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The Scheer climate plan: whatever

Jun 20 2019 — Paul Wells — Eventually everything in Canadian politics swallows itself whole. When he ran for the Liberal leadership in 2006, Stéphane Dion didn’t like carbon taxes. This was because (a) he had a cap-and-trade plan that would achieve similar results but would be harder to understand, and Dion is a born complicator; (b) his opponent Michael Ignatieff wanted […]

A new 338Canada/Maclean’s projection: Tories in the lead

Jun 17 2019 — — The House of Commons will soon adjourn for a summer break that will last until the writ is drawn up in late August or early September. Unless some major and unexpected event occurs, Canadians will head to the polls on Oct. 21 to choose the MPs of the 43rd federal legislature. There were six new […]

The real reason politicians love the Raptors

Jun 11 2019 — Dennis Matthews — The easy answer to explain why the Raptors bandwagon is gaining passengers by the day is to point to the wins. And they’ve played a part, no doubt. But it’s also undeniable that the Raptors—and, indeed, the sport of basketball itself—are having a Canadian moment that’s bigger than an epic playoff journey. Corporations get this. […]

Trudeau’s unrequited love for China

Jun 6 2019 — Paul Wells — Writing stuff down is almost always a bad idea. Justin Trudeau had been a candidate for the federal Liberal leadership for six weeks when he published a column in the Financial Post, in November of 2012, decrying Stephen Harper’s clumsiness on China. “The Conservatives kicked off their stewardship of the relationship with unhelpful sabre-rattling, followed […]

Jane Philpott faces long odds of re-election

Jun 6 2019 — — On Monday, we presented a poll showing that Jody Wilson-Raybould was currently competitive as an Independent candidate in the district of Vancouver Granville. Today, we take a look at fellow Independent Jane Philpott’s district of Markham-Stouffville, a suburb of Toronto located in the all-crucial GTA region of Ontario. In 2015, Philpott won the newly created […]

Jody Wilson-Raybould has the lead over Trudeau’s Liberals

Jun 3 2019 — — An exclusive 338Canada/Mainstreet poll puts the Independent narrowly ahead of the Liberals in her riding, with a shot at re-election. Last Monday, Jody Wilson-Raybould held a press conference in her home district of Vancouver Granville to announce she will be running as an Independent candidate in the next general election this fall. There had been […]

Andrew Scheer walks the gauntlet

May 31 2019 — Stephen Maher — Andrew Scheer stands a pretty good chance of winning the election in October, but before anyone calls him prime minister he will have to pass through a gauntlet of critics who will try to convince voters that he is too extreme to be trusted. To ward off those attacks, Scheer will have to sound reasonable […]

Why Ottawa can’t have nice things

May 30 2019 — Stephen Maher — If you have never walked across the Alexandra Bridge to Ottawa from Gatineau on a sunny day, with the light sparkling on the Ottawa River below and the wooden boardwalk full of pedestrians and cyclists, you should try to do so. For one thing, if you pay taxes in this country, you have helped pay […]

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott on the power of one

May 27 2019 — Anne Kingston — In announcements as carefully choreographed as a Busby Berkeley musical, former Liberal cabinet ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott cleaved to the “doing politics differently” mantra that initially drew them to the partisan arena. Wilson-Raybould spoke at Marpole Neighbourhood House in the Vancouver Granville riding at 12 EST on Monday, Philpott at Reesor’s Farm Market […]

Philpott and JWR: How the mighty have not yet fallen

May 27 2019 — Paul Wells — Jane Philpott stood in white at a food store in her riding of Markham-Stouffville and proclaimed the revolution. “I didn’t lose my voice,” the former minister of health, and then of Indigenous Services, and then President of the Treasury Board, and then of nothing but her will, told a crowd of supporters and journalists. “I […]

What’s wrong with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP?

May 27 2019 — — Polling numbers for the federal New Democrats have not been kind in the past two years. Ever since Tom Mulcair’s ousting in 2016 and the nomination of Jagmeet Singh as leader in the fall of 2017, the NDP has not been able to gain any kind traction in public opinion. In fact, when we look […]