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Ontario ‘concerned’ Ottawa is putting domestic politics ahead of a NAFTA deal

Aug 16 2018 — Marieke Walsh — Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is “concerned” that Ottawa is mishandling trade talks with the United States and Mexico and putting partisan interests ahead of reaching a deal, according to senior sources. The two provincial government sources who did not have clearance to speak on the record, said Premier Doug Ford’s government believes that there is […]

Ontario minister apologizes for using ‘fake news’ term to counter critics

Aug 14 2018 — Marieke Walsh — One of Doug Ford’s most vocal cabinet ministers is apologizing for comments she made in the question period two weeks ago. Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod told reporters Tuesday her regret from the new government’s first legislative session is invoking the term “fake news,” which was popularized by President Donald Trump. MacLeod used the phrase […]

Conditions are almost perfect for a snap election

Aug 14 2018 — Susan Delacourt — Maxime Bernier probably wasn’t trying to make life easier for Justin Trudeau when he put his fellow Conservatives on the hot seat by speaking out against the prime minister’s alleged “radical multiculturalism.” And NDP leader Jagmeet Singh likely wasn’t thinking too much about boosting Liberal fortunes when he decided to shoot back at some insults […]

Could the Saudi snit be a squeeze play on Trudeau to benefit Trump and NAFTA?

Aug 12 2018 — — To be called the world’s worst oppressor of women by Saudi Arabia, as Canada has just been, is like being called a liar by Donald Trump. Comedy in hot pursuit of farce. The finger-pointing Kingdom is no country for women, old or young — despite Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ludicrous claim of total equality […]

Did The Donald put the Saudis up to their tantrum?

Aug 9 2018 — Michael Harris — Kim Don Trump seems to be at it again. No, I don’t mean the president’s attempt to dictate the terms of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. When you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, you don’t normally get to tell the investigators the questions you will answer. Nor do truthful people worry […]

Suds over drugs: Ford Nation shows its priorities

Aug 7 2018 — Susan Delacourt — Goodbye free meds; hello $1 beer. This is truly a strange time to be living in Ontario. One month after Doug Ford’s new government scaled back the OHIP+ plan — the one that gave free prescriptions to Ontarians under the age of 25 — the premier was out on Tuesday paving the way for discounted […]

Handgun ownership soared after long-gun registry ended, gun crime followed

Jul 31 2018 — Tim Naumetz — Handgun ownership in Canada soared between 2012 to 2016 after the former Harper government’s high-profile destruction of the federal long-gun registry. Handguns registered to individuals climbed 38 per cent from 485,801 in 2012 – the year the Conservative government’s Ending the Long Gun Registry Act took effect – to 673,201 in 2016. During roughly the […]

Rempel accuses Conservative colleagues of sexism over immigration policy

Jul 30 2018 — — In a rare public disagreement, a Conservative MP is publicly accusing her colleagues of sexism, saying they left her out of the loop on a key policy decision. Michelle Rempel tweeted Friday “Guess the boys met without me?” in response to a tweet by her caucus colleague and the Conservative’s foreign affairs critic Erin O’Toole. […]