National Newswatch

Federal government needs to make sure broadband service meets the needs of farmers and other rural residents

Apr 19 2018 — Alex Binkley — The Commons industry committee wants the federal government to focus on ensuring farmers and other rural businesses receive the Internet service they need to be competitive. In a report approved by the three parties in the Commons, the committee made 12 recommendations to achieve that goal with the focus on the last mile of connection […]

Senate committee looking at how to improve prospects for food processors

Apr 18 2018 — Alex Binkley — The Senate agriculture committee is examining how Canadian food processors, already a key manufacturing sector, can build up their domestic capacity and expand their exports. Food and beverage manufacturers, also called the value-added sector, “represent an opportunity to create jobs and stimulate investment and innovation,” the committee said in an announcing the study. It plans […]

Co-operation not confrontation key to bee health, says Honey Council

Apr 17 2018 — Alex Binkley — Co-operation among farmers, farm equipment makers, bee keepers and government has accomplished a lot to improve pollinator health, says Allan Campbell of Dunston Honey Farms of Dauphin, Man. While more needs to be done, “significant improvements have been made that have mitigated pesticide exposure risks to bees,” said Campbell, who was speaking to the annual […]

The Québec National Assembly is right to call for judicial inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic disaster

Apr 17 2018 — Bruce Campbell — Last week [April 11], following the failure of the criminal proceedings to shed significant light on underlying causes and culpability behind the Lac-Mégantic disaster, the Québec National Assembly passed a unanimous resolution calling on the federal government to hold a Commission of Inquiry. Transport Minister Mark Garneau responded immediately that an inquiry was out of […]

The “Terrible Simplifiers”

Apr 17 2018 — Glen Pearson — Robin Sears’ article, posted in Sunday’s Toronto Star, was a cogent warning on the implications of extreme populism.  Titled “The Fatal Attraction of the Politics of Confrontation,” the column reminds us of what inevitably happens if we opt for leaders who would rather attack democracy as opposed to reforming it: “But the problem with those […]

There is no greater obstacle on earth than Mt. Everest. Facing and conquering it can be attributed to only one thing: the power of the human spirit.

Apr 16 2018 — Peter Edmund Hillary — 65 years ago, my father Sir Edmund Hillary and his climbing partner Tenzing Norgay were the first people to summit Mt. Everest and my Dad spent the rest of his life dedicated to philanthropy for the people of Nepal. But his love of the Himalayas is only part of my story. In the dozens of […]

Behind the numbers: why airports matter

Apr 16 2018 — Daniel-Robert Gooch — Canada’s airports have been one of this country’s great economic and policy success stories.  Before 1990, airports were a blot of red-ink on the federal balance sheet, costing Canadian taxpayers $135 million a year (a quarter of a billion dollars in today’s currency). Today, not only have airports contributed more than $5.6 billion in rent […]

Confidence and investment collapsing in Canada—Trans Mountain is just the latest example

Apr 10 2018 — Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis — Contrary to the announcement that Ottawa will spend almost $300,000 to discern the reason behind the lack of investment in Canada’s energy sector, there’s actually no great mystery. Kinder Morgan’s recent suspension of non-essential spending on its $7.4 billion Trans Mountain pipeline project is the just the latest example of business investment collapsing in Canada. […]

Taking aim at curbing food waste

Apr 9 2018 — Alex Binkley — Hoping the idea will spread through the whole food chain, the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and the Provision Coalition have launched a one year program to help food and beverage manufacturers reduce food waste in their operations. If they can chop their waste, it would set a good example for farmers and retailers and […]

Finally CRA Obeys the Law

Apr 9 2018 — Percy Downe — Since 2012, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) has been trying to fulfil my request to measure the tax gap, the difference between what is owed in taxes and what has actually been collected, but has been stonewalled by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and its refusal to release the required statistical data. Therefore, the announcement that […]