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Trump Says ‘Nobody’ Knew Pandemic Was Coming. His Adviser Warned Of It In January.

Apr 7 2020 — — President Donald Trump said repeatedly in March that “nobody” could’ve predicted a crisis at the scale of the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe. “Nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion,” Trump said March 19. A week later, he reiterated that “nobody would have ever thought a thing like […]

Lindsey Graham Begins Senate Investigation Into The Bidens

Nov 21 2019 — — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting documentation on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s work in Ukraine on Thursday, as the week’s public impeachment inquiry hearings in the House drew to a close. In his two-page letter, Graham asked for a […]

Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Was ‘Intimidated’ By ‘Good-Looking’ Trudeau

Sep 9 2019 — — President Donald Trump’s former pal and onetime staffer Anthony Scaramucci says his ex-boss has big self-esteem issues. Scaramucci, who infamously served just 10 days under Trump as White House communications director, told ABC Australia his advice to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison would be to give the president the spotlight “at all times” if he […]

Justin Trudeau Urges Canadian Muslims To Make Themselves ‘Important’ To The Conservative Party

Jun 23 2019 — Althia Raj — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Conservative Muslims Friday night to get involved in the next election campaign to ensure that the Conservative party “never again” stokes fear and division against the community. “Even though it is going to make my life as Liberal leader a little bit more difficult,” Trudeau said at the Canadian-Muslim Vote’s […]