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Trudeau and Kenney: Well, this was coming

Apr 24 2019 — Paul Wells — Over-dramatizing is an occupational hazard in my line of work, and you’re right, I’m not immune. A lot of the coverage about Jason Kenney’s election, and the situation it puts Justin Trudeau in, might suggest it’s some kind of unprecedented thing. No, it is amply precedented. Precedented in many ways. At the most general level, […]

A new vote projection points to a historic Green win in P.E.I.

Apr 21 2019 — — The 66th Prince Edward Island general election will be held this Tuesday. Rarely does P.E.I. politics get centre stage in the national Canadian media, but opinion polls conducted in the past months indicate that P.E.I. could soon be led by the very first Green Party Government in Canadian history. However, three main factors make the […]

The rise of an uncaring Canada

Apr 21 2019 — Andray Domise — Last week, Frank Graves of EKOS tweeted a rather alarming finding. According to a poll conducted between April 3 to 10, 40 per cent of Canadians said they believe there are “too many “visible minorities coming to Canada.” This was, according to Graves, the first time that EKOS had found such a result in the […]

Justin Trudeau has only one option now: fight

Apr 17 2019 — Stephen Maher — Jason Kenney is about to become premier of Alberta because he managed to make the election into a referendum on who had a better plan for his province: him or Justin Trudeau. Until October, Trudeau will have to return the favour, campaigning against Kenney in the rest of the country, using Kenney as a rhetorical […]

After Alberta’s election, ‘nothing good to come’

Apr 17 2019 — Jen Gerson — If you look up the Alberta government’s own economic review and indicators, you eventually land on a page filled with headlines like this; Alberta labour market softening, Alberta inflation cools, Trade sector stabilizing following recent weaknesses, shipments fall with lower energy prices, Alberta employment starts 2019 on a weak note.

The new Liberal strategy: turn into Conservatives

Apr 11 2019 — Andrew MacDougall — Hark! Word comes from Ottawa of the vaunted channel change from SNC-Lavalin! With everyone busy rubbernecking the multi-car, highway-closing SNC-Lavalin pile up, Finance Minister Bill Morneau went ahead and tabled his budget implementation bill. And buried in that 392-page (!) behemoth was a change to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that would make it […]

Rachel Notley on why the NDP deserves a second chance

Apr 11 2019 — Jen Gerson — The Alberta premier talks to Jen Gerson about her economic plan, her working relationship with Justin Trudeau and what it will really take to get Trans Mountain built. Only days before Albertans prepared to go to the polls, NDP leader Rachel Notley sat down with Jen Gerson to discuss pipelines, her political relationship with Justin […]

Are we really okay with Jason Kenney?

Apr 7 2019 — Jen Gerson — Since the writ has dropped, I have been slow to write about what has become a clear and malignant “bozo eruption” problem within the United Conservative Party. Other media outlets and columnists are already offering reporting and insight into the numerous examples of UCP candidates who have publicly offered dodgy, racist, or homophobic comments in […]

The one and only person to blame for the SNC-Lavalin scandal

Apr 5 2019 — Andrew McDougall — The Liberals and their surrogates would like you to know they’re sick and tired of the media’s continued scrutiny of SNC-Lavalin, a.k.a. the great vampire squid wrapped around the face of Justin Trudeau’s government. “Could someone set up a [Jody Wilson-Raybould] & [Jane Philpott] channel so any of us who think we’ve heard them offer […]

In the abandoned ruins of Ottawa

Apr 5 2019 — Paul Wells — Jody Wilson-Raybould’s and Jane Philpott’s place in or out of the Liberal caucus matters less than most of the two-month SNC-Lavalin drama. A parliamentary caucus is not a rules organization, it’s a trust organization. Liberals no longer trusted the two former ministers, in part because clearly neither trusts the Prime Minister. So out they went. […]

The RCMP have questions for Jason Kenney’s team on voter fraud allegations

Mar 28 2019 — Jason Markusoff — A conservative operative named Hardyal “Happy” Mann was fined $9,000 Wednesday donating someone else’s money to the 2017 UCP leadership campaign of Jeff Callaway, the “kamikaze” candidate that Jason Kenney’s campaign coordinated to attack his key rival, Brian Jean. Alberta’s election commissioner has now levied $35,000 in fines for improper donations and other misdeeds on […]