National Newswatch

PQ pulls itself up in latest poll, leads among francophone voters

Sep 22 2017 — — The struggling Parti Québécois has managed to dig its way out of a hole and has caught up to the Coalition Avenir Québec in voter opinion — even surpassing the CAQ in the critical francophone vote category, a new poll shows. It could be a temporary bounce following its recent policy convention, but the PQ […]

New Quebec poll shows it’s still a two-way Liberal-CAQ race

Aug 16 2017 — Philip Authier — A new poll shows the struggling Parti Québécois has made up some ground in voter intentions, but Philippe Couillard and François Legault are still waging a fierce battle for first place. As Quebec’s political season kicks off after a summer hiatus with party leaders already focused on the 2018 election, the poll shows the trend […]

Police spying inquiry: Denis Coderre expected to testify on Monday

Jun 3 2017 — — Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is expected to testify before the Chamberland Commission on Monday. Justice Jacques Chamberland, the head of the commission into how police have spied on Quebec journalists to uncover leaks, made the announcement on Friday. The commission is also expected to hear testimony from Catherine Maurice, Coderre’s press attaché. Coderre and Maurice […]

Report: Karla Homolka volunteered at an N.D.G. elementary school

May 31 2017 — — Convicted killer Karla Homolka volunteered at her children’s elementary school in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce last March, according to a report by Breakfast Television. Homolka reportedly supervised kindergarten children from the Greaves Adventist Academy on a field trip in March and once brought her dog to the school for students to pet. The academy, a private Christian school, […]

NDP leadership candidates call for a return to party’s roots

Mar 26 2017 — — In the minds of many of its followers, the NDP lost its way in the last federal election — and paid the price. Many blamed leader Thomas Mulcair for advocating centrist policies like balancing the budget without rising taxes, allowing Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to outflank them on the left by promising to run up deficits […]

Most Canadians favour values test for immigrants: poll

Mar 13 2017 — — Three Canadians out of four believe immigrants to this country should be tested for “anti-Canadian” values, a survey conducted for Radio-Canada suggests. The findings of the survey, carried by the CROP polling for the French-language service of the CBC, indicate that despite criticism from the media and within political circles, the controversial position taken by […]