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E pluribus unum Praeses: Trump fails American Values 101

Oct 17 2020 — K.W. Grafton — With perhaps the only presidential “debate” this election cycle in the rear-view mirror – described politely on MSNBC by ex-Trump lawyer/fixer and felon Michael Cohen as a “fecal-display” – and a November 3rd election looming on the near horizon (unless the President can find some creative way to delay it), it is timely to look back over the […]

The Second Wave: Why decision-making has never been harder – or more important – for leaders like Doug Ford

Oct 15 2020 — Don Lenihan and Andrew Balfour — When the pandemic first hit, none of us knew what to expect. Medical experts called for a lockdown and governments took their advice. This time round it’s different. Our political leaders are being called on to protect both our health and our economy. As Doug Ford noted on Tuesday, that can be an unpleasant place […]

Exempting COVID medicines from new price controls: Ottawa hypocrisy

Oct 14 2020 — Nigel Rawson and John Adams — The federal government intends to drastically transform the rules of its tribunal that sets ceiling prices for new drugs and vaccines in Canada in January. Guidelines will be released imminently for how the new price controls will work. Key elements of the government’s plan have been strongly criticized by patients, drug developers and analysts since […]

Canada needs to recast its approval process for new food plants

Oct 14 2020 — Alex Binkley — Canadian plant breeders need a modernized federal approval system for new varieties that is science-based, proportionate to risk, supports innovation and is predictable, says Jennifer Hubert, Director of Plant Biotechnology with CropLife Canada. The current system is intended to ensure the health and safety of consumers and encourage innovation. “But the devil is in the […]

A Final Chance to Move Forward

Oct 12 2020 — Glen Pearson — We just might be on the verge of something many thought they might never see again – a more stabilized world. The Trump meltdown in Washington has consumed every useable space of media coverage, but what America is experiencing is something that is making ripples throughout much of the world.  That violent brand of populism […]

COVID-19’s Nano Killer

Oct 9 2020 — Arash Haddadi — Over the past seven months, as the world has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, researchers and innovators around the globe have turned their focus to critical aspects of the fight against this dangerous virus.  Prevention techniques, therapeutic options and vaccine development have been the preoccupation of most of the research. As a PhD […]

When Bad Politics Kills Good People

Oct 8 2020 — Glen Pearson — “We’ve rounded the corner on the coronavirus,” said Donald Trump.  Two days later, he rounded that corner straight into Walter Reed Military Hospital, himself the victim of the virus he had downplayed since February. There have been many difficult things to watch over the last number of months, but the most difficult has been the […]

‘National Security Leaders 4 Biden’ highlight threat to democracy

Oct 7 2020 — K.W. Grafton — Many watching the first Trump-Biden debate on September 29th were haunted by the words of outgoing president Barack Obama in 2016, who described Donald Trump as, “uniquely unqualified to be President” and “unfit”. Unfortunately, more than mere partisan hyperbole, Trump has vindicated Obama’s remarks daily over the past four years – tweet by presidential tweet. With […]

Bibeau announces Canada Brand changes to expand its reach

Oct 7 2020 — Alex Binkley — Move will help companies market domestic products around the world.   Ottawa—The Canada Brand platform will receive a makeover to enable it to perform more effectively in today’s social media systems and digital platforms, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Trade Minister Mary Ng have announced. The Canada Brand was launched in 2006 and provides a […]

Infrastructure Bank steps up on two rural priorities

Oct 6 2020 — Alex Binkley — Details on where funding to be spent expected in coming months.   Ottawa—Improved rural broadband internet service and agriculture irrigation projects will be receiving major financial support from the Canada Infrastructure Bank in the coming months. It will invest $2 billion into expanding high-speed broadband, and $1.5 billion to irrigate an additional 700,000 acres across […]

Is a Democratic Sweep Possible?

Oct 4 2020 — Glen Pearson — You sometimes have to wonder how the Americans do it.  Somehow, they are enduring through one of the most chaotic political eras in modern times.  But it must be exhausting.  What once might have been fascinating political theatre has been rendered negligible by a recessive economy and an oppressive pandemic.  Beleaguered on all sides, it […]

Government repledges supply management compensation in Throne Speech

Oct 2 2020 — Alex Binkley — First promised in April 2019, poultry and egg producers still waiting for payment.   Ottawa—Buried in the government’s Sept. 24 policy speech was the repeat of a promise to compensate supply-managed farmers and processors for losses caused by three trade deals. “The government will also ensure that those in Canada’s supply managed sectors receive full […]

COVID-19 a Wakeup Call on Single-use PPE- reusable solutions are available

Oct 1 2020 — François Pilon — With more COVID-19 surges expected this fall, health administrators and communities are focused on avoiding the severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) that threatened the safety of our frontline workers and patients at the pandemic’s outset. The COVID-19 virus is unprecedented in that it is both highly contagious and more lethal than past outbreaks.  […]