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Lawyers unhappy with CBA over tax stance

Sep 18 2017 — Dale Smith — The Canadian Bar Association’s decision to join with other small business groups in protesting the federal government’s planned changes to private incorporation tax rules has some lawyers revoking their membership in protest, saying that it’s not something they should be fighting against. “I don’t feel like I was adequately consulted before they took this position,” […]

Donald Bayne wins 2016 Catzman Award

Aug 15 2016 — — The Advocates’ Society has announced this year’s Catzman award will go to Donald Bayne. The Ottawa criminal lawyer is known for defending high-profile clients in complicated cases throughout the years at all levels of courts. Last year, Bayne successfully defended Senator Mike Duffy against charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust in his trial. […]

Charges rare as decisions go back two decades

Aug 5 2014 — — Of the 31 criminal charges suspended Sen. Mike Duffy is facing in relation to his expense claims, the two that have received the most public attention are among the most rarely prosecuted sections in the Criminal Code. The most relevant case law in defining the elements of the offences of bribery of a judicial officer […]