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From robocalls to a robust regime, elections commissioner Côté reflects on a decade of decisions

Jun 29 2022 — Laura Ryckewaert — After 10 years as commissioner of Canada elections, Yves Côté is leaving behind a bigger office with more teeth—one he says will have to grapple with the growing and nebulous threats of foreign interference and disinformation in Canadian elections. “The biggest things that we have now that we didn’t have before would be things linked […]

Do the Conservatives want to keep pretending this is America, or be relevant again in this country?

Jun 27 2022 — Michael Harris — The Conservative Party of Canada has never really been a new party that came together in a merger. It has always been a dysfunctional hybrid in which the hard right of its Western roots conducted a hostile takeover of the Progressive Conservatives. Peter MacKay’s lingering legacy. Stephen Harper’s success was more the product of dreadful […]

AFN losing credibility after controversial suspension of its national chief, say Indigenous advocates

Jun 27 2022 — Chelsea Nash — In the wake of the Assembly of First Nations’ controversial decision to recently suspend its first woman national chief, Indigenous advocates say the controversy could tank the AFN for good. RoseAnne Archibald was suspended on June 17 after she spoke out publicly about what she considers “fictitious attacks” against her by AFN staff. In a […]

Government should be ‘pretty pleased’ with first session of Parliament, but summer will be ‘the calm before the storm,’ say observers

Jun 23 2022 — — The federal Liberals delivered on a few key measures in the first session of the 44th Parliament, but the coming months could be a time increasing inflation and travel delays cause growing resentment towards the government, giving a new Conservative leader a lot to work with in the fall, say observers. Sheamus Murphy, a former […]

‘Unfair’ to blame lone GAC official as ‘process failure’ led to Russian embassy visit, say analysts, former diplomats

Jun 22 2022 — Neil Moss — With Canada’s prime minister and top diplomat denouncing a Global Affairs official’s participation in a national day event at the Russian Embassy, foreign affairs analysts say the singling out of the lone diplomat was “unfair.” The Globe and Mail reported June 12 that Global Affairs’ deputy chief protocol officer Yasemin Heinbecker attended the Russian Day […]

Liberals on collision course to entrench anti-Blackness

Jun 22 2022 — Erica Ifill — Do the Liberals choose their cabinet through varying degrees of anti-Blackness, or is that just a bonus they throw in? Given that the Toronto Police Service recently gave an apology for their systemic anti-Black racism, reporters should be asking Bill Blair what his contribution to the cause was. Nevertheless, Blair is not in my crosshairs […]

‘We will have another situation at some point’: politicians, experts eye fix to ‘disturbing’ security trends

Jun 21 2022 — Mike Lapointe — National security experts, including the former national security and intelligence adviser to the prime minister, say increasing threats to politicians are “reflective, unfortunately, of the society we live in where we’ve seen this growing polarization.” “This is not something new, what we’ve been seeing over the last three or four months,” said Vincent Rigby, who […]

Liberals should define Poilievre juggernaut now, or risk losing next election, say top political strategists

Jun 20 2022 — Abbas Rana — With the presumed Conservative leadership front-runner Pierre Poilievre widely expected to become party leader on Sept. 10, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals should start to define their future opponent now before he gets a chance to define himself, say top political players. “In our day and age, the velocity of politics is much faster than […]

Poilievre should stop pissing inside the tent

Jun 20 2022 — Michael Harris — One wonders if the Conservative Party of Canada will ever hold a leadership race without turning it into a master class of mud-wrestling, hanky-panky, and mutual denunciation. They are usually so busy slagging each other, any notion of policy is at best an after-thought. Sorry guys, but squealing “freedom” at the top of your lungs […]

Feds won’t say if they will implement chief electoral officer’s call to make spread of election misinformation illegal

Jun 19 2022 — Chelsea Nash — The government won’t say if it plans to take up the Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault’s recent recommendation to make the spread of disinformation about the electoral process illegal. In response to a list of detailed questions asking whether the government had plans to follow through on this recommendation or any of the other […]

Peacekeeping commitments continue to go unmet as Canada lags on long-promised Quick Reaction Force

Jun 15 2022 — Neil Moss — Ottawa’s once-trumpeted return to United Nations peacekeeping has gone by the wayside as the Canadian government still hasn’t fulfilled a 2017 pledge for a Quick Reaction Force and has only a scattering of personnel assisting UN peace operations around the world. With added focus on Canada’s military contributions following Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, […]