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Judicial independence ‘not an issue Canadians should be concerned about’ in election, says Liberal MP

Jul 31 2019 — — The Supreme Court’s chief justice and the federal justice minister recently signed an accord “recognizing and reinforcing” the top court’s independence, a move Conservative justice critic Lisa Raitt says is “ironic,” given reports earlier this year that the government “clearly sought to interfere with a Crown prosecutor’s independence.” Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti […]

Don Meredith report delayed by ‘lack of prompt responses’ from Senators to ethics officer, says Senate Ethics Committee

Jul 29 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Senate ethics officer’s investigation into the conduct of former Senator Don Meredith was delayed for reasons beyond his control, including due to other Senators who didn’t respond to his requests for information, says a new report from the Senate Ethics Committee. “The SEO was delayed in part by the lack of prompt responses to […]

Big changes could be coming to Senate after fall election, say Senators

Jul 29 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The outcome of the fall election could spur big changes to the Red Chamber, Senators say, with talk that floor-crossing, forming new groups, and battles over who would form the opposition—or whether there will even be one—could all be in play. The Liberals and Conservatives are running neck-and-neck in public opinion polls, leaving a realistic […]

Pollsters split on poll aggregators’ use of data, but do caution ‘buyer beware’ for the public

Jul 29 2019 — Beatrice Paez — Several Canadian pollsters are divided on whether poll aggregators can repurpose their data without consent, though some are concerned with how all the numbers get packaged for public consumption. The work of poll aggregators has come under renewed scrutiny after veteran pollster Nik Nanos of Nanos Research recently got into a Twitter scrap with CBC’s […]

NDP hits pause on ads, Grits and Tories suspend TV campaigns as pre-election spending cap, summer doldrums kick in

Jul 22 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The NDP says it has temporarily stopped running political ads on Facebook and elsewhere fewer than 100 days before the federal election, leading one conservative-tied digital strategist to suggest the party is in deep trouble, and a former NDP national director to predict the party is saving its ammunition for closer to the election.

Canada’s upcoming federal election could expose deepening societal rifts and ‘ordered’ populism, says Graves

Jul 22 2019 — Beatrice Paez — Canada’s upcoming federal election could expose deepening societal rifts that will test the country’s immunity from Trumpian-style populism, says one leading pollster, but other politicians and political observers say while there are worrying signs, it has limited appeal. Thanks to economic stagnation, the hyper-concentration of wealth, and a brewing cultural backlash, Canada’s political climate is […]

Majority of Canadians may support TMX, but the project remains an electoral risk for Liberals: pollsters

Jul 17 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — Recent polls may indicate a majority of Canadians support the government’s plowing ahead with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, but with further opposition actions expected, experts say the best Liberals can likely hope for is to not lose too many progressive voters. “It’s very unlikely that it’s going to help them win support anywhere […]

Despite Greens’ rising popularity, NDP and Bloc more likely to hold balance of power in next House: pollster Lyle

Jul 15 2019 — Abbas Rana — Although the Green Party is recording historic highs in public opinion polls and has made recent gains in a byelection and some provincial elections, pollster Greg Lyle predicts the New Democrats and the Bloc will likely be more influential if a minority government is elected in October’s federal election. “We take it with a grain […]

Next PM to quicken or quell Senator independence, with nearly a quarter set to retire next Parliament

Jul 10 2019 — Samantha Wright Allen — Canada’s next prime minister could appoint at least 24 new Senators, giving the country’s future leader the power to solidify the new approach to appointing Senators ushered in by the Liberals, or revert back to the old patronage system. That bloc isn’t close to the historic number of vacancies during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s (Papineau, […]