National Newswatch

Ground beef and pork exempted from warning label

Jun 30 2022 — Alex Binkley — Cattlemen’s campaign appears to have changed Health Canada’s plans. Ottawa–A campaign by beef and pork groups against a proposed federal health warning label has paid off with the government’s announcement in late June that those products will be exempt when labels come into effect in 2026. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), which led a concerted […]

Hybrid parliament should remain

Jun 29 2022 — Erica Rayment and Melanee Thomas — Remote participation can make parliament more inclusive.   After two years of pandemic-enforced remote work, many workplaces across Canada are determining the ideal balance between in-person and remote work. Parliament must do the same. When the House of Commons rose for the summer, Canada’s Members of Parliament lost the option to participate virtually in a […]

Don’t dismiss the influence of the “radically normal”

Jun 29 2022 — Eric Blais — Jenni Byrne, the political strategist, former advisor to Stephen Harper, former Principal Secretary to Doug Ford, former girlfriend of Pierre Poilievre (according to her Wikipedia profile), and now one of the advisors helping him become Canada’s next PM, once referred to Maxime Bernier’s supporters as “radically normal” folks on Amanda Galbraith’s Political Traction podcast. As […]

Bibeau launches national consultation on agrifood labour issues

Jun 28 2022 — Alex Binkley — The consultation will take a wide-ranging look at the problem.   Ottawa—Agriculture Canada has launched a three month long online cross-country consultation looking for ideas for creating a National Agriculture Labour Strategy (NALS) to fix the agrifood sector’s chronic labour shortages. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau in Blainville, Que. co-announced the start of the consultation with […]

When Democracy Becomes a Battlefield

Jun 28 2022 — Glen Pearson — American political analyst Michael Podhorzer laid out a frightening scenario last week in a newsletter penned for activists.  He suggests that the time might have arrived when the United States is not one country but two nations that happen to share the same geography. Ronald Brownstein, the senior writer for the Atlantic, wrote about Podhorzer’s […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: SecState Lester Pearson notes PM Louis St. Laurent’s depression, fatigue

Jun 27 2022 — Arthur Milnes — Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent and his Secretary of State for External Affairs, Lester B. Pearson, were in London on this date in 1956 for meetings with British Prime Minister Anthony Eden and other Commonwealth leaders. Writing almost 20 years later in his memoirs, Mike, Pearson reflected on the meeting and the depressive moods he […]

Canada needs to step up its food aid to poor countries

Jun 23 2022 — Alex Binkley — Help Third World farmers adopt conservation agriculture.   Ottawa—Canada needs to increase its aid to countries struggling with soaring food prices and also help their farmers produce more food, says Paul Hagerman, Director of Public Policy with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB). Canada does contribute through an international treaty called the Food Assistance Convention but […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Jean Chrétien elected Liberal leader, Laureen Harper’s birthday

Jun 23 2022 — Arthur Milnes — Today is a big day on the calendar for both Liberals and Tories to celebrate. It was, of course, on this date in 1990, in Calgary, that Jean Chrétien was elected national Liberal leader at a good old-fashioned delegated convention (ones I often wish would return to our politics).  Chrétien, Canada’s 20th prime minister, went […]