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Today in Canada’s Political History: British PM Harold Wilson in Ottawa for talks with Pierre Trudeau

Jan 29 2022 — Arthur Milnes — The United Kingdom’s Harold Wilson, in his second period as British Prime Minister, was in Ottawa on this day in 1975 for talks with Canada’s Pierre Trudeau. As any political history fan knows, our British friends are masters at keeping diaries. In Ottawa with Wilson was his senior policy advisor, Bernard Donoughue, who turned out […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Alexander Mackenzie, Canada’s Second PM, Born 200 Years Ago Today

Jan 28 2022 — Kevin Bosch — As you know, nothing takes precedence in “Art’s History” over Prime Ministerial birthdays!  Only in Canada would the bicentennial of the birth of one of our early Prime Ministers go largely ignored. We are a funny bunch, we Canadians. So, while official Ottawa might ignore today’s anniversary, we will not. As Alexander Mackenzie was our […]

Book Excerpt — Reclaiming Populism: Scripting a Path Forward

Jan 28 2022 — Paul Summerville and Eric Protzer — In their recently-published book entitled Reclaiming Populism, co-authors Paul Summerville and Eric Protzer examine the threats to democracy caused by the increasing enthusiasm for illiberal populist ideas.  They examine what is driving the  phenomenon and policy policy prescriptions for safeguarding democracy in the face of these pressures.  The following is an excerpt – in fact, […]

Progress is being made on building support for a national agriculture research and innovation strategy

Jan 27 2022 — Alex Binkley — The federal and provincial governments need to be involved. Ottawa-Support for the development of a national strategy to expand agriculture research and innovation in Canada has grown quite a bit during the last two months, says Serge Buy, CEO of the Agri-Food Innovation Council (AIC). He’s hoping for a meeting soon with Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude […]

Canada faces uphill struggle in push for WTO reforms

Jan 26 2022 — Alex Binkley — Agriculture got some attention at an international trade ministers meeting,   Ottawa-Two late January meetings have shown both the progress and the long road ahead to achieve a strengthening of the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that was launched almost four areas ago. That’s when Canada joined by Australia, Brazil, Chile, the European […]

Farm and food groups making detailed pitches for budget action

Jan 25 2022 — Alex Binkley — CFA submits a long wish list to the finance committee.   Ottawa-The wish lists for the 2022 federal budget presented to the Commons finance committee by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and Food and Beverage Canada (FBC) reinforce proposals that will resonate with much of the agrifood community. The date of the budget hasn’t […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Early Reformers Baldwin and Lafontaine win 1848 Elections

Jan 24 2022 — Arthur Milnes — A remarkable political and cultural relationship was cemented on this day in 1848 with early Canadian reformers, Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine, and their followers winning convincing victories in legislature elections in Canada West (Ontario) and Canada East (Quebec). In a matter of months, with these two giants of Canadian political history serving as co-Premiers […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Birthdays of Erin O’Toole and Former Ontario Premier Ernest Drury

Jan 22 2022 — Arthur Milnes — When I worked at Queen’s Park as a young political assistant in the 1980s, I was fascinated by the portraits of the past Premiers that adorned the Ontario Legislature. And for whatever reason, seeing the portrait of Ontario’s first (and only) United Farmers of Ontario (UFO) Premier, Ernest Drury, left me with a great interest […]