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Trudeau’s Liberals, Legault’s CAQ lead the pack with Quebecers: poll

Feb 4 2019 — — Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to dominate the federal political landscape in Quebec, and a change in leadership of the Bloc Québécois has placed the party on an equal footing with the Conservative Party of Canada in the province, a new poll suggests. The same poll suggests the CAQ government is more popular now than when […]

A circumstantial alliance against Trudeau in Quebec

Jan 25 2019 — Don Macpherson — A second majority for Justin Trudeau in this year’s general election could be threatened in Quebec by a surprising circumstantial alliance between the Legault provincial government and a federal party that has been given up for dead. This province will play a key role in the election, and not only because it has 78 of […]

Sensibly, Legault is a Trudeau ally on carbon

Oct 24 2018 — Martin Patriquin — To enemies and some supporters alike, Premier François Legault is the closest we’ll ever get to Donald Trump. Though specious, the comparison nonetheless rings true in certain ways. Like the 45th U.S. president, Legault rode to power by exaggerating and demonizing the effects of immigration. And like Trump, Legault has made it a priority to […]

‘Just watch me’ says Couillard on saving dairy farms

Aug 29 2018 — — “Just watch me,” said Quebec Liberal leader Philippe Couillard on Wednesday morning when asked what he would do if Canada decides to allow concessions on its supply-management policies for dairy farmers in trade negotiations with the United States. The incumbent premier was evoking the words of former Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau to a journalist […]

No one in French Canada cares about Trudeau ‘groping’

Jul 9 2018 — Lise Ravary — While the English-language media in Canada are getting their knickers twisted in a knot over what Justin Trudeau did or did not do to a young female reporter 18 years ago, francophone media have been going out of their way to ignore the story. Or give it as little coverage as possible. Meanwhile, the CBC […]

Suddenly, Ontario is a hotbed of political intrigue

Feb 19 2018 — Celine Cooper — It’s official. Ontario politics have overtaken Quebec in the crazy-but-true department. For now, anyway. There are four months to go before the next Ontario election, and all hell is breaking loose. Quebecers, feel free to grab some popcorn, pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the political intrigue going down in someone else’s province for […]

Tom Mulcair talks Jour de la Terre and plans for life post-politics

Jan 24 2018 — — Tom Mulcair is forging a new path outside the political arena. The NDP MP for Outremont and former party leader was recently named as chairman of the board of directors for Jour de la Terre, a Quebec-France environmental organization. Jour de la Terre plays a role in the global Earth Day movement which has 190 […]

PQ pulls itself up in latest poll, leads among francophone voters

Sep 22 2017 — — The struggling Parti Québécois has managed to dig its way out of a hole and has caught up to the Coalition Avenir Québec in voter opinion — even surpassing the CAQ in the critical francophone vote category, a new poll shows. It could be a temporary bounce following its recent policy convention, but the PQ […]

New Quebec poll shows it’s still a two-way Liberal-CAQ race

Aug 16 2017 — Philip Authier — A new poll shows the struggling Parti Québécois has made up some ground in voter intentions, but Philippe Couillard and François Legault are still waging a fierce battle for first place. As Quebec’s political season kicks off after a summer hiatus with party leaders already focused on the 2018 election, the poll shows the trend […]