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Ford’s closeness with controversial evangelical pastor is problematic

Dec 5 2018 — Michael Coren — Sometimes mailing lists can be worryingly out-of-date and inaccurate. This weekend, I received an emailed letter from Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, addressed to “Pastor Michael.” (No, I haven’t suddenly been elevated to clerical status.) “I want to extend a personal invitation to you and your pastoral staff to come to the platform […]

Feds paid Facebook $40,000 for ad showing how to cook chicken nuggets

Nov 23 2018 — — Health Canada paid Facebook $40,000 to run a video advertisement for two weeks that explains the proper way to cook chicken nuggets. The video, produced in 2016, shows someone with a plate of frozen breaded chicken nuggets pause before putting them in the microwave, after being warned not to. The ad then says to: read […]

MPs told not to talk publicly about Raj Grewal resignation

Nov 23 2018 — — The chief government whip is telling Liberal MPs not to publicly discuss outgoing MP Raj Grewal’s resignation. “I would ask that you please refrain from speculating or commenting publicly about Raj’s announcement,” reads an internal memo sent by chief government whip Mark Holland. “You can also refer any media questions to my office.” The Liberal […]

Bernier can join leaders’ debates if People’s Party meets nomination threshold: Gould

Nov 22 2018 — Marco Vigliotti — Maxime Bernier would be eligible to appear in the 2019 leaders’ debates if his upstart People’s Party successfully nominates candidates in at least 90 per cent of ridings, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould said Thursday. Under the eligibility criteria introduced by the Liberals last month, political parties must satisfy at least two out of three […]

Ford government reopens door to cash-for-access fundraising

Nov 15 2018 — Marieke Walsh — Amid a pile of sweeping changes released Thursday, the Ford government is also reopening the door to cash-for-access fundraising in Ontario. The former Liberal government got rid of the practice last year after falling under a mountain of criticism. The Liberals banned ministers, MPPs, ministerial chiefs of staff and all staff in the premier’s office […]

If Clement isn’t fit for caucus, why is he fit to be anyone’s MP?

Nov 8 2018 — Michael Harris — Though he may not know it, Tony Clement is roadkill on the information highway. This high-ranking, veteran Conservative politician is making the same mistake that Democratic U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner made: deluding himself into thinking that he doesn’t need to resign from public office after getting caught sexting. He does. It took Weiner a full […]

Sister of Ford’s shuffled transport minister represents key stakeholder

Nov 7 2018 — Marieke Walsh — The transportation minister, whom Premier Doug Ford abruptly shuffled to a different cabinet post, has a sister at the top of a key stakeholder and lobby group for the ministry of transportation. On Monday, Ford shuffled then-transportation minister John Yakabuski to the natural resources and forestry file. So far, the government has given no explanation […]

NDP accuses Ford government of telling ‘lie by omission’

Nov 6 2018 — Marieke Walsh — Ontario’s official Opposition is accusing the Doug Ford government of misleading the public about the circumstances of a senior minister’s departure from cabinet. Late on Friday, the premier’s office announced then-trade minister Jim Wilson’s resignation from cabinet and caucus, citing his need to get treatment for an addiction. However, on Monday, Global News and the […]