National Newswatch

New transport regulations come up short, livestock groups say

Feb 26 2019 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—New federal livestock transportation regulations are disappointing when it comes to the best outcome for animals and poultry being shipped, agrifood groups say. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a statement the Canadian Food Inspection Agency should have waited for the completion of research funded in part by Agriculture Canada on best practices to ensure […]

Ciara O’Riordan

Voter data privacy and the Canadian federal election

Feb 25 2019 — Ciara O’Riordan — As campaigns in Canada gear-up ahead of the country’s 43rd federal election this October, many are wondering how this year’s election campaigning will compare to previous years. As in Europe and the US, Canadian politicians will find it hard to ignore the challenges that disinformation campaigns and the continued rise in populist movements will certainly […]

Yes! Reform the PMO! But it’s easier said than done

Feb 20 2019 — John Milloy — Gerald Butts has resigned and Ottawa is awash with speculation about the next chapter in the SNC-Lavalin affair. My take on it is simple — I have absolutely no idea. And in the interests of full disclosure, I worked with Gerald at Queen’s Park and found him to be a capable and honourable fellow. What I do know, however, is that as the dust settles on this […]

Poultry farmers taking a serious hit from trade agreements

Feb 19 2019 — Alex Binkley — The federal government has to take a bigger picture view of helping them to adjust.   Ottawa—Chicken, turkey and egg producers will take a serious hit in the coming years from increased imports allowed under free trade deals and they want the federal government to take big picture view of helping them to adapt. That […]

Where’s Lincoln When You Need Him?

Feb 12 2019 — Glen Pearson — As research polls go, it was pretty remarkable.  The Pew Research Centre poll released recently tells of a more frightening and insecure world with American in it.  That’s revealing, since the United States has been central to the economic, military, trade and intellectual global frameworks since the Second World War. A look at the numbers […]

Wilson-Raybould: Will she speak? What can she say?

Feb 9 2019 — Don Lenihan — Franz Kafa couldn’t script it better. The Trudeau PMO stands accused of interfering in a legal process and the former Attorney General is the only one who can clear the air; but she refuses to do so, citing solicitor/client privilege. Meanwhile, the prime minister, her client, twists in the wind yet, inexplicably, fails to waive […]

Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema

Canada’s remote communities meet renewable energy solutions

Feb 9 2019 — Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema — Challenges and opportunities for hybrid microgrids.   Vast distances separate Canada’s remote communities from their neighbours — and the energy systems many of us take for granted when we flip a switch. Since remote communities are not connected to either natural gas infrastructure or the North American electricity grid, they must produce their own energy […]

Rollout of farm and rural mental programs coming this year

Feb 4 2019 — Alex Binkley — 4-H, Farm Management Canada and Farm Credit trying to raise awareness.   Ottawa – Rural Canada will see the rollout this year of several programs to raise awareness of mental health issues, the Commons agriculture committee has been told. 4-H Canada will launch a healthy living initiative in three phases to support the mental and […]

Dear Canada: We need sustained leadership on global sexual and reproductive health and rights

Feb 4 2019 — Sandeep Prasad and Julie Delahanty — When it comes to standing up for sexual and reproductive health and rights, Canada is back. There is a crisis of leadership on global development and nowhere is that more evident than in the area of sexual and reproductive health. Canada’s support for women and girls to exercise their rights to bodily autonomy, make choices […]