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Liberal party quietly drops venue details from Trudeau event invites

Oct 12 2022 — Kady O'Malley — The Liberal party’s much self-touted 2017 pledge to go above and beyond the law in ensuring “open and transparent” fundraisers no longer includes providing a public heads-up on the venue for events featuring Justin Trudeau. Previously, those listings — which can be found on the party website — included not just the date, time and […]

There’s no restoring Canadian conservatism

May 23 2022 — Michael Coren — Political conservatism has come a long way, but, in the spirit of the word and the ideology, that doesn’t signify progress. In fact, the decline and decay of the organized conservative movement in the democratic world is one of the most worrying phenomena of contemporary politics. Worrying because, unlike the extremes of right and left, […]

Process Nerd: What are the New Democrats hoping to do with their opposition motion?

May 17 2022 — — Before we start digging into the question posed in this week’s headline, let’s pause for a brief opening tangent on just why picking a supply motion can be a more high-stakes call for the New Democrats than their Conservative or Bloc Québécois colleagues. In a nutshell: The parliamentary calendar allocates a certain number of supply […]

Process Nerd: Can Ford call an election before the fixed-date law kicks in?

Apr 26 2022 — Kady O'Malley — First off, a jurisdictional twist to the standard caveat: In general, Process Nerd’s self-proclaimed purview does not include provincial or territorial legislatures — or local councils, or the United States Congress, or any other legislative body outside the perimeter of parliamentary precinct. It does, however, cover fixed election dates — and specifically, the built-in limitations […]

Process Nerd: Speaker nixes Tory bid to strip NDP of opposition status

Mar 29 2022 — Kady O'Malley — Well, it was fun — at least for Process Nerds — while it lasted. But after a week of sporadic back-and-forth across the aisle over whether the confidence-and-supply agreement between the Liberals and the New Democrats constitutes a de facto coalition government, Deputy Speaker Chris d’Entremont has rejected a Conservative bid to remove the New […]

Process Nerd: How the Liberal-NDP deal might affect committees

Mar 23 2022 — Kady O'Malley — In the wake of the non-aggression pact between the Liberals and the New Democrats, there’s no shortage of speculation of how it could play out in the next election. From a purely Process Nerdly perspective, however, the more immediate — and no less intriguing — question is how it could change the power dynamics across […]

Sensitive soul Leslyn Lewis should be challenged for her beliefs

Mar 11 2022 — Michael Coren — Politicians can be sensitive souls. That, surely, was why Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis blocked me on Twitter last year after I’d written a column questioning some of her views of LGBTQ2 equality and women’s reproductive rights. I’ve never met the new MP for Haldimand—Norfolk, and the article was courteous — even flattering — but, […]

Process Nerd: What we know so far about Emergencies Act review

Mar 8 2022 — Kady O'Malley — As of Tuesday morning, there was still no word on when the newly struck Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency (DEDC) — which, as its name makes clear, has been tasked with reviewing the government’s unprecedented decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to then-ongoing anti-COVID mandate protests in Ottawa and across […]