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Transport committee calls for through review of Canadian ports

Sep 25 2023 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa-The government needs to conduct a thorough review of the capacity of Canadian ports and their long-term infrastructure requirements, says the Commons transport committee. In a 26-page report to the Commons, the committee made 12 recommendations for the government to act on to ensure the 17 Canada Port Authorities (CPA) can fulfill their critical role […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Happy anniversary Robert and Laura Borden!

Sep 25 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Canada’s future Prime Minister, Robert L. Borden, was married on this date in 1889. His bride was his fellow Nova Scotian, Laura Bond. Prime Minster Borden’s biographer, Robert Craig Brown, gives this description of the woman who would become Lady Borden. “She was seven years younger than Robert, a bright, attractive, strong-willed young woman,” he […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays tribute to the late John Turner

Sep 24 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister paid tribute to the 17th Prime Minister on this date in 2020 in the House of Commons. John Napier Turner, a cabinet minister under Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, who served as PM in 1984, had passed into history only a few days before. You can read Justin Trudeau’s tribute below. Arthur Milnes is […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Sir Wilfrid Laurier labels Germany an “Imperial bully” in Ottawa address

Sep 23 2023 — Arthur Milnes — It was a tough-talking Sir Wilfrid Laurier who spoke to a gathering of the  Methodist General Conference being held in Ottawa on this date in 1914. The First World War had started a month previously with the German invasion of Belgium. Germany’s attach was in violation of the Treaty of London, which guaranteed the neutrality […]

FCC matching food donations up to $1 million

Sep 22 2023 — Alex Binkley — Rural and remote areas need plenty of help. Ottawa—Farm Credit Canada will match up to $1 million in new donations to food banks and food security agencies across Canada to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Drive Away Hunger program, President and CEO Justine Hendricks has announced. Last year, Drive Away Hunger raised a record […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom addresses Canada’s Parliament

Sep 22 2023 — Arthur Milnes — A distinguished visitor arrived in Ottawa on this date in 2011 in the person of David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The highlight of his trip to Ottawa was the speech he delivered to a joint-session of Canada’s Parliament. “The relationship between Britain and Canada is deep and strong,” Cameron said. “At the Chateau […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Her Majesty the Queen’s State Funeral held in London

Sep 19 2023 — Arthur Milnes — The eyes of the Commonwealth and the entire world were on London one-year-ago today as the funeral for Her Majesty the Queen took place. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau graciously invited his colleague past Prime Ministers to represent Canada with him at the historic gathering in London. Former PMs Campbell, Chrétien, Harper and Martin were able […]

Course Correct

Sep 18 2023 — Glen Pearson — By the time the federal Liberal caucus left their meetings in London, Ontario, last week, it was likely they had a bit more spring in their step.  After all, the week had begun with sinking polls and the leader stuck in India with his faulty airplane.  It wasn’t a good look. The polls revealed a […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Robert Borden is heartened by a framed motto found in a Red Deer supporter’s home

Sep 17 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Federal Tory leader Robert Borden started on a journey through Western Canada on this date in 1906. His mission was to rally the Tory troops and prepare them to do electoral battle against the Laurier Liberals in time for the next election. While in Red Deer, Alberta, he was entertained at home of a Conservative […]

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