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‘Let’s get on with the contest now’: chorus of prominent Conservatives calling for Scheer’s ouster continues to grow

Dec 4 2019 — — The list of prominent Harper-era staffers calling for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to step down has continued to grow, with one ex-Conservative MP saying that among his former constituents, “there’s a feeling that if there was a time” the Conservative leader could beat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “it was this time.” Sara MacIntyre, who worked […]

‘No such thing as too many cooks’: Freeland and Champagne to balance crucial Canada-U.S. relationship

Dec 2 2019 — Neil Moss — As the new NAFTA crawls towards implementation, it is natural for new Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to keep her responsibility over the Canada-U.S. file, say former diplomats, but it is unclear how incoming Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne fits into the fold. Ms. Freeland (University-Rosedale, Ont.) and Mr. Champagne (Saint-Maurice-Champlain, Que.) will both have […]

Humbled Trudeau changes leadership style, but unclear if it’s ‘just a different role he’s playing for now,’ say politicos

Dec 2 2019 — Abbas Rana — After dealing with numerous high-profile controversies in his first mandate, being reduced to a minority government in last month’s election, losing 27 seats, and shedding 6.37 percentage points in the national vote, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s transformation from a celebrity politician to a “humbled” leader is the right approach, say political insiders who say it […]

‘Only a Conservative government can keep this country united,’ Scheer says amid internal party divisions

Nov 29 2019 — Beatrice Paez — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will continue to make the case for leading the party into the next election, despite unrelenting calls for his resignation. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Mr. Scheer announced that Leona Alleslev, an ex-Liberal who crossed the floor last year, will be stepping into the role of deputy leader. Mr. […]

‘Disappointing’ cabinet picks show Trudeau still needs to address diversity ‘blind spot’, say advocates

Nov 27 2019 — Samantha Wright Allen — The latest cabinet picks were disappointing for some advocates of better representation for racialized Canadians in positions of power, including former Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes who offered a plea to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to demonstrate he is correcting an admitted blind spot. She said that didn’t happen during the Nov. 20 cabinet shuffle, which […]

Liberals hope beefed-up Quebec presence in cabinet will help capture more seats in Trudeau’s home province, win them next election, say pollsters

Nov 25 2019 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lost five seats in Quebec in the October election, but still handed 11 cabinet posts and control of six federal economic development agencies to Liberal MPs from the province last week, and Liberals are betting on the prime minister’s home province as the path to a third term in power, say […]

Mending global relationships, defending economic interests Champagne’s top tasks, say foreign policy analysts

Nov 22 2019 — Neil Moss — Repairing Canada’s global relationships and defending its economic interests will dominate the work of Canada’s new top diplomat, which will likely include less unilateral condemnation of human rights records around the world, say foreign policy analysts. Repairing Canada’s trading relationship with China will be front and centre for new Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne (Saint-Maurice-Champlain, […]

Nelly Shin becomes Canada’s first-ever Korean-born MP after ‘nail-biter’ race

Nov 20 2019 — Samantha Wright Allen — A victory by just 153 votes and a weeks-later election recount made for an interesting entrance to Parliament for Canada’s first-ever Member of Parliament of Korean heritage, Conservative rookie Nelly Shin. The pianist, composer, former schoolteacher, and missionary hasn’t taken the usual path into politics, and a couple of years ago, representing the now-former NDP-held […]

Updated: Progressive Senate Group folds, but leader hopes to claw back to official status

Nov 18 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Progressive Senate Group has officially folded, losing group status just days after it was established last week by the members of the now-also defunct independent Senate Liberal Caucus. All eight members switched their status in the Senate to non-affiliated Monday morning. Unlike in the House of Commons, Senators can only formally identify as part […]

‘If we’re going to sit there and be slinging mud, it’s going to be a long three years,’ says Conservative MP Kusie

Nov 18 2019 — — With his leadership intact following a marathon caucus meeting earlier this month, Conservative MPs and strategists say Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer must clearly show he’s willing to listen to the party membership, learn from failures on the campaign trail, and take tangible steps between now and the party’s convention in April to address concerns resulting […]