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Grits’ ‘self-inflicted wounds’ serious concern for rank and file delegates, MPs, former senior Liberals at Halifax convention

Apr 21 2018 — Abbas Rana — It’s a three-day happy gathering of about 3,000 Liberal Party faithful, but one serious concern still being talked about in the hallways and backrooms is the propensity for self-inflicted wounds by top strategists and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inability to do anything about it which could cost him the next election or could reduce the […]

‘Challenging’ for Liberals to win all 32 Atlantic seats again in 2019, says N.S. MP Samson, party’s revving for a fight

Apr 20 2018 — Abbas Rana — As nearly 3,000 Liberals descended on this city yesterday to attend the party’s last policy convention before the 2019 election, some Atlantic Liberal Parliamentarians said it would be tough to win all 32 seats in the region again, with one Senator saying the party will need to avoid making “small mistakes.” “There’s no question, it’s […]

Convention designed to rev Grits up for 2019, election win or bust

Apr 20 2018 — Sheila Copps — Thousands of Liberals from across the country will descend on Halifax this weekend to plan their path to a potential electoral victory. It will be the final national meeting in advance of the next election and, in keeping with conventions of a party in government, will likely be non-controversial and inclusive. Most raucous conventions, where […]

Liberals’ policy convention a ‘litmus test’ of Grit membership, a time for leadership to listen, say Libs

Apr 16 2018 — Samantha Wright Allen — When more than 2,500 Liberals sweep into Halifax for their last national policy convention before the 2019 election, Grits say the party’s senior leadership should look to the gathering to gauge, engage, and mobilize the base for the next general campaign. They also say the party’s top brass has to listen. While not likely to […]

Feds shelled out $73K to find new investment agency CEO, an ex-Liberal Party exec

Apr 11 2018 — Samantha Wright Allen — The federal government is spending $158,200 on headhunters to help it staff up Canada’s new foreign investment promotion agency, part of $1.1-million spent on executive searches last year that opposition MPs say raises questions about the effectiveness and cost of what the Liberals say is a merit-based process when it leads to appointees with Liberal […]

Humboldt tragedy hits home for MPs

Apr 11 2018 — — Speaking through tears, Conservative MP Kevin Waugh recalled bumping into Brody Hinz, a statistician for the Humboldt Broncos Saskatchewan junior hockey team, last November in Ottawa. The 18-year-old was one of the 15 people killed in a Friday evening bus crash carrying the hockey team. “Here’s a kid that was probably me 37 years ago. […]

Senate Foreign Affairs Committee won’t have time to fully examine how sweeping cannabis bill will affect international treaties, says Andreychuk

Apr 9 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Senate Foreign Affairs and International Trade Committee won’t be able to examine all the ways the government’s cannabis legalization bill will affect Canada’s international treaties before reporting back to the Senate by May 1, says Saskatchewan Conservative Senator Raynell Andreychuk, who chairs the committee. “It is going to be very difficult to accomplish what […]

Canadians should have right to know personal data held by parties after Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal, says privacy commissioner

Apr 9 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — Canada’s privacy commissioner, who is conducting an investigation into the Cambridge-Analytica-Facebook scandal and a separate probe into whether Canadian privacy laws were violated by AggregateIQ in order to sway the Brexit vote, says Canada’s federal political parties need to be covered by privacy laws and voters should have the right to find out what personal […]

Facebook makes it easy to run illegal and ‘Astroturf’ ads, say Canadian digital political strategists

Apr 2 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — Anonymous and illegal political ad campaigns are probably already running in Canada, thanks in part to Facebook and other online advertising platforms that make it easy to skirt laws around political advertising, say political digital marketing specialists. “If you want to influence around the rules, it’s pretty straightforward to do so,” said Stephen Carter, a […]

Senators expected to lobby peers over controversial pot bill amendments, Social Affairs calling the shots

Apr 2 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Senate is breaking new ground with a sweeping study of the marijuana legalization Bill C-45, with five committees tackling the legislation that would fulfill a key Liberal campain promise, and Senators are expected to lobby peers on the Senate’s Social Affairs Committee who will decide which amendments to include or leave out of a […]