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Canada needs to rethink its innovation policy to meet grand challenges

Sep 14 2020 — Robert Asselin — We live in an era increasingly defined by grand challenges: a global pandemic, an unsettling new geopolitical order, and an economy shaped by complex issues such as climate change, rising inequality, and demographic shifts. These challenges require us to think about public policy differently, with a bolder vision. More than ever, Canada’s economic success relies […]

We lost our fiscal anchor. We’re going to need a new one

Sep 9 2020 — Robert Asselin — The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of Canadian public policy. Its public health effects are the most significant priority in the short run. But its substantial economic and fiscal effects may be even more significant over the long run. The pandemic will continue to suppress economic activity for the foreseeable future. Even if […]

Remembering Aileen Carroll

Apr 21 2020 — — I am saddened to learn that Aileen Carroll has passed. I would like to share my condolences with her family and friends. I worked for Aileen as her Chief of Staff from 2003-2005 when she was Minister for International Development and responsible for Canada’s International Development Agency (CIDA). There are so many memories of her […]

Why my sons will never be public servants…

Jun 16 2015 — Chrystia Chudczak — Harsh words, eh? But necessary. Because they see my journey and that of my spouse. Who left the federal public service years ago. My sons are smart in different ways. Number two gets numbers, is a technician and strives for perfection. Kind of fits into the modern public service profile that has yet to be […]