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Conservative Bid To Make Journalist Hand Over Trudeau Evidence Fails

Aug 21 2019 — Zi-Ann Lum — A House of Commons ethics committee meeting Wednesday ended with the defeat of a Conservative attempt to compel a journalist to produce evidence to determine if the prime minister breached cabinet confidence in interviews about the SNC-Lavalin affair. Conservative MP Lisa Raitt made the request after the Liberal majority on the committee defeated two motions […]

A #MeToo Moment Of Reckoning Crumbles In Canada’s Senate

Aug 18 2019 — Zi-Ann Lum — A Senate committee is exploring compensation for employees who raised allegations of harassment and sexual abuse against former senator Don Meredith, HuffPost has learned. But victims are frustrated there seems to be no end to an inquiry process which has taken four years so far. “I just feel like I’ve been shot right in the […]

Dietitian Breaks Down Andrew Scheer’s Food Guide Comments

Jul 21 2019 — — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer told dairy farmers on Wednesday that he would review Canada’s food guide if his party formed government after the October election. He said the new guide was created without enough consultation, and that it was “driven by people” who have a “bias” against milk. He also joked about chocolate milk “saving” […]

Michael De Adder Responds To Contract End After Trump Cartoon

Jul 1 2019 — — The Canadian cartoonist who drew a viral depiction of U.S. President Donald Trump and the border crisis is defending his own credibility after his contract was terminated by a newspaper publisher. “It sounds corny, but I have a personal code of conduct. It’s kept me employed for 20 years in a business that’s been dying […]

Stalling Conservative Senators Don’t Respect Human Rights: Cree MP

Jun 21 2019 — Zi-Ann Lum — The House of Commons has officially adjourned for the summer, but NDP MP Romeo Saganash says he’s still working on getting his Indigenous rights bill past the finish line in the Senate. Saganash introduced his private member’s bill more than three years ago, proposing that the federal government adopt and implement the United Nations Declaration […]

The Very Way Cities Like Toronto Are Run Is Making Inequality Worse

Jun 18 2019 — Brittany Andrew-Amofah — Conversations on matters of municipal governance, autonomy and local power have found their way back into mainstream politics — specifically, on the need to empower municipal governments to better address the needs of their cities. But as conversations coalesce around the need for stronger federal-municipal partnerships, little focus has been put on the people of […]

Premiers Waging War On Trudeau Won’t Be Limited On Campaign-Style Spending

Jun 12 2019 — Althia Raj — As conservative premiers wage war against the federal Liberals’ agenda, Elections Canada reconfirmed Tuesday that the provinces will be able to spend unlimited amounts of money campaigning against Justin Trudeau’s team in the lead-up to the general election this October. The independent non-partisan agency that runs federal contests and is charged with applying and interpreting […]

Scheer Dodges Question About Extreme Weather And Climate Change

Jun 11 2019 — Zi-Ann Lum — A Tory MP was called out by a scientist for sharing “dangerously misleading” information about climate change. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer won’t say whether he thinks extreme weather events have anything to do with climate change and human activity. Over the weekend, deputy leader Lisa Raitt tweeted a link to an article published in the […]