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Today in Canada’s Political History: Agnes McClosky becomes the first woman to represent Canada in a foreign country

Jun 1 2023 — Arthur Milnes — History was made on this date in 1943 when Agnes McClosky was appointed Canada’s Vice-Consul in New York City. This made her the very first Canadian woman posted to a foreign country on the nation’s behalf. Before her New York posting, McClosky was perhaps the most feared person in the Department of External Affairs. She […]

Federal and provincial co-operation vital to agriculture sustainability success

May 31 2023 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—Making agriculture sustainability work in Canada will require the federal and provincial governments to follow the example set in their current five year agriculture partnership (SCAP), says a report from the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI). As agriculture is one of three areas that Ottawa and the provinces have a shared responsibility for, the federal […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan of Pakistan addresses Canada’s Parliament

May 31 2023 — Arthur Milnes — It was an exciting day on Parliament Hill on this date in 1950 with the arrival of Pakistan’s first post-independence Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan. Louis St.-Laurent introduced the distinguished visitor to Canadian parliamentarians. “The future of Pakistan,” St. Laurent said, “notwithstanding differences in religion and language, in customs and habits, notwithstanding lands and oceans […]

Winter beehives losses threaten crop pollination

May 30 2023 — Alex Binkley — Risk assessment for beehives should be conducted this year or next. Ottawa—Persistent 30 per cent levels of winter beehive losses threaten crop pollination in Canada, says Paul van Westendorp, B.C.’s Provincial Apiculturist. Prior to 1987, the average winter mortality rate for beehives was roughly 10 per cent, he told the Commons agriculture committee. During the […]

Non-tariff trade barriers biggest export challenge for agriculture

May 29 2023 — Alex Binkley — Many barriers not based in science.   Ottawa-Agriculture trade is increasingly disrupted by non-tariff trade barriers that undermine the purpose of the free trade deals Canada has signed in recent years, says Dave Carey, Vice-President of the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). The barriers add market access costs and establish barriers for Canadian farmers to […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Former PM Brian Mulroney pays tribute to Winston Churchill

May 29 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Canada’s 18th Prime Minister was in England on this date in 2015. Brian Mulroney had the daunting task of paying tribute to Sir Winston Churchill during a speech at Blenheim Palace, the very place Churchill was born. “Churchill was a consummate actor on the world stage,” Mulroney told his British audience. “His phenomenal grasp of […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Saul Rae appointed Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations

May 28 2023 — Arthur Milnes — One of Canada’s most significant 20th century diplomats received a promotion on this date in 1962. Saul Rae, a career foreign service officer, was named Ambassador to the United Nations by the Diefenbaker government. Saul’s son, Bob Rae, serves in the same post today. Saul Rae joined the Department of External Affairs in 1940 and went […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Mila Mulroney leaves special anniversary note for her PM husband

May 26 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his wife Mila are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. They were married on this date in 1973 in Montreal. Theirs’ has always been a particularly close marriage and there is little doubt that Brian Mulroney would not have become Prime Minister without Mila’s love and support. To mark their […]

Agrifood labour development strategy moving forward

May 23 2023 — Alex Binkley — Lots of issues have to be addressed. Ottawa—The release of an Agriculture Canada report on consultations on a national agriculture labour strategy combined with an update on an industry-led workforce framework initiative shows the vexatious issue is being thoroughly scrutinized. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said the feedback and ideas presented to her department will inform […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Margaret Thatcher congratulates Joe Clark on his election win

May 23 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Canada’s Prime Minister-designate, Joe Clark, received heartfelt congratulations from a fellow rookie on this date in 1979. Clark had defeated Pierre Trudeau the day before when he spoke to Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, who herself had only been in office as the UK’s PM for three weeks. “You just get stuck in, that’s all,” Thatcher told […]

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