian security situation used as guise for not having political will to repatriate detained Canadians, say experts

Apr 14 2021 — Neil Moss — As Canadian citizens remain in Kurdish custody in northern Syria, experts say the Canadian government is using the pretence of the security conditions on the ground to cover up a lack of political will for repatriation. It is believed that there are at least 23 Canadian children in the Kurdish-controlled detention camps. The Canadian government […]

‘Enough is enough’: new group aims to open path for Filipino-Canadian candidates in next federal election

Apr 12 2021 — Peter Mazereeuw — Ignore Filipino-Canadian candidates at your own peril: that’s the message a new political action group is sending to federal parties, as jockeying for nomination races for the next election gets underway in earnest. The Filipino community could be a decisive political force for whichever party manages to rally it, say two of the founders of […]

Trudeau’s Liberals behind or in toss-ups in 13 of 14 rural ridings that reduced them to minority in 2019, say pollsters

Apr 5 2021 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are either behind or in two-way or three-way dead heats in 13 of the 14 rural ridings that reduced them from a majority government in 2015 to a minority in the 2019 election, say pollsters. Some former Liberal MPs say the governing party cannot win another majority without winning rural […]

‘They have interfered with the privileges of Parliament’: Foreign Affairs Committee calls on Global Affairs to provide non-redacted documents

Mar 31 2021 — Neil Moss — MPs are once again calling for government documents requested by a House committee to not be blacked out in advance. For its study on arms exports, MPs on the Foreign Affairs Committee supported a motion to have Global Affairs submit documents on behalf of itself, the office of the foreign affairs minister, the Prime Minister’s […]

Inside Grit caucus: Trudeau ‘emphatic’ no spring election unless opposition parties trigger one, say Liberal MPs

Mar 29 2021 — Abbas Rana — Barring a major surprise from opposition parties, a potential spring election is now off the table on the upcoming budget because of the spread of COVID variants in Canada, the slow and sluggish vaccination rollout, and the possibility of a third wave hitting Canada in the coming weeks, according to last week’s national Liberal caucus […]

Conservatives elect former Hill staffer, two-term Nova Scotia national councillor Batherson as party president, ‘and now the work begins’

Mar 21 2021 — Abbas Rana — Robert Batherson, a two-term national councillor and a former Hill staffer, was elected president of the Conservative Party of Canada on Sunday after the party’s virtual policy convention, succeeding Scott Lamb who did not seek re-election. “It was a good mandate and credit to the other candidates, Bert Chen, and Peter Aarsen, for standing,” said […]

Conservative Party initiates proceedings to dissolve Sloan’s riding association

Mar 17 2021 — Abbas Rana — The Conservatives have started the proceedings to dissolve the Ontario federal riding association that had endorsed ex-Conservative MP Derek Sloan during his 2019 election bid. Carlo Petracca, the president of the Hastings-Lennox and Addington, Ont., riding association, told The Hill Times the Conservative Party recently served a notice of intent that it was initiating the […]

Canadian businesses and consumers deserve modern payments regulation

Mar 15 2021 — Anne Butler — It’s no surprise that recent Canadian spending and purchasing habits have been impacted by the pandemic. Not only are Canadians spending less overall, they’ve also become more conscious about how they pay at the checkout. Recent survey results from Payments Canada show that many Canadians are avoiding using cash and avoiding shopping at places that […]