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Are we really okay with Jason Kenney?

Apr 7 2019 — Jen Gerson — Since the writ has dropped, I have been slow to write about what has become a clear and malignant “bozo eruption” problem within the United Conservative Party. Other media outlets and columnists are already offering reporting and insight into the numerous examples of UCP candidates who have publicly offered dodgy, racist, or homophobic comments in […]

The one and only person to blame for the SNC-Lavalin scandal

Apr 5 2019 — Andrew McDougall — The Liberals and their surrogates would like you to know they’re sick and tired of the media’s continued scrutiny of SNC-Lavalin, a.k.a. the great vampire squid wrapped around the face of Justin Trudeau’s government. “Could someone set up a [Jody Wilson-Raybould] & [Jane Philpott] channel so any of us who think we’ve heard them offer […]

In the abandoned ruins of Ottawa

Apr 5 2019 — Paul Wells — Jody Wilson-Raybould’s and Jane Philpott’s place in or out of the Liberal caucus matters less than most of the two-month SNC-Lavalin drama. A parliamentary caucus is not a rules organization, it’s a trust organization. Liberals no longer trusted the two former ministers, in part because clearly neither trusts the Prime Minister. So out they went. […]

The RCMP have questions for Jason Kenney’s team on voter fraud allegations

Mar 28 2019 — Jason Markusoff — A conservative operative named Hardyal “Happy” Mann was fined $9,000 Wednesday donating someone else’s money to the 2017 UCP leadership campaign of Jeff Callaway, the “kamikaze” candidate that Jason Kenney’s campaign coordinated to attack his key rival, Brian Jean. Alberta’s election commissioner has now levied $35,000 in fines for improper donations and other misdeeds on […]

Are you Liberals or are you Trudeau’s men and women?

Mar 27 2019 — Andrew MacDougall — When a leader increases their party’s seat count from 36 to 184, as Justin Trudeau did in his majority-winning 2015 election campaign, he’s entitled to some good will. The question now staring Trudeau’s Liberals in the face is: how much? It’s a question at least some of the herd must be asking after their colleagues […]

On the elimination of inconvenient Liberals

Mar 27 2019 — Paul Wells — We have learned so much. Within minutes Monday afternoon, two good reporters had stories (here and here) about the Chief Justice of Manitoba, who was a candidate to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and who, later, wasn’t. Both reporters unfurled similar yarns about a lone Prime Minister standing athwart the tide […]

Justin Trudeau’s only way out of this scandal

Mar 25 2019 — Tom Parkin — The SNC-Lavalin scandal, now in its seventh week, has led to five resignations and a precipitous drop in Liberal Party support. And there’s no end in sight. There’s only one sure exit from this scandal. The question now is whether the Trudeau Liberal government is willing to consider it. Or determined to continue bleeding, everyday. […]

Anne McLellan’s appointment: one more bumbling bid to bury SNC-Lavalin

Mar 22 2019 — Anne Kingston — This week’s appointment of former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan as a “special advisor” to the Prime Minister continues the government’s bumbling campaign to wrest control of the SNC-Lavalin narrative so they can bury it six-feet under. Here, it appears, the goal is to magically switch the SNC-Lavalin conversation from discussion of political interference in […]

Jane Philpott: ‘There’s much more to the story that needs to be told’

Mar 21 2019 — Paul Wells — In an exclusive interview with Paul Wells, the former Treasury Board president says: ‘we actually owe it to Canadians as politicians to ensure that they have the truth.’ Jane Philpott was deeply ambivalent about talking earlier this week when she welcomed a Maclean’s reporter to her MP’s office in the Confederation Building across the street […]

Trudeau/Morneau’s book of surprises

Mar 19 2019 — Paul Wells — Here and there you still find glimpses of an activist and imaginative government. I’ll get to the big numbers, but I was struck, and encouraged, by a smaller one. On page 156 of Bill Morneau’s 460-page 2019 federal budget there’s $30.5 million over five years for expanded access to safe prescription opioids, “protecting people with […]

What really happened inside the Alberta UCP’s ‘kamikaze’ campaign

Mar 19 2019 — Jen Gerson — New evidence shows it was backed in part by a quiet $60,000 payment from a corporate entity into the personal account of a staffer. Alberta United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney and his senior campaign team aided and coordinated with a ‘kamikaze’ candidate to undermine rival Brian Jean during a 2017 leadership contest; further, that […]