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Four major changes coming to Canadian farming gradually

Mar 18 2019 — Alex Binkley — Farming will be a much different occupation 25 years from now.   Ottawa—While the farm of the future will look considerably different than today’s typical operation, there will be one constant over the years, says Howard Mains, the head of Tactix Consulting. Consumers will demand to know more and more about their food and farmers […]

Prove it Canada says to China over contaminated canola concerns

Mar 13 2019 — Alex Binkley — CFIA found no evidence of pests or bacteria of concern in Canadian canola.   Ottawa—Canada has told China to prove its claims of contaminated Canadian canola because an investigation by Canadian officials found neither pests nor bacteria of concern in the oilseed shipped by Richardson International. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said the Canadian Food Inspection […]

When Politics Turns on Itself

Mar 13 2019 — Glen Pearson — The Trudeau government’s SNC-Lavalin controversy is a goldmine of sorts.  For opposition parties and hyper-partisans, it has proved a gift from the gods, great enough to effectively move polling numbers and turning the next federal election into something of a free-for-all. For the media, the intricate mix between elected representatives and senior bureaucrats and the […]

CTA seeking more data on Vancouver rail congestion

Mar 12 2019 — Alex Binkley — Congestion problems peaked through the fall.   Ottawa—The Canadian Transportation Agency is asking the railways, primarily CN, for more information on congestion and service problems in the Vancouver area last fall that prompted complaints by shipper groups. The CTA asked CN seven questions and CP two and invited shippers who participated in the first phase […]

Relief for farmers under federal fuel tax plan falls short

Mar 11 2019 — Alex Binkley — The agriculture sector could become part of the climate change solution.   OTTAWA—Frustration with the federal government’s failure to deal with the agrifood sector’s complaints about the impact of the carbon tax on their operations flared up among delegates to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual general meeting. A long winded presentation by Environment Canada […]

Open Banking: Consumers Must Have Right To Share Data

Mar 8 2019 — Steve Boms — Millions of Canadians have turned to financial technology, or fintech, which provides intuitive, accessible platforms that enable even the least financially savvy consumers to manage finances and improve economic outcomes. Fintech applications allow Canadians to see the totality of their financial accounts in one place, find lower loan rates or better loan terms or avoid […]

New federal agriculture minister is an unknown to the industry

Mar 5 2019 — Alex Binkley — Agrifood groups have a long list of action items for Marie-Claude Bibeau. Ottawa—In recent months, national agrifood organizations began taking a two pronged approach to advancing their interests with the federal government adopting a short term plan leading up to the October election and a long term one for after the vote. The surprise shuffle […]

It’s Justin Trudeau’s Turn to Speak

Mar 5 2019 — Don Lenihan — Last week, Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony rocked Ottawa like a Category 8 earthquake. Jane Philpott’s resignation is a second seismic event, possibly worse than the first. Trudeau’s challenge now is not just to respond to Wilson-Raybould, but to demonstrate that his government still has a moral compass. All eyes, of course, are on the Commons, where […]

Canadian government plans to award millions of dollars for group to create climate watchdog

Feb 27 2019 — Carl Meyer — Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is planning to award a multimillion dollar grant to a non-profit organization that will take on a watchdog role, holding the federal government to account for its climate change commitments and policies, says a spokeswoman from her office. The minister’s office confirmed the plans after McKenna’s staff met with the […]

New transport regulations come up short, livestock groups say

Feb 26 2019 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—New federal livestock transportation regulations are disappointing when it comes to the best outcome for animals and poultry being shipped, agrifood groups say. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a statement the Canadian Food Inspection Agency should have waited for the completion of research funded in part by Agriculture Canada on best practices to ensure […]

Ciara O’Riordan

Voter data privacy and the Canadian federal election

Feb 25 2019 — Ciara O’Riordan — As campaigns in Canada gear-up ahead of the country’s 43rd federal election this October, many are wondering how this year’s election campaigning will compare to previous years. As in Europe and the US, Canadian politicians will find it hard to ignore the challenges that disinformation campaigns and the continued rise in populist movements will certainly […]