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Gladu says media treatment of her campaign is ‘not fair’

Jan 24 2020 — Rachel Emmanuel — Conservative leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu says the media is giving unfair attention to prominent male Conservatives who haven’t announced their intentions to run to be the party’s leader instead of to her campaign. The race for the Conservative Party leadership kicked off earlier this month in the wake of leader Andrew Scheer’s resignation. Gladu, the […]

Heritage minister says Liberal government will boost local journalism

Dec 31 2019 — Rachel Emmanuel — Canada’s new heritage minister plans to increase local news coverage through CBC News. Steven Guilbeault was shuffled into the Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism file last month after being elected in the riding of Laurier—Sainte-Marie for the first time in October. He said he plans to work with the CBC, per his mandate letter, to see […]

Christmas not what it was on Parliament Hill

Dec 26 2019 — — It’s not all gloom and doom, but the sparkling Christmas lights that lit up Parliament Hill and thrilled children for three decades won’t be around this year. And it might be that way for years to come as the Hill’s venerable Centre Block, now nearly 100 years old, faces a massive renovation and construction overhaul […]

Christmastime in the Hill precinct

Dec 24 2019 — L. Ian MacDonald — Speaking of the opening of the new Parliament just three weeks before Christmas, one longtime observer of the place thought it made sense. “It allows MPs to do something while they’re in town, and gives them cover for attending all their Christmas parties,” said this denizen of the parliamentary precinct. It certainly did, though the […]

A very Scheer 2019, a very different 2020

Dec 24 2019 — Michael Coren — The political year that was and the political year to come. The great, splashing irony of it all is that someone who is, with all due respect, unimpressive and clearly out-of-his-depth should have been so prominent before, during, and after the election. Andrew Scheer received more media than one would have considered possible, and the […]

Cabinet committee membership reinforces view of Freeland as Trudeau’s most trusted minister: strategists

Dec 23 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — Newly minted as the deputy prime minister and minister of intergovernmental affairs, Chrystia Freeland’s appointment as deputy chair of the all-important Agenda, Results and Communications Cabinet Committee reinforces her elevated role among her ministerial peers and signals that she’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most trusted advisor, say strategists. And the streamlining and realignment of cabinet […]

Scheer should resign now, says Tim Powers

Dec 17 2019 — Rachel Emmanuel — Some Conservative-affiliated political strategists are applauding Andrew Scheer’s decision to step down as party leader, though one prominent voice says he shouldn’t stay on until his successor is chosen. Scheer announced his resignation last week, but received support from the Conservative caucus to stay on until his successor is chosen. Conservative strategist Tim Powers said […]

Johnson handed clear mandate to ‘fulfill Brexit’ in U.K. election

Dec 13 2019 — Michael Coren — No matter what alleged experts might claim, nobody anticipated the results of the UK election. As late as Thursday afternoon there were predictions that the Labour Party could form a government with the support of the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats. Or perhaps there would be another hung parliament. Instead, Labour suffered its […]

‘Proud’ pages souring on Scheer?

Nov 15 2019 — — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has apparently fallen out of favour with the conservative group best known for its online advocacy that helped elect Doug Ford in Ontario. iPolitics reviewed the Canada Proud Facebook page on Friday and found that it had posted 200 times since the election. While almost half the posts (87) negatively targeted […]

Process Nerd: Considering a run for the speaker’s chair? Read this first

Nov 13 2019 — Kady O'Malley — According to the latest precinct intel, just three MPs have officially entered the race to serve as House of Commons speaker when the reconfigured Chamber re-opens for business next month: the current incumbent, veteran Nova Scotia Liberal MP Geoff Regan, his Liberal caucus colleague Anthony Rota and Conservative MP Bruce Stanton, both of whom served […]