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Ontario muzzles taxpayer watchdog in election spending clampdown

Nov 23 2017 — — Aesthetically speaking, the website of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation isn’t great. The graphics are outdated. The layout isn’t user-friendly. And the whole site looks terrible on your phone. It could use an upgrade—and if you were to say as much to CTF staff, they’d probably agree: they’re in the midst of an overhaul intended to […]

Can white male CEOs bring diversity to corporate Canada?

Nov 23 2017 — Anne Kingston — On Wednesday, Deloitte Canada issued “Outcomes over optics: Building inclusive organizations,” a report that implores Canadian business leaders to take a “more courageous” stance to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. The subject is perennially timely; representation of women and visible minorities has increased in past decades in corporate Canada yet remains low while inequities persist. […]

Quebec without equalization?

Nov 23 2017 — Paul Wells — One of my superstitions is that when you watch a televised leaders’ debate, if there’s one leader everyone else is facing with an angry expression, that’s who’ll win the election. One leader sets the agenda, the others react. It actually doesn’t matter much who’s right on the facts: what matters is who’s making everyone dance.

Jagmeet Singh and the shunning of Parliament

Nov 20 2017 — Evan Solomon — If the Doomsday seers are right, this is the end times for some of the most important elements of our democracy. Newspapers, for example, have been hit by a digital meteor. The Shattered Mirror, a Public Policy Forum report on the future of news reads like an archeologist’s treatise on an extinction event. “In 1950 […]

Andrew Scheer of the suburbs vs Justin Trudeau and his throngs

Nov 15 2017 — John Geddes — The new Conservative ad that shows Andrew Scheer wandering through a suburban idyll—folks perched on freshly painted park benches hailing him, desirable three-bedroom backsplits in the background—gets across a lot in a succinct 30 seconds. “Conservatives want to see every Canadian prosper,” the Tory leader says, neatly summing up the message “I’m Andrew Scheer” is […]

The myth of Justin Trudeau’s youthful government

Nov 13 2017 — Catherine McIntyre — There’s a wave of youngsters taking office worldwide—or so headlines will have you believe. Certainly, more political leaders are skewing young these days. Canada’s three major parties are now each led by late Gen-Xers (Justin Trudeau, 45, Andrew Scheer, 38, and Jagmeet Singh, 38). Likewise, France and New Zealand recently elected their first leaders to […]

Before you go: why we don’t publicly express love

Nov 11 2017 — Evan Solomon — He was, among other things, Canada’s most famous lip kisser. Even as the enigmatic Gord Downie transcended labels—musician, poet, activist—as he became a kind of Canadian medium, channeling the complicated mythologies of a people who celebrate the struggle against oversimplified clichés of patriotism, his spontaneous lip kissing of his bandmates, his friends, interviewers—did he really […]

On ‘Climate Barbie,’ and the plight of the Man Un-Laughed-With

Nov 10 2017 — Tabatha Southey — Last week, during a news conference, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna responded to a question from Rebel Media journalist Christopher Wilson by asking if he, and Rebel Media in general, would commit to not using the #ClimateBarbie hashtag of which they are so fond, and stop calling her “Climate Barbie.” Wilson said that he “personally” […]

Justin Trudeau’s mid-life crisis

Nov 9 2017 — John Geddes — Serving in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet looked, at the outset, quite literally like a walk in the park. Images of the lucky chosen strolling in all their gender-balanced, ethnically diverse glory up Rideau Hall’s tree-lined lane to be sworn in on Nov. 4, 2015, has lasted as the iconic, bucolic image of this Liberal government’s beginnings.

Garnett Genuis: The 2017 Parliamentarian of the Year

Nov 7 2017 — Paul Wells — Garnett Genuis is no ordinary Parliamentarian of the Year. Of the 10 recipients of the prize since its inception, he is, by more than a decade, the youngest. He has the least parliamentary experience—like nearly 200 other MPs, he was elected for the first time in the bumper rookie crop of 2015. He has the […]

Stephen Harper’s no-good advice on NAFTA

Oct 31 2017 — Stephen Maher — Stephen Harper should write a book and take a break from writing memos. The former prime minister, an astute political analyst who wrote one book in his spare time, could fill in some blank pages in our history books and settle scores with his many foes. And it would give him something useful to do […]

Stephen Harper’s NAFTA memo shows how little the former PM has changed

Oct 31 2017 — Paul Wells — For a guy whose staff says he has foresworn any comment on his successor, Stephen Harper is turning into a bit of a chatty Kathy. First, during the heady days in July when it seemed Conservatives would campaign relentlessly against Justin Trudeau’s out-of-court settlement with Omar Khadr, Harper wrote on his Facebook page that the […]

There will be no justice in the prison death of Soleiman Faqiri

Oct 30 2017 — Evan Solomon — “The nightmare continues,” Yusuf Faqiri says after reading the shocking response from the Kawartha Lakes Police Service regarding the brutal death his brother, Soleiman Faqiri. “We have waited almost an entire year to hear this horrible news.” Back on Dec. 4, 2016, Solieman was incarcerated in the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ont. The […]

Welcome to your post-process years, Justin Trudeau

Oct 25 2017 — Paul Wells — Colleague John Geddes had an insight about yesterday’s economic statement from Finance Minister Bill Morneau that deserves more attention and some amplification: Last fall’s version of the annual update [Geddes writes] was all about long-term plans for ensuring Canada’s prosperity decades from now in a fiercely competitive world; this year’s is all about converting today’s […]

Bill Morneau, Canada’s very expensive finance minister

Oct 24 2017 — Stephen Maher — When Bill Morneau stands in the House of Commons on Tuesday to deliver the fall fiscal update, he will be hoping desperately that what he announces will be splendid enough that Canadians take note. For weeks, stories about Morneau and his bungled files have been preventing his boss, Justin Trudeau, from getting the feel-good coverage […]