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Most in B.C. want proportional representation, but divided on NDP plans: poll

May 10 2018 — — Those who want to replace our voting system in B.C. hold a double-digit lead over supporters of the current electoral system, a new province-wide poll has found. But while 57 per cent of British Columbians want proportional representation — in which the number of seats more closely reflects the popular vote — they’re split over […]

Eliminating racial discrimination about more than apologies

Mar 21 2018 — Vicky Mochama — When it comes to racism, Canada is not what it claims to be. Every year on March 21, the United Nations marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We will be marking this day again next year. And probably the year after that too. In the last few years, the Canadian government […]

Conflating advocacy with extremist violence is dangerous and racist

Mar 19 2018 — — When Jagmeet Singh, an observant Sikh, was elected NDP leader last fall, he became the first non-white person to lead a major federal political party. In a post-victory interview with the CBC’s Terry Milewski, Singh was asked to denounce Sikhs who venerate Talwinder Parmar, who is widely thought to have been the mastemind of the […]

Celina Caesar-Chavannes was right. Bernier does need to check his privilege

Mar 8 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Two Parliamentarians got into it over the government’s decision to put several million dollars towards Black and racialized communities in Canada. Conservative MP Maxime Bernier took issue with the use of the word “racialized” in a tweet by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Bernier wrote, “…What’s the purpose of this awful jargon? To create more division […]

Budget’s investment in women is not ideological fluff

Feb 28 2018 — Vicky Mochama — With the Liberal government’s third budget, we’re promised a series of investments for women and for families. Budget 2018 aims much of its feminist force at ensuring the participation of women in the workforce and to getting them into higher paying jobs. It announces a plan — but no price tag — on pay equity […]

Liberals budget must pay women and girls what they’re owed

Feb 26 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Ahead of this year’s budget, which will be unveiled on Tuesday, there are a few priorities around gender, especially for women and girls, that I hope will be reflected. Last year’s budget promised $100.9 million over five years for a national strategy to prevent gender-based violence; the majority of that investment — $77.5 million — […]

Against the sabotaging noise, women are devoted to getting the work done

Feb 22 2018 — Vicky Mochama — After trying to ignore the Climate Change Barbie insult coined by alt-right website Rebel Media, environment minister Catherine McKenna snapped when a former Conservative minister used the smear late last year. Rather than continue to ignore it, and against the advice of her staff, she answered a question about it during a scrum. “My daughters […]

Pipeline feud finally hit public where it hurts — their wine glasses

Feb 9 2018 — Vicky Mochama — One hundred and fifty years ago, Confederation began with wine and vague threats. This moment is the future the founders wanted. The discontent between Alberta and British Columbia over the Trans-Mountain pipeline has finally hit the public where it hurts: their wine glasses. After the B.C. environment minister announced that the government would look into […]

Trudeau is right to call anti-immigrant groups racist

Feb 7 2018 — Vicky Mochama — On Saturday, a 28-year-old Italian man shot at African migrants, injuring one woman and five men in a central Italian town. Over a two-hour period, the man shot from his car at Black migrants from “Nigeria, Ghana, the Gambia and Mali” according to RAI state television. The shooter is being charged with attempted murder with […]

As Ottawa mulls labour code update, culture change clearly needed

Feb 5 2018 — Vicky Mochama — #MeToo has opened the floodgates and the waters are beginning to hit the Canadian political landscape. In politics, as in many workplaces, harassment and abuse can run rampant if unchecked. Every federal party is dealing with this. On Thursday Jagmeet Singh announced that the NDP would investigate a complaint regarding Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir, whose […]

Much left unsaid during Trudeau’s public reckoning with Black people

Jan 31 2018 — Vicky Mochama — While watching the prime minister’s announcement Tuesday that Canada would finally recognize the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent, I found myself agog. When I’m expecting to be disappointed, it’s rare that I’m also surprised. Frankly, the announcement went as expected. Which isn’t saying much. Two days before the beginning of Black […]

To advocate successfully, we must advocate specifically

Jan 22 2018 — Vicky Mochama — Women everywhere are facing incredible, though not insurmountable, challenges. It was apparent at the Women’s March this year and last year. And in how the #MeToo movement has spotlighted a pervasive culture of harassment and sexual abuse. As federal policy is being crafted right now around accessibility, there is one group I’d like to highlight. […]

House of Commons must consider paid parental leave

Jan 18 2018 — Vicky Mochama — There might be more babies in the House of Commons, and, for once, that’s not a complaint about its members. Karina Gould, the minister for democratic institutions, is set to be the first female cabinet member (though not the first MP) to have a child while in office, according to the Globe and Mail. (The […]

Why is the onus on women to take radical actions?

Jan 11 2018 — Vicky Mochama — I’ve had quite enough and I am moving to Iceland. On Jan. 1, the plucky island nation became the first country to pass legislation making equal pay the law. Or I could do what the BBC’s China editor has chosen to do: quit. Carrie Grace, a senior journalist at the BBC for over 30 years, […]