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April Ryan: There Is ‘Mass Hysteria’ in the White House Over Possible Mueller Firing

Jun 12 2017 — — submit to reddit American Urban Radio Networks White House Correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan said on CNN tonight she’s heard from a source there is “mass hysteria” in the White House over the possibility of President Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a close Trump confidante, said tonight–-after being […]

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Torpedoes Yet Another Donald Trump Adviser

Aug 21 2016 — — Former CNN White House Correspondent and current anchor Brianna Keilar scored what was easily the quote of the week, and what many are calling the quote of this campaign, when she flummoxed Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen with a beautifully simple three-word answer. This weekend, Keilar may have topped herself with another blunt, brutal assessment […]

Stelter Tears Into Hannity for ‘Reckless’ Boosting of Clinton Health Conspiracies

Aug 14 2016 — — All of last week, Sean Hannity was mainstreaming conspiracy garbage about Hillary Clinton‘s health. He brought in medical experts with no direct knowledge of Clinton’s health situation to baselessly speculate on what could be happening with her. (The Washington Post has a good breakdown here of just how all-in he went on this nonsense.) CNN’s […]

Trump Stands by Stephanopoulos; Also Donated to Clinton Foundation

May 14 2015 — — There is nothing inherently surprising about ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos donating money to the Clinton Foundation over the last several years, a fact he failed to disclose and for which he is now repeatedly apologizing. But Donald Trump? The Hill reported Thursday that the real estate mogul/presidential wannabe has given between $100,000 and $250,000 to […]