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Rodriguez could be shuffled to key government House leader’s post, say Liberal sources

Nov 11 2019 — — With Justin Trudeau set to name his rejigged cabinet on Nov. 20, Parliament Hill is abuzz with speculation about the shuffle, including the possibility that the Liberal government will opt to spread responsibility for the all-important regional economic development agencies among different ministers this time around, rather than keeping them under the purview of just […]

The last Dipper standing: Boulerice on the job he faces and the NDP’s plans to rebuild, ‘it’s going to be a challenge’

Nov 6 2019 — Samantha Wright Allen — As the lone New Democrat MP left in Quebec after last month’s election, Alexandre Boulerice says he feels a bit like the last village of resistance against the Romans, invoking the popular French comic Asterix le Gaulois which satirizes the fight of a few against an invader’s onslaught. He’s joking, but from his perch as […]

Trudeau’s re-election should bolster his international stature, says former diplomat

Nov 6 2019 — Neil Moss — Despite losing his majority government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s re-election will give his foreign policy posturing added legitimacy, with further opportunity for Canada to be more “ambitious” in representing liberal democracies around the world that are committed to bridge-building, say former diplomats and foreign policy experts. Mr. Trudeau, whose Liberals were re-elected to a minority […]

Knives out to dump Conservative leader, but Scheer’s team should reach out to supporters urgently to survive April leadership review, say Conservatives

Nov 4 2019 — Abbas Rana — With the knives out for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer for failing to win the federal election, it’s unclear whether he will survive another election amid the onslaught of calls last week for his resignation. To head off a potential ouster, some say Mr. Scheer needs to urgently reach out to his supporters to ensure they […]

‘We’re not 100 per cent sure who’s framing the discussion anymore’: the evolving role of media in election coverage

Oct 30 2019 — Mike Lapointe — With social media playing such a significant role in the federal election campaign, it was unclear whether it was political parties or the media who were responsible for framing the elusive “ballot-box question,” media critics say. Carleton journalism professor Paul Adams, who worked for CBC Television, CBC Radio, and in The Globe and Mail’s parliamentary […]

From staffer to MP: five former Hill staffers among newly elected

Oct 30 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — The post-election push to get the class of 2019 settled in is underway, and among the MPs-elect are five former federal staffers, who have a leg up when it comes to the, at times, daunting task of learning the ropes of life on Parliament Hill. Thirty-eight former full-time political staffers ran as non-incumbent candidates this […]

Did Justin Trudeau really wreck Alberta’s economy?

Oct 28 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Western alienation has dominated much of the political discussion following the Oct. 21 federal election that brought the Liberals back to power with a minority government without a single seat in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged it in his election night victory speech, and reporters grilled him about it in his first […]

Trudeau says climate change a unifying priority in divided Parliament

Oct 23 2019 — Beatrice Paez — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians expect their next Parliament to develop strong climate measures and to address pervasive concerns about the cost of living. In his first press conference since winning a minority government on Oct. 21, Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) told reporters gathered at the National Press Theatre on Oct. 23 he intends […]

Public service union heads express relief, optimism over Liberal minority win

Oct 23 2019 — — The new Liberal minority government is an outcome that the Public Service Alliance of Canada can “certainly live with,” says the union’s national president Chris Aylward, while fellow union leader Debi Daviau says she hopes the government is willing to “reciprocate” the support it received during the campaign. During the campaign, PSAC, the country’s largest […]

Polling evidence favours Liberal victory: Lyle

Oct 21 2019 — Greg Lyle — After a tumultuous, negative, and generally unsatisfying election, the two main parties are limping to a photo-finish. While it is close enough that I would not make a big bet or take odds, all evidence we see points to a Liberal victory on Monday night. The Liberals led the CPC by between two and four […]