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The Catholic Church has an abdication of responsibility problem

Jul 30 2021 — — I’m to preach this Sunday, as I do many Sundays, and the preparation and consideration is immense and intense. The reason is that this isn’t just a speech, but a central part of a holy service, a mass, a eucharist, a time of profound significance for those in the congregation and for those leading it. […]

The demise of the ‘star candidate’ in Canadian politics

Jul 28 2021 — Andrew Perez — As Canada’s political parties gear up for a probable late-summer election, there is one key ingredient notably missing from each major party’s electoral lineup: the “star candidate.” After months of intense media speculation that a former governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, Mark Carney, would run for the Liberals, Carney […]

Converging national, global events are feeding Singh’s momentum

Jul 22 2021 — Andrew Perez — As Canadians awake to the realities of a late-summer election, much has been written about the NDP’s surging electoral prospects under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh. A recent Abacus Data public opinion poll suggests Singh is the most popular national political leader, with robust support among women, younger voters, and British Columbians.

Senators should seize the chance to outlaw conversion therapy

Jul 20 2021 — Michael Coren — Last week, I participated in an international panel on the subject of banning conversion therapy — the entirely spurious and immensely damaging procedure based on the grim notion that homosexuality is somehow undesirable, and that LGBTQ2 people can be “repaired” or converted. My contribution was meagre, but what I heard was devastating. Because I wrote […]

Process Nerd: What to remember as election speculation revs up

Jul 13 2021 — Kady O'Malley — By Process Nerd’s count, the current surge in breathless will-they-or-won’t-they speculation over a possible midsummer — or, depending on which scenario you find most plausible, early fall — trip to the polls is the third such go-round since the Liberals were demoted from majority to minority status in 2019. Needless to say, both outings were […]

Let’s worry about the destruction of people, before churches

Jul 9 2021 — Michael Coren — In recent weeks, churches in Canada have been attacked, some of them destroyed. Most have been Roman Catholic, but some were Anglican, which is the denomination in which I’m an ordained cleric. This has all happened since mass unmarked graves of Indigenous children were found on the grounds of former residential schools, which were often […]

Senators spot an opportunity to review CBC’s mandate

Jun 30 2021 — — If the Senate reviews C-10, a bill to modernize the Broadcasting Act, this fall, the mandate of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation could also come under the microscope. Sen. Percy Downe said he intends to propose amendments to C-10 that relate to the CBC, including to ensure that the national broadcaster fulfills its mandate to produce […]

Canada Day boycott may help promote truth and reconciliation

Jun 30 2021 — Michael Coren — I came to this country from Britain in 1987, when I married a Canadian. The English have for many years not been particularly explicit about their public patriotism, and a too enthusiastic waving of the flag or singing of certain songs is considered just a little too close to doubtful politics. Soccer and beer might […]

Should the Catholic Church lose it charitable tax status?

Jun 3 2021 — Michael Coren — The horror of the remains of 215 children being found at the Kamloops Indian Residential School has opened, or reopened, a wound in Canadian society. It’s reminded us of the birth defect in this country’s history, the cultural genocide of Indigenous people. So many are responsible. The state, the settler mentality, the colonial culture, the […]

The Catholic Church must atone for its role in residential schools

May 28 2021 — Michael Coren — According to the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation, the remains of 215 children have been found in the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. It’s grotesque, heartbreaking but — if we’re honest — not completely surprising. As we peel away the layers of lies and myths surrounding the treatment of Indigenous people in […]

Canada must act fast to benefit from America’s shift to electric cars

May 13 2021 — — U.S. President Joe Biden has moved quickly since his swearing-in on Jan. 20 by introducing a $2-trillion “American Jobs Plan” to rebuild the economy and revitalize infrastructure. A key pillar of the plan is a $174-billion investment to “win the EV (electric vehicle) market.” This includes supporting automakers as they transition to electrification, offering consumer […]

Process Nerd: What exactly is a Charter statement, and why are the Tories calling for a new one for C-10?

May 4 2021 — Kady O'Malley — As iPolitics reported last night, we’re still waiting to see whether the Canadian heritage committee will back a Conservative motion to hit pause on its review of the Liberals’ proposed overhaul of the broadcasting regime until the government produces an updated Charter statement — specifically, one that would address the last-minute move to scrap a […]

Census 2021: Collecting the picture of Canada

May 3 2021 — François-Philippe Champagne — In 1896, Sir Herbert Brown Ames surveyed 38,000 homes in a working-class neighbourhood in Montreal. Going home to home, he asked people about their employment, income, rent, and housing conditions. Some might have been surprised, and a bit wary, to see a stranger at the door. But the answers they gave became an invaluable portrait […]