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Government support for agriculture largely inadequate, researcher says

Jun 18 2020 — Alex Binkley — Long term agrifood strategy needed among actions needed.   Ottawa—Government support to date hasn’t alleviated the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on farmers, says a report from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. What’s needed are “additional steps to alleviate the financial burden on primary producers, ensure export markets remain open and […]

Ouija Board Economics – COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Jun 17 2020 — K.W. Grafton — On June 4th Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) awarded a $3 million services contract to Deloitte LLP of Ottawa for the provision of Task and Solutions Professional Services to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), in connection with COVID-19 economic recovery planning. The description of the requirement stated in the Tender Notice […]

Financial aid for food processors doesn’t go far enough

Jun 16 2020 — Alex Binkley — New worker health and safety costs are rising fast.   Ottawa—A $77.5 million federal Emergency Processing Fund will help but falls short of covering the extra costs that food manufacturers face in meeting new federal health protection requirements for their employees, processor groups say. Michael Graydon, CEO of Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), […]

Calling Out Racism and State Terrorism

Jun 15 2020 — Ghada Alatrash and Yahya El-Lahib — Statements such as “what can we do?” or “we cannot find words to describe our feelings” when responding to the current trends of state terrorism and systemic racism need to be interrogated, questioned and challenged.  Such statements are dangerous as they imply that these racist acts are random and occur in a vacuum, and they […]

COVID-19 highlights an urgent need to expand access to healthcare for all

Jun 14 2020 — Ritika Goel, Arnav Agarwal and Mac Scott — As we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, people across Canada have expressed tremendous pride and gratitude towards our public health care system. Frontline health and social service workers are lauded for their tireless efforts, and public health officers have newfound celebrity status. But as the conversation has increasingly shifted to recognizing that the health of our […]

Returning to the Cave: Risk-Aversion in the Age of Fear

Jun 11 2020 — K.W. Grafton — Rhetoric surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic has set a new bar for irresponsible fearmongering, and the resulting mass hysteria is evidence of a receptive audience. The incomprehensible spectacle of lone drivers wearing face masks is now common on urban streets. Even in a group setting, face masks are not recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and a recent study suggests […]

The Canadian Senators Group Promotes the Plurality of Opinions and Regional Diversity in the Senate

Jun 11 2020 — Scott Tannas — The Canadian Senators Group (CSG) was formed in November 2019 by senators from across the political spectrum to advance the interests of Canada’s regions, as well as to see the Senate return to its roots: research-based, long-term analysis of public policy issues. In essence, the CSG was founded on five principles: we are a centrist group; we […]

Canada must apply a ‘sustainability’ test for infrastructure investments; the post-pandemic economic recovery is the time to do it.

Jun 10 2020 — Dr. Daniel Hoornweg and Mark Fisher — For over fifty years, governments around the world, including in Canada, have talked about the importance of sustainability or sustainable development. The term rose to prominence through the work of the United Nations’ ‘Brundtland Commission’, which released the report, Our Common Future, in 1987. Sustainable development, in short, means ensuring that development can meet the […]

MNP calls for a national farm financial support plan

Jun 10 2020 — Alex Binkley — It proposes 15 detailed steps to make BRM programs effective.   Ottawa—The COVID-19 pandemic will have a catastrophic impact on farmers without a serious overhaul of Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, says MNP, a national accounting firm. Stuart Person, MNP’s Senior Vice President, Agriculture, told the Commons agriculture committee farmers “face challenges at a historic […]

When Compliance Just Can’t Cut It Anymore

Jun 10 2020 — Glen Pearson — It was Barack Obama’s final international trip before Donald Trump was to occupy the Oval Office.   The venue was the Summit of Pacific Nations in Lima, Peru, and at the first opportunity he was taken aside and asked what could be expected from Donald Trump.  Being diplomatic, Obama cautiously observed, “Give him a chance.  Wait […]