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Johnson handed clear mandate to ‘fulfill Brexit’ in U.K. election

Dec 13 2019 — Michael Coren — No matter what alleged experts might claim, nobody anticipated the results of the UK election. As late as Thursday afternoon there were predictions that the Labour Party could form a government with the support of the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats. Or perhaps there would be another hung parliament. Instead, Labour suffered its […]

‘Proud’ pages souring on Scheer?

Nov 15 2019 — — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has apparently fallen out of favour with the conservative group best known for its online advocacy that helped elect Doug Ford in Ontario. iPolitics reviewed the Canada Proud Facebook page on Friday and found that it had posted 200 times since the election. While almost half the posts (87) negatively targeted […]

Process Nerd: Considering a run for the speaker’s chair? Read this first

Nov 13 2019 — Kady O'Malley — According to the latest precinct intel, just three MPs have officially entered the race to serve as House of Commons speaker when the reconfigured Chamber re-opens for business next month: the current incumbent, veteran Nova Scotia Liberal MP Geoff Regan, his Liberal caucus colleague Anthony Rota and Conservative MP Bruce Stanton, both of whom served […]

Voters split on whether Scheer should resign as Conservative leader

Oct 30 2019 — — More than half of voters were not swayed by the federal election campaign, a new poll from Mainstreet Research for iPolitics suggests. In the firm’s phone survey of 1,108 Canadians, conducted between Oct. 26 and 27, 54 per cent of respondents said they decided which candidate they were going to vote for ahead of the […]

Mainstreet tracking poll has Liberals-Conservatives deadlocked, NDP cresting over 18%

Oct 17 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — Only days out from Monday’s election, the Liberals are holding a small, statistically insignificant lead over the Conservatives, with the NDP cresting over 18 per cent, according to the newest polling numbers from Mainstreet Research. Results from the firm’s daily tracker phone survey released Thursday show that 31.9 per cent of leaning and decided respondents […]

Facebook not budging on removing widely spread fabricated Trudeau hit pieces

Oct 16 2019 — — On the same day that another fabricated hit piece on Justin Trudeau was circulated by thousands on Facebook, company executives confirmed the social media platform wouldn’t ban one of the top outlets responsible for fake Canadian political news. Instead, Facebook said it’s continuing to rely on existing deterrence measures that haven’t stopped users from sharing […]

NDP gaining in latest Mainstreet Research numbers

Oct 11 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — With just 10 days left before voters head to the polls, the Conservatives are narrowly ahead of the Liberals in the national fight for first, while the NDP continues to grow its support in the wake of Monday’s English-language leaders’ debate, according to new polling numbers from Mainstreet Research. According to the latest results from […]

Conservatives, Liberals remain deadlocked, as NDP, Bloc gain support: Mainstreet poll

Oct 10 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The federal Conservatives are holding a statistically insignificant two point lead over the Liberals in Mainstreet Research’s latest national poll, while the NDP and Bloc Québécois continue to gain ground, increasing the likelihood of a minority government. According to the results from the phone survey of 2,309 voters, conducted between Oct. 7-9, 32.2 per cent […]

Conservatives, Liberals remain tied in Mainstreet polling

Oct 8 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — The Conservatives and Liberals are again separated by only a few tenths of a percentage points in Mainstreet Research’s daily tracking poll results for Tuesday. These newest results, which cover polling conducted between Oct. 5-7, show that 33.1 per cent of leaning and decided respondents said they would vote for the Conservatives if a federal […]