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The only politician Quebecers like less than Gaetan Barrette is Scheer: poll

Dec 23 2019 — — Quebec Premier François Legault is the most popular politician in the province, followed by Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume and Montreal’s Valérie Plante, a Léger poll conducted for Le Devoir suggests. The online poll of 1,010 Quebecers conducted Dec. 13-16 asked for respondents’ opinions on 65 political figures from all levels of government. Legault had […]

Legault says he and Ford will tag-team Trudeau together

Nov 29 2019 — Philip Authier — Premier François Legault says he hopes to form a common front with Ontario to convince Ottawa to cut the red tape in the arduous process of getting the federal government to dole out funding for public transit projects. Legault said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should stop trying to deal directly with cities when it comes […]

Man up and apologize, Liberal MP from Quebec tells Don Cherry

Nov 11 2019 — — The Liberal MP for Hull-Aylmer is calling upon Don Cherry to apologize for remarks about immigrants he made on last Saturday’s edition of Hockey Night in Canada. “My Montserrat-born and bred grandfather signed up for the RAF and served as a tailor, for that was as far as they would let that young Black man […]

Scheer was out of sync with Quebec

Oct 24 2019 — Martin Patriquin — It is difficult to pinpoint a turning point in the 40 days of boilerplate hubris and scripted outrage that was Canada’s 43rd election campaign. But if I had to pick a moment where Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer lost the election, it was when he was standing on an east-end Montreal stage, demonstrating in his […]

Quebec skies brighten for Trudeau, cloud over for Conservatives: poll

Sep 11 2019 — — With the federal election a little over a month away, sunny days have re-emerged for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in Quebec, while dark clouds are amassing over Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives. A new Forum Research poll shows 37 per cent of voters would opt for the Liberals if the election were held today. Support for the Conservatives, […]

Trudeau’s sunny days clouding over in Quebec, poll shows

Aug 1 2019 — — A new poll shows federal Conservatives, Liberals tied in Quebec, with Andrew Scheer’s party gaining ground. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s sunny days have become a little greyer in Quebec. With the federal election less than three months away, a new poll shows the Conservative Party gaining ground and running neck and neck with the Liberals […]

Justin Trudeau’s renaissance begins in Quebec

Jun 26 2019 — Martin Patriquin — According to the conventional wisdom in the rest of Canada, the SNC-Lavalin affair is Justin Trudeau’s Waterloo. In pressuring its own attorney-general to use her power to override the autonomy of the country’s public prosecutor’s office for the sake of the scandal-plagued Montreal-based engineering behemoth, the Liberal government is seen as having become exactly what […]

Poll shows sunny days continue for Justin Trudeau in Quebec

Jun 19 2019 — — The sunny days continue in Quebec for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With the federal election four months away, a new poll shows Quebecers have the most confidence in Trudeau. And his Liberals are the top choice for voters in the province that helped him win a majority in 2015. However, the Conservatives lead in some […]

Trudeau’s Liberals, Legault’s CAQ lead the pack with Quebecers: poll

Feb 4 2019 — — Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to dominate the federal political landscape in Quebec, and a change in leadership of the Bloc Québécois has placed the party on an equal footing with the Conservative Party of Canada in the province, a new poll suggests. The same poll suggests the CAQ government is more popular now than when […]

A circumstantial alliance against Trudeau in Quebec

Jan 25 2019 — Don Macpherson — A second majority for Justin Trudeau in this year’s general election could be threatened in Quebec by a surprising circumstantial alliance between the Legault provincial government and a federal party that has been given up for dead. This province will play a key role in the election, and not only because it has 78 of […]