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What Garneau’s ouster says about Trudeau

Oct 29 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — The shabby treatment of Marc Garneau, leaving him out in the cold in the federal cabinet shuffle, is a reminder of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s sense of entitlement and the dynastic airs of the Liberal Party. It’s precisely the reason that once every generation, Canadians decide they’ve had enough of their arrogance as Canada’s natural […]

Eventful federal campaign might settle nothing

Sep 16 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — Too close to call. For once, it’s not a cliché or cop-out by pollsters, pols and pundits. The fact of the matter is that with only a few days to go in Campaign 2021, nobody has a good sense of how it’s going to end. If there’s a consensus in the daily tracking polls, it’s […]

Area codes and other key election numbers

Sep 13 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — In the final days of the campaign, the area codes in which the leaders are appearing provide a look ahead to the battlegrounds of election night. Justin Trudeau began Sunday morning in 450, the suburban ring around the island of Montreal, where the Liberals hope to gain several seats from the Bloc Québécois. Then he […]

Lots at stake in federal leaders’ debates

Aug 30 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — We’re now in the run-up to the three leaders’ debates of the federal election campaign, of which the first two will be in French this Thursday and next Wednesday, Sept. 8, with the one in English the following night, Sept. 9. In effect, two-thirds of the six hours of prime time will be in the […]

Careful what you wish for, Justin Trudeau

Aug 23 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — Your response to a poll always depends on the question, but timing is also important, and the context looking forward is often unforeseeable. For example, seven respondents in 10 told pollster Nik Nanos at the end of July they didn’t want a summer election, but more than eight in 10 surveyed by Abacus Data in […]

Trudeau personifies the Liberals, in best and worst sense

Aug 16 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — One thing about Justin Trudeau: he stays on message, repetitively and relentlessly. As for calling a pandemic election, he reminded Canadians again that “from Day 1 we’ve had your back.” And in case voters have forgotten, he reminded them he still represents “the middle class and those working hard to join it.” As for the […]

Climate looms large on list of Trudeau’s broken promises

Aug 10 2021 — Tom Mulcair — Canadians are getting ready to go to the polls for the second time in less than two years, and the result will have a determining effect on the economy, the environment and social programs. Justin Trudeau has followed the pattern of previous Liberal governments: governing by polling and focus groups, and achieving very little in […]

Task Force on Linguistic Policy fights for Quebecers’ rights

Aug 3 2021 — — In early June, Quebecers of all backgrounds, but especially English-speaking Quebecers, were struck by a double-whammy that could marginalize our community forever. This toxic combination is Bill 96, the Legault government’s legislation to strengthen Bill 101, and Bill C-32, the Trudeau government’s legislation to revamp the Official Languages Act.

Will anyone in Ottawa stand up to Legault?

Jul 14 2021 — Tom Mulcair — Keep an eye on which federal party leader might have the courage to finally break away from the pack mentality and defend minority rights. In the run-up to the election, the federal political parties have been falling over each other trying to be the first in line to kiss François Legault’s ring. That gives the […]

Pierre Trudeau more popular in Canada than Justin (except in Quebec): survey

Jul 5 2021 — — While François Legault edges Doug Ford nationally in popularity, that lead is anchored in Quebec, where Ford nevertheless has a 52-per-cent approval rating. The late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who served as Canada’s prime minister for more than 15 years and died more than two decades ago, remains more popular nationally than the current office holder, […]

This summer is no time for Quebec anglos to relax

Jun 27 2021 — Robert Libman — This weekend marks the unofficial end of the political season. The National Assembly and House of Commons have broken for their summer recesses, and politics takes a deep breath for two months. In between corn roasts and other local events, life should be relatively quiet for MPs and MNAs. For Quebec’s anglophone community, however, this […]

Prominent anglos unite to fight changes to language laws

Jun 25 2021 — Philip Authier — A group of English-speaking Quebecers is forming a task force to oppose language law reforms proposed by the Quebec and federal governments. Describing Quebec’s language reform legislation Bill 96, and Ottawa’s Bill C-32 reforming the Official Languages Act, as a “toxic combination” for English-speaking Quebecers, the task force is being brought together by constitutional lawyer […]