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Pace of virtual inspections on migrant worker conditions a concern, say critics, with half completed this summer

Oct 28 2020 — Samantha Wright Allen — By the end of the summer, the government had only inspected half of employers who hired migrant workers despite launching remote inspections in April and returning to in-person site visits for “egregious” cases in late August, according to documents tabled in the Senate. Between April 24 and August 21, Service Canada completed 1,118 of the […]

One hopeful Tory candidate wants the Ottawa-Beijing relationship on the ballot

Oct 28 2020 — Neil Moss — A former foreign affairs correspondent seeking the Conservative nomination in an Ottawa-area Liberal-held riding wants the government’s handling of the Canada-China relationship to be an election issue. Traditionally, foreign policy issues have played a marginal role in Canadian elections. “They say foreign policy never is a big deal in Canadian elections since the Second World […]

‘It’s going to be a long time’: tens of thousands of federal public servants still working from home, eight months into pandemic and no end in sight

Oct 26 2020 — — As tens of thousands of federal public servants across the country continue to work remotely, the government is keeping a close eye on the resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the country as department-by-department plans are made for employees to return to their physical worksites. But as public health authorities continue to signal that physical distancing […]

‘Six systemic crises’ confronting Canada, and politicians, policy-makers, health-care professionals need ‘systems thinking’ to tackle them, says public policy expert

Oct 19 2020 — Mike Lapointe — Politicians, policy-makers, and health-care professionals have been too busy focusing on beating back the pandemic and trying to ensure Canadians are shielded from the worst of the economic fallout while there are six larger, systemic crises that have the potential to dwarf the trauma already experienced in this country if left unchecked, according to Irvin […]

Canada needs a new ‘fiscal anchor’ and Freeland needs to share financial plans, says PBO Giroux

Oct 19 2020 — Peter Mazereeuw — The federal government should make more details about its historic, multi-billion-dollar pandemic spending plan public, including information about money set aside for yet-to-be announced measures, the expected debt and deficit by year’s end, and what the Liberals will use as a new fiscal “anchor” now that a declining debt-to-GDP ratio is unreachable, says Canada’s Parliamentary […]

Senate audit committee is ‘a step forward,’ with non-voting external members a necessary compromise, say Senators

Oct 14 2020 — Samantha Wright Allen — The Senate’s new Audit and Oversight Committee features external members who are selected, non-voting, and in a minority, making it ripe for conflict of interest concerns says the Senate’s first ethics officer, while even its critics in the Senate call it a “step forward.” Members of the Senate’s two largest groups—the Independent Senators’ Group and […]

‘Much more gets accomplished when hyper-partisanship is taken out of politics’: MPs, experts, politicos weigh in on leadership during global pandemic’s second wave

Oct 12 2020 — Mike Lapointe — With the ‘second wave’ of the COVID-19 pandemic confronting the highest levels of leadership in both politics and in the health community, as confirmed cases continue to increase in jurisdictions across Canada, both MPs and experts say that “this is the time when we need to work for the health and safety of every Canadian,” […]

O’Toole can’t keep promise to return election rebates to Conservative riding associations if there’s a fall or spring federal election, but he will next time

Oct 12 2020 — Abbas Rana — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole won’t be able to keep his leadership campaign promise to return candidates’ election rebates the party received in 2019 back to the riding associations, the chair of the Conservative Fund told associations across the country, because of the possibility of a fall or spring election. James Dodds, the newly appointed chair […]

Donald Trump, Power Tool of the New Barbarians

Oct 8 2020 — Lisa Van Dusen — During the last two major global clashes between democracy and totalitarianism—unleashed by the rise of fascism that produced the Second World War and of communism that produced the Cold War—ideology was at the core of the battle, at least in theory. The process of seducing human beings as adherents until the obliteration of democracy makes […]