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Last thing anyone wants is chaos at Canada’s largest airport

Jun 13 2022 — Sheila Copps — To mask or not to mask. That is the question. As the provinces move to end requirements for wearing masks in public places, the federal government continues to insist that COVID rules will not be loosened. As passengers return to air travel, they are continuing to experience massive delays, the blame for which is falling […]

Conservative leadership candidates expected to challenge eligibility of ‘thousands and thousands and thousands’ of rivals’ party memberships

Jun 13 2022 — Abbas Rana — With the divisive Conservative leadership election moving into the next phase, candidates are expected to challenge thousands of memberships brought in by their rivals and will call on the party to declare any ineligible to vote in the Sept. 10 leadership election, say current and former senior Conservatives. “Each one’s going to be going through […]

‘Massive majority’ of Liberal caucus wants Trudeau to drop federal COVID mandates, say Liberal MPs

Jun 9 2022 — Abbas Rana — With provincial and international jurisdictions easing COVID restrictions, some Liberal MPs say the vast majority of their caucus want the federal government to drop travel vaccination requirements, allowing unvaccinated Canadians to board domestic flights. Several Liberal MPs interviewed for this article said that most caucus members want all federal pandemic restrictions dropped as soon as […]

Conservative leadership campaigns in ‘white-knuckle’ mode as they await membership list, shift gears to direct voter contact and persuasion

Jun 8 2022 — Ian Campbell — The Conservative leadership campaigns are entering a phase of research, direct voter contact, and persuasion once they can “tear through” the membership list, but remain in a “white-knuckle” mode until that list is released—something several campaigns say should happen immediately. “The most important people on the campaign right now and for the next couple of […]

Playing the numbers game

Jun 8 2022 — Tim Powers — What is in a number? For example, the number 600,000—the unconfirmed and yet-to-be-denied figure that could represent the people who have signed up to be members of the Conservative Party of Canada for the forthcoming leadership vote. Since hearing the 600,000 figure, I’ve thought often of Saddam Hussein’s legendary information minister Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, a.k.a. […]

‘Diplomacy is all about being there’: former diplomats call for reassessment of foreign service global presence during GAC review

Jun 8 2022 — Neil Moss — As Global Affairs embarks on a review of its foreign service work, former diplomats and experts say they want to see the concentration of envoys in Ottawa addressed in favour of more foreign service officers stationed in Canada’s missions around the world. Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly (Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Que.) and Foreign Affairs deputy minister Marta […]

‘The rift is getting bigger and bigger:’ some Conservatives worried about party unity once ‘pretty nasty’ leadership campaign ends

Jun 6 2022 — Abbas Rana — The ongoing, divisive Conservative leadership campaign is causing serious concerns about party unity for some current and former senior Conservatives who say one of the key tests of the new leader will be to keep the party united. “The rift is getting bigger and bigger,” said Bert Chen, a former Ontario national councillor, in an […]

Indigenous advocates won’t turn down visit by UN special rapporteur, but are focused on need for criminal prosecution for residential school abuses

Jun 5 2022 — Chelsea Nash — Indigenous leaders want justice for the abuses that took place in residential schools, and say they won’t get it from yet another visit from the UN special rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous people to Canada. Nonetheless, at the urging of the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations RoseAnne Archibald, UN special rapporteur […]

Former Ontario finance minister Sousa not ruling out run for federal Liberal nomination in coveted Mississauga-Lakeshore riding

Jun 3 2022 — Abbas Rana — Former Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa is considering running in the coveted federal riding of Mississauga-Lakeshore and says a number of prominent federal Liberals, including MPs and cabinet ministers, are encouraging him to seek the nomination, but he still hasn’t made a final decision. “I have to give it some thought, I’ve been receiving some […]

The case for firing the governor of the Bank of Canada

Jun 1 2022 — John Williamson — Canadians should expect two things from their central bank: independence and single-mindedness. And if the governor of the Bank of Canada can’t deliver on these two essential components of the job, then he or she should be replaced by someone who can. When it comes to monetary policy, the Bank of Canada’s only job is […]

If you’re looking for a leader in Harper’s mould, look to Charest

Jun 1 2022 — Christian Paradis And Ross Oconnor — As the Conservative leadership campaign shifts gears, voters will soon choose which name to scribble at the top of their ballot. For many Conservatives, Stephen Harper remains the paragon of a leader who successfully balanced strong governing abilities with popular appeal. Commanding and steadfast, Harper set the standard for his future successors. And while many […]