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How Canadians can boycott Donald Trump

Jun 11 2018 — Scott Gilmore — Here’s a list of companies owned by Trump and his family, as well as companies that sell Trump goods. Let’s hit him where it hurts, shall we? You all have your reasons. Some are furious about domestic policies that lock child asylum seekers in cages. For others, it’s a foreign policy that supports Russia and […]

How far will Trump go against Canada? Just watch him.

Jun 10 2018 — Evan Solomon — These are now the most dangerous days of the Trudeau era. An escalating trade war with the United States has turned into a deeply personal showdown between the leaders, and now Donald Trump is threatening to hit Canada with a 25 per cent tariff on Canadian autos. “That would be close to an existential threat […]

The G7 should become the G8 again—with India in the fold

Jun 7 2018 — Shuvaloy Majumdar — On Jun. 26, 2002, at a summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, then-Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien made it official. The alliance of advanced industrialized democracies previously known as the “Group of Seven”—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States—would be admitting its eighth member: the Russian Federation. “This decision reflects the remarkable […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll shows Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath in photo finish

Jun 6 2018 — Paul Wells — They’re all tied up, 38-38-17. That’s how the major Ontario political parties stack up on the day before the final vote in a historic provincial election, according to the final instalment of a Pollara Strategic Insights tracking poll for Maclean’s. Using the last three days of responses from a rolling mixed-method (online and telephone) survey […]

How Doug Ford could help us get electoral reform

Jun 5 2018 — Stephen Maher — As this goat rodeo of an election comes to its chaotic and dismaying conclusion, it looks like 39 per cent of Ontario voters are about to hand the Progressive Conservatives a majority in spite of that party’s sustained and surprisingly creative effort to demonstrate that it should not be trusted to run a tractor pull, […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll: Ford’s advance edge

Jun 5 2018 — Paul Wells — The Maclean’s-Pollara tracking poll is still way too close for any certainty about the outcome of Thursday’s election, but with only two days left to go, Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives seem to be consolidating their advantage. The PC lead among decided voters is still within the margin of error, at 39 per cent […]

Ontario election 2018 poll: Doug Ford gains an advantage

Jun 4 2018 — Paul Wells — A new day’s sample on a rolling tracking poll won’t show much change, but the latest addition to the Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll suggests the Progressive Conservatives might have the edge in the campaign’s home stretch. The mixed sample—telephone and online—of 1,275 eligible voters was conducted from May 31 to June 3, with Sunday’s sample […]

Trade sanctions against America won’t work. Sanctioning Trump himself might.

Jun 1 2018 — Scott Gilmore — French President Emmanuel Macron, who entertained President Trump with pomp, circumstance, and backslaps could not prevent him from abandoning the Paris Agreement. Germany’s persuasive Chancellor Angela Merkel could not stop him from undermining NATO. And our own government’s exhaustive diplomatic campaign has failed to protect us from the punishing steel tariffs announced today in Washington.

Bob Rae responds: ‘At some point, the lies have to be answered’

Jun 1 2018 — Bob Rae — Amid criticism on the campaign trail of his time as Ontario’s premier, Bob Rae defends the legacy of his NDP government. The first of 1st-century Jerusalem scholar Rabbi Hillel’s famous three questions put it most succinctly: “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?” There are many who suggest that for […]

Kathleen Wynne can feel your pain

May 24 2018 — Shannon Proudfoot — Kathleen Wynne has an interesting theory about the job of a politician. A few hours after dissolving the 41st Parliament of Ontario to launch her re-election campaign, she was discussing how she processes the public animosity toward her. She’s talked to thousands of people in her career, she says, and there are very few who […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario poll: Only the NDP is gaining support

May 23 2018 — Paul Wells — Support for the Ontario Liberal Party is collapsing, leaving Andrea Horwath’s surging New Democrats in a statistical tie with Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives for first place in Ontario’s provincial election, according to a new poll. The online poll of 870 eligible voters, conducted on Monday and Tuesday for Maclean’s by Pollara Strategic Insights, shows that […]

Bill Morneau, Kinder Morgan and Texas Hold‘em bluffing

May 16 2018 — Evan Solomon — The Trans Mountain pipeline has become a high stakes game of Texas Hold’em against a profitable Texas-based oil company, and the federal finance minister just called their bluff. In a Wednesday morning press conference, Bill Morneau announced that the government is “willing to indemnify the Trans Mountain expansion against unnecessary delays that are politically motivated,” […]