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No reconciliation without justice for MMIWG

Sep 28 2022 — Leah Gazan — The prime minister has called it a genocide. The National Inquiry’s Final Report into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) offered a roadmap for action. Yet more than three years after its release, the crisis of violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people continues unabated. We cannot have meaningful reconciliation in this […]

On Truth and Reconciliation Day, Liberals should reflect on past mistakes, resist urge to defend themselves: Blackstock

Sep 28 2022 — Stuart Benson — Sept. 30 will mark Canada’s second National Truth and Reconciliation Day, but after taking heavy criticism last year from the public and the media after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the day to take a vacation in Tofino B.C., one advocate says she has high expectations for the government to show that truth and reconciliation […]

A split is forming in Russia’s military

Sep 26 2022 — Michael Harris — I suppose when you think you are the second coming of Peter the Great, you can convince yourself of anything. While world leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were at the United Nations calling for an end to the bloody and senseless war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin thumbed his nose. The Russian president called up […]

Tough policy issues, political opportunism, and lightning-speed social media behind divisive rhetoric on both sides of the House, say political insiders

Sep 26 2022 — — Tough public policy issues with no easy solutions, lightning-speed social media interactions, political opportunism, and a minority incumbent government are some factors behind the nasty and divisive rhetoric taking place on both sides of the aisle, causing politicians to be perpetually pre-occupied with their next re-election campaign, say political insiders. “The issues that they’re struggling […]

The Queen is gone and I’m glad her reign is over

Sep 21 2022 — Erica Ifill — London Bridge is falling down, indeed. (Fun fact, I used to live near London Bridge when I lived in England. Shoutout to SE1.) The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is over and so is the 10-day dog-and-pony show by which the world was held hostage. Perhaps now we can tell the truth about her legacy—one […]

With little focus on foreign policy, Poilievre has ‘blank slate’ to craft platform, say experts

Sep 21 2022 — Neil Moss — With little foreign policy vision offered by the new Conservative leader during his leadership campaign, experts say Pierre Poilievre now has a “blank slate” to fill the “void.” Despite an ongoing war in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, continued recalculating of Canada’s relationship with China, and worry over the reliability of the United States, […]

Media must ‘prove its relevance’ by finding other ways to hold accountable politicians who won’t answer questions, say journalists

Sep 20 2022 — Ian Campbell — Journalists may have to look for other ways of holding officials accountable when faced with politicians who refuse to face media scrutiny, say current and former reporters, some of whom that agree Global News’ David Akin’s recent interruption of new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre mid-statement to force a response was an effective approach. “We want […]

Finding his voice: Poilievre’s refined tone paves way for transition to broader audience, say politicos

Sep 14 2022 — — After a landslide victory, missing from new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s celebratory speech were some of his more controversial proposals and incendiary political slogans, as insiders and experts say his tone is transitioning for a general election audience. Poilievre (Carleton, Ont.) became the Tory leader on Sept. 10 after winning 68.15 per cent of the […]

Federal parties should take the long view and avoid ‘shock and awe’ if proposed Alberta sovereignty act comes to pass, say politicos

Sep 13 2022 — Ian Campbell — With perceived United Conservative Party leadership front-runner Danielle Smith doubling down on her plans to introduce an Alberta sovereignty act if she becomes premier, a number of observers told The Hill Times that—if such an act comes to pass—federal parties, particularly the governing Liberals, should try to take a calming approach focused on listening, to […]