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What should be on Canada’s policy radar?

Nov 25 2022 — Jennifer Ditchburn — We need leaders who can see the bigger picture of how different systems fit together and do the unglamourous behind-the-scenes work to get us ready for the next challenges that will pop up on the radar. Leadership is a series of strategic choices: picking where to focus your attention and finite resources. Now, consider the […]

MPs continue push to confront China’s Uyghur persecution as pressure builds for feds to apply genocide label

Nov 23 2022 — Neil Moss — With mounting evidence that China’s persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang amounts to genocide, Canadian Parliamentarians are pushing for more action, including through legislative initiatives currently before the House of Commons. Liberal MP Sameer Zuberi (Pierrefonds-Dollard, Que.) and Bloc Québécois MP Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe (Lac-Saint-Jean, Que.) joined a collection of survivors, international politicians, advocates, human rights lawyers, […]

Now that Trump’s been roasted, who will be the Next One?

Nov 21 2022 — Michael Harris — Now that Donald Trump, like most weenies, has been roasted, the burning question south of the border is who will be the Next One. Why roasted? Simple. Trump has proven himself to be a Losing Legend. First the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms, then the White House after one term, and finally the […]

Canadian response to U.S. Inflation Reduction Act should seek to boost ‘certainty’ for investors, says advocacy group

Nov 18 2022 — Ian Campbell — The landmark United States Inflation Reduction Act poses economic challenges and opportunities for Canada, say observers, but a chief response to the American law incentivizing industrial decarbonization must be to address the investor “certainty” it creates in contrast to the Canadian regime. Michael Bernstein, executive director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity, said the certainty the […]

Key climate justice discussions go down to the wire at COP27

Nov 18 2022 — — Developing countries and especially the ones vulnerable to climate-related disasters are expressing frustration with what they have described as delay tactics from richer nations at the United Nations Climate Conference in Egypt on the key question of an international fund to help poorer countries recover after disasters. The disagreements on key loss and damage negotiations […]

Reconciliation is not voluntary, so the National Reconciliation Council needs to be a commission, not a non-profit

Nov 14 2022 — Rose LeMay — The federal government historically didn’t even follow the directives of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal regarding equitable funding for First Nations children. This is the history of the department purported to serve Indigenous peoples. Historically, the department of Indian Affairs served its own power base rather than Indigenous peoples. Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller has […]

Ford-CUPE feud portrays Tories as ‘black-hearted accountants,’ an image which could harm federal Conservatives

Nov 14 2022 — Abbas Rana — Some federal ConservatiSome federal Conservatives are concerned that Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s ongoing labour dispute with CUPE education workers is negative portraying federal Conservatives, and putting them at a disadvantage in the upcoming Mississauga-Lakeshore byelection, say some Conservatives. “The strike and the notwithstanding clause is going to create a perception that these Conservatives are black-hearted […]

Twitter plays a ‘significant’ role in Canada’s democracy, and government must do more to regulate in face of Musk’s ‘roller-coaster,’ say observers

Nov 11 2022 — Ian Campbell — Twitter plays a “significant role in Canada’s democracy,” and the tumultuous fallout stemming from Elon Musk’s recent $44-billion acquisition of the platform highlights “the failure of governments” to regulate these platforms, says Sonja Solomun of McGill University. Solomun, who serves as deputy director of McGill’s Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy, said Musk’s controversial acquisition […]

‘Among the worst in the world’: environmental advocates slam outsized oil and gas company influence in Canada’s COP27 delegation

Nov 11 2022 — — Canadian environmentalists are decrying Ottawa’s “embarrassing” decision to include too many fossil fuel industry representatives in its official COP27 delegation, saying that presence is also visible in Canada Pavilion programming. Meanwhile, one industry representative says any solution to the climate crisis must involve the oil sands. Environmental advocate Tzeporah Berman told The Hill Times in […]

Ford around and find out

Nov 9 2022 — Erica Ifill — Premier Doug Ford almost ground Ontario to a halt by trying to bludgeon a thorn in his side. In other words, Ford fucked around and found out. The Ford government attempted to shove a garbage deal down the throats of some of our more vulnerable and lowest-paid education workers, including caretakers, librarians, and early childhood […]