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Liberal promises on Indigenous relationship ring hollow to activists, experts as protests continue

Jan 16 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — Protest actions, like the ones that spread across the country and internationally in support of the Unist’ot’en camp in northern British Columbia this month, may not sway the hearts and minds of the general electorate about the government’s record on Indigenous issues come election day, says a pollster. But according to experts and First Nations […]

‘Negotiations are done,’ says Canadian official, in face of U.S. Democrats looking to reopen USMCA

Jan 16 2019 — — As United States Democrats question if they will approve the re-negotiated NAFTA, a Canadian official says the deal has been signed and negotiations are over. In the midst of a record-length partial shutdown of the American government over the funding of a U.S.-Mexico border wall, Democrats—including new House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi—have said that […]

Polls show tight race between Grits and Tories in Ontario to start 2019, with 905 set for another election showdown

Jan 14 2019 — Jolson Lim — The Liberals and Conservatives start 2019 in a “horse race” in Ontario, pollsters say, as some end-of-2018 polling showed the Tories slightly ahead of the Grits and possibly headed towards an electoral showdown in key suburban ridings outside of Toronto come October. Weekly Nanos Research polling throughout December 2018 found Conservative support had swung ahead […]

Liberal Party says it will pay House for fundraising video, reimburse donations in letter to Speaker’s chief of staff

Jan 9 2019 — Emily Haws — The federal Liberal Party is attempting to take responsibility for its decision to shoot a fundraising video of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his Centre Block office, with the party’s national director writing in a letter that the Liberals will pay for using the space and give back any donations that resulted from that campaign. […]

China’s ambassador: why the double standard on justice for Canadians, Chinese?

Jan 9 2019 — — Recently, China’s competent authorities took compulsory measures in accordance with the law against two Canadian nationals who are suspected of engaging in activities that endanger China’s national security. Some Canadians and some in the Canadian news media, in disregard of China’s judicial sovereignty, accused China of arbitrary detention and demanded their immediate release.

PMO to hold mandatory sexual-harassment training for staffers

Jan 8 2019 — Abbas Rana — The Prime Minister’s Office plans to hold a day of mandatory training sessions for all ministerial exempt staff and parliamentary staffers on the Hill while the House is in recess. The two sessions, one in each official language, will be held Wednesday, according to an email sent by the Liberal Research Bureau to all Liberal […]

Senior staff shake-up in the Prime Minister’s Office

Dec 20 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — An end-of-year senior staff shake-up has taken place in the Prime Minister’s Office, as part of which, Brian Clow has been promoted to the title of executive director of Canada-U.S. relations and issues management. A string of changes were announced in a recent memo to staff from PMO chief of staff Katie Telford and principal […]

Senators flagged design flaw stalling Senate Chamber move-in two years ago: committee chair

Dec 19 2018 — Charelle Evelyn — Senators on a committee overseeing the transformation of the Government Conference Centre into their temporary home say nearly two years ago they flagged the issue that is now delaying the start of the next sitting. On Dec. 13, Conservative Senator Scott Tannas (Alberta) informed the Senate’s Internal Economy, Budgets, and Administration Committee that a Nov. […]

Amid holiday festivities, Liberal leadership warns MPs, Hill staffers about ‘zero tolerance’ for harassment, confidential memo shows

Dec 12 2018 — Abbas Rana — ‘Jokes in bad taste, comments about a colleague’s physical appearance, sustained looks, etc. can constitute harassment,’ reads the memo sent out Liberal MPs, and staffers. With Christmas parties on the Hill and in constituency offices across the country underway, the Liberal leadership sent out a memo on Tuesday evening, warning MPs, Hill staff, including exempt […]

It’s ‘vital’ feds name Conservatives to security committee soon, or it’ll ‘become problematic’: critics, experts

Dec 12 2018 — Samantha Wright Allen — It’s “vital for the legitimacy” of Parliament’s National Security and Intelligence Committee that the government name Conservative MPs to sit on the body soon or the two Tory vacant seats will become “problematic,” say critics and intelligence analysts. The 11-person National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) is down two members after Conservative MP […]