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Maybe It’s Us Who Lack Political Courage

Nov 22 2019 — Glen Pearson — So, it’s over – for now at least. Thursday was the last day of Congressional public hearings on the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Some things are now clear:   Whether rising to impeachment levels or not, Donald Trump is in a lot of trouble The professional intelligence and diplomatic presentations were something of a […]

Antimicrobial resistance is threat to the national economy and the health of Canadians, report warns

Nov 20 2019 — Alex Binkley — Economic impact could be as great as health threat.   Ottawa—Growing resistance to modern medicines is not only a threat to the health of Canadians, it could become an economic disaster if action isn’t taken, warns a report from the Canadian Council of Academics (CCA). “For a country such as Canada, the implications of antimicrobial […]

Calling for a Better Future

Nov 20 2019 — Glen Pearson — Last year at this time everyone was talking about populism, the Alt-Right movement, authoritarianism and what seemed like the slide towards global anarchy.  These were, and remain, significant enough to undo more enfeebled democracies around the world.  While the outsized dealings of Donald Trump continue to sow confusion and alarm, other developed nations face their […]

Grain farmers need immediate help with soaring harvest costs

Nov 15 2019 — Alex Binkley — The Harvest from Hell is stressing farmers across the country.   Ottawa- Ontario and Alberta farm groups have fired off urgent appeals for government financial help for producers struggling with a weather-disrupted harvest made worse by the imposition of the federal carbon tax on fuel used to dry grain. Grain Farmers of Ontario and a […]

Religion and politics don’t need to be adversaries

Nov 15 2019 — John Milloy — There were many casualties in our recent federal election: truth, civility and reasoned public debate – to name only three. The greatest wounds, however, appear to have been inflicted on the notion that people of faith can contribute — in a positive way — to political discourse. Instead, we witnessed religious faith caricatured, maligned and […]

Ratify the new NAFTA as soon as possible, CAFTA urges

Nov 13 2019 — Alex Binkley — Canada should encourage more countries to join the Pacific free trade deal.   Ottawa—The Trudeau government should push ahead with obtaining final approval for the new NAFTA trade deal once Parliament starts sitting in December, says the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Coalition (CAFTA). While U.S. approval of the deal remains in doubt, Canada should still proceed […]

Speakers try to frame the ingredients for an effective Canada Brand strategy

Nov 7 2019 — Alex Binkley — Boosting Canadian food exports will require close industry-government cooperation.   Ottawa—While the agrifood sector and the federal government have embraced an ambitious export growth target, ensuring all the required steps are taken to achieve it remains a big challenge, speakers to the Canada 2020 Canada Brand conference said. By the end of the two-day gathering […]

The solution to Conservative vandalism

Nov 6 2019 — Rick Smith — At a certain point, progressives really need to come to terms with the core truth of modern conservatism:  they just aren’t that conservative anymore. Far from being “cautious of change”, as my on-line dictionary defines them, today’s conservatives revel in their role as disruptors. Wherever you look around the world — from Brexit to border […]