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The planet is turning into a gigantic tinder box

Jul 25 2022 — Michael Harris — Bob Dylan once wrote that you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Although he was not talking about meteorologists back then, it turns out that the weatherman, using his most basic instrument, the thermometer, might be the only professional to save us from the twin scourges of the age: short-term […]

Del Duca, Schulte, Ferri considering run for Vaughan mayoral race

Jul 22 2022 — Abbas Rana — Former Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca, former federal Liberal cabinet minister Deborah Schulte, and incumbent deputy mayor of Vaughan Mario Ferri are each considering running for the city’s top job in the fall municipal election. “I have not decided yet, but I am certainly considering it,” said Schulte, in an interview with The Hill […]

‘Not moms who tucked money away in a Swiss bank account’: advocates warn of clawbacks to Canada Child Benefit for those who received pandemic supports

Jul 21 2022 — — For the second year in a row, parents who received pandemic support payments in the previous calendar year are receiving letters telling them that their Canada Child Benefit payments for the next 12 months will be lower than expected. Advocates are warning that the effects of these clawbacks will fall disproportionately on single mothers with […]

AFN national chief strikes conciliatory tone before meeting with regional chiefs

Jul 19 2022 — — Bolstered by strong votes of confidence from the chiefs who gathered at the Assembly of First Nations’ annual general assembly earlier this month, National Chief RoseAnne Archibald has resumed her duties and is meeting with regional chiefs and other leaders who sought to suspend her pending a human resources investigation. Communications staff for the Assembly […]

Beware of anger politics

Jul 18 2022 — — No wonder a lot of people think anger-merchant Pierre Poilievre has a shot at becoming prime minister. No wonder the CPC has managed to convince itself that retreads from the old Harper government can take them back to power—even though the record shows that the two times the party has tried that, it has lost […]

Surrey, B.C., mayoral contest shaping up to be ‘mother of all battles,’ say some candidates and political insiders

Jul 18 2022 — Abbas Rana — With three current and former MPs, all known for their organizational and fundraising prowess, expected to duke it out in Surrey’s coming mayoral contest, the race is shaping up to be the “mother of all battles” taking place municipally in British Columbia this fall, say senior B.C. political insiders. “I don’t know of any other […]

‘They don’t want us,’ says Patrick Brown supporter ‘disenfranchised and disregarded’ by Conservative Party

Jul 14 2022 — — Supporters of ousted Conservative leadership candidate Patrick Brown, including new Canadians who were participating for the first time in a leadership election, say they are shocked by Brown’s disqualification. Some have not yet decided what to do next, even though Brown himself has endorsed Jean Charest. Francesca Grosso, who purchased a membership in the federal […]

‘It’s real, it’s serious, and it’s prevalent’: Parliamentarians, experts call for more funding, research into long COVID

Jul 13 2022 — Mike Lapointe — With most public health restrictions across the country already lifted and officials confirming Canada is headed towards, or already in, a seventh wave of COVID-19, Parliamentarians and public health experts are increasing calls for more resources and co-ordination to understand the impacts of “long COVID,” which is likely affecting millions of Canadians. Dr. Kieran Moore, […]

In politics, ideological opposites feed off each other

Jul 11 2022 — Gerry Nicholls — One of the truisms of politics is that ideological opposites feed off each other. For this reason, I’m pretty sure NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Canada’s No. 1 socialist, is actually rooting for Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s No. 1 right-wing populist, to win the Conservative Party leadership race. Sounds odd, but it makes sense. As former prime […]

Committee to weigh ‘appearance’ of political interference with government status quo in NS shooting case

Jul 6 2022 — Stuart Benson — Despite two weeks of difficult questions and condemnations for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet, analysts and Liberal strategists aren’t convinced that the controversy over the alleged interference in the RCMP’s investigation of the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting is something Canadian voters are actually concerned about. While the Liberals’ political rivals […]