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Sana Hassainia Quits NDP

Aug 20 2014 — Hugo de Grandpré — Quebec MP slams the door on the NDP over its position on Israel and harshly criticizes Mulcair’s leadership. Sana Hassainia, elected in 2011 in the riding of Vercheres-Les Patriotes in the wake of the Orange Wave, now sits as an independent in the House of Commons.

Un geste significatif

Jun 3 2014 — Robert Asselin — En annonçant hier un plan de lutte sérieux contre les changements climatiques, le président américain Obama a posé l’un des gestes les plus significatifs de sa présidence. L’objectif annoncé par l’Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) de réduire de 30% d’ici 2030 les émissions de carbone par rapport à celles de 2005 représente le plus grand effort […]

Ottawa fears love affair has compromised national security

Feb 13 2014 — Vincent Larouche — A drama worthy of the TV series Homeland is shaking Ottawa: La Press has learned that a senior investigator with the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team has been suspended over a suspected relationship with one of its targets, an Iranian businessman who found himself in the crosshairs of the RCMP.

Prostitution: Ottawa wants to criminalize clients

Jan 10 2014 — Hugo de Grandpré — The criminalization of clients should be part of the amendments proposed by the Harper government’s prostitution laws in Canada, says Justice Minister Peter MacKay. In a telephone interview with La Presse yesterday, Mr. MacKay said he would investigate what is happening elsewhere in the world to respond to the decision of the Supreme Court in […]