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Trudeau cabinet adds U.S. border patrol, customs and immigration officers to firearms exemption list

Apr 17 2020 — Tim Naumetz — U.S. President Donald Trump drew a hot response from Canada when he aired a desire to plant soldiers near the Canada-U.S. border late last month. But, only two days earlier, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet quietly passed an order that renewed and radically expanded a border-related security agreement between the two countries that has been […]

Scheer calls for four in-person House sittings a week

Apr 16 2020 — Marco Vigliotti — The House of Commons should sit four times each week with a smaller contingent of MPs to question and scrutinize the federal Liberals’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, says Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. While virtual sittings have been floated as way to avoid bringing large number of MPs and staff to Parliament Hill, Scheer said […]

Process Nerd: Cross-aisle standoff looming over House recall

Apr 14 2020 — Kady O'Malley — Despite the ongoing cross-country lockdown that has shuttered businesses, schools, public services and even most provincial and territorial legislatures, Canada’s 338 federally elected MPs may soon have to abandon standard social distancing protocols in favour of a return to the cramped quarters of the Commons chamber.

Taking the fight to COVID-19

Apr 8 2020 — Quito Maggi — As we approach the end of week four in Canada’s lockdown, it’s time to start being proactive in the fight against COVID-19. A lot has been written about the need for better models, better data and better forecasts. The benefits to our healthcare system are obvious; it will improve planning for caseload management and the […]

How COVID-19 could remake Canada’s military

Apr 6 2020 — Elliot Hughes — Since everyone is either overrun with work or inundated with COVID-19 news, here’s the bottom line up front (or the BLUF in military jargon): the COVID-19 pandemic will have a material impact on all aspects of Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE), Canada’s defence policy. These changes will be felt acutely in defence funding, overseas operations, and […]

PSAC wants feds to provide childcare assistance to ‘critical’ public servants

Mar 26 2020 — Marco Vigliotti — Canada’s largest federal public service union is calling on the Trudeau government to help cover childcare expenses for federal employees working during the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools closed and many daycare facilities shuttered, federal employees deemed “critical” and still on the job are having to juggle their work responsibilities with seeking out suitable childcare, said […]

How Bill Morneau makes decisions

Mar 20 2020 — Elliot Hughes — Unprecedented. Alarming. Historic. Pick your adjective. The past week has been unlike any in recent memory. Here in Canada, as in many other countries, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily life have been deep, swift, and unsettling. And while everyone is still trying to figure out how the crisis will affect them, and […]

Trudeau set to unveil new measures to combat spread of COVID-19

Mar 16 2020 — Kady O'Malley — Amid growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus across Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to emerge from his voluntary self-isolation once again to update Canadians on his minority government’s ongoing efforts to prevent further outbreaks. According to the advisory provided by his office, Trudeau will outline the next steps in the country-wide […]

Process Nerd: Tories set the stage for non-confidence vote with latest supply debate gambit

Feb 19 2020 — Kady O'Malley — Haul out those fancy red-letter pens, parliamentary historian. After just 19 sitting days, the Conservatives are ready to bring down the Trudeau government, courtesy of the no-frills motion of non-confidence that appears on the latest notice paper — standing, it’s worth noting, in the name of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer himself — and could be […]

Trudeau statement on Canadian gun law sparks Conservative outrage in Commons

Feb 6 2020 — Tim Naumetz — Three Conservative MPs clashed with Public Safety Minister Bill Blair Thursday over opposition claims that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misled the Commons in an earlier question period bout over Liberal plans to bring in U.S.-styled “red flag” laws. The legislation would open new avenues for citizens and abused women to access police or the courts […]

Why the Conservatives are losing the culture war

Jan 30 2020 — Alan Freeman — We didn’t learn much about Peter MacKay’s ideas or policies as he launched his leadership bid for the Conservative Party of Canada last week but we did learn lots about his favourite pastimes. MacKay says his go-to sports are hockey and bare-knuckle boxing and he can’t wait to challenge Justin Trudeau to a fight under […]