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World Conference on Drowning Prevention an opportunity to prioritize water-safety and physical activity

Oct 17 2017 — Nancy Greene Raine and Wendy Schultenkamper — The World Conference on Drowning Prevention, hosted in Vancouver this week, serves as an opportunity for law-makers, researchers, and lifesaving agencies to come together to discuss  policies, research, and practices for reducing drowning. It also serves as an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on water-safety and physical activity. As a Nation, we have a […]

NAFTA 2.0 – Frontal attack on Canadian and Mexican Sovereignty

Oct 16 2017 — Peter Clark — Civil Society is fond of grumbling about trade negotiations infringing on national sovereignty. Until NAFTA 2.0 they have been wrong. Total rebalancing of NAFTA to benefit the U.S. makes their concerns very real. The key U.S. demands are a frontal attack on Canadian and Mexican sovereignty. The pace of meetings has slowed down. The two meeting […]

Quality, coverage and affordable prices

Oct 14 2017 — Mark Goldberg — In their letter of welcome to new CRTC Chair Ian Scott, Ministers Melanie Joly and Navdeep Bains wrote that the government’s objectives are to improve the quality, coverage and price of telecommunications services. This echoed remarks from Minister Bains earlier this year at The Canadian Telecom Summit. There is a difficult tension in these objectives, seeking increased investment while […]

NAFTA 2.0 – Opening Pandora’s Box

Oct 13 2017 — Peter Clark — PENTAGON CITY, VA – Friday the thirteenth has been a bad day for Canadian trade negotiators. POTUS is on a roll – the builder of magnificent (if garish) buildings should never be allowed to play with the wrecking ball or the explosives. In the last few days he has: pulled the U.S. out of the […]

NAFTA 2.0 – Are its days numbered?

Oct 12 2017 — Peter Clark — PENTAGON CITY, VA – The Trump Administration is taking the gloves off. Were they ever on? President Trump told Fortune that a breakdown and pulling the plug was necessary to fix NAFTA. I was taught that trade negotiations were exercises in good faith. This rule does not apply in the world according to President Trump. […]

Opting In By Opting Out

Oct 12 2017 — Glen Pearson — One of the consequences of missing the mark on predicting the future is not only confusion, but disillusionment.  It’s happening with democracy at this moment in time, leaving many feeling more isolated from the political process than ever. An example is what has occurred with the activities of mass media or social media.  Futurists used […]

Tax Reform Is Never Easy

Oct 12 2017 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries — Finance Minister Bill Morneau did not have a very good summer. So far the fall has also not been good to the Finance Minister and, unfortunately, it is unlikely that the months leading up to the 2018 budget will get any better for him. He has only himself, or perhaps his department, to blame for […]