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Julie Payette doubles down on anti-science mythbusting

Nov 23 2017 — Carl Meyer — Governor General Julie Payette doubled down Wednesday on her comments attacking anti-science “myths.” Payette, a former astronaut and engineer who logged hundreds of hours in space, took the opportunity at an awards ceremony Nov. 22 to “highlight three ‘historical’ myths that relate to the field of science” — one of which was the conspiracy theory […]

McKenna says UN to address climate change’s gender problem

Nov 14 2017 — — Hasna Hassan was thrilled to see Canada’s environment minister mingling with activists and others from civil society gathered near the international climate change negotiations. Hassan is from the war-torn country of Sudan and she works for a telecom company. She was volunteering her time at a booth at the annual United Nations climate change summit […]

Canada partners with U.S. climate resistance

Nov 13 2017 — Mike De Souza — U.S. governors joined Mexico and Canada on Monday in distancing themselves from President Donald Trump’s administration by committing to do more to fight climate change. Forming a new nonpartisan partnership, the governments, led in the U.S. by both Republicans and Democrats, all pledged to strengthen their own climate change plans and work together in the […]

Montreal-born scientist says forestry sector in denial about disappearing caribou

Nov 9 2017 — Carl Meyer — A Canadian scientist who has researched endangered caribou recovery for years is accusing Canada’s forestry industry of treating the decline of the species in the same way that climate doubters treat the science of global warming. Montreal-born Mark Hebblewhite, an associate professor at the University of Montana’s wildlife biology program, served on a science panel […]

Brad Wall refuses to apologize for Burnaby accusations

Nov 7 2017 — Mike De Souza — Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is refusing to apologize for a serious accusation made by his government against Burnaby after getting a letter from the British Columbia coastal city’s lawyer. On Nov. 3, the provincial government accused the City of Burnaby of “deliberately slowing down” permits needed by Texas-based Kinder Morgan to build the Trans Mountain […]

Science v. religion and the new Governor General under fire

Nov 6 2017 — Linda Solomon — In July 1925, the State of Tennessee put a substitute biology teacher named John Thomas Scopes on trial for teaching children about evolution in the Tennessee public schools. The American Civil Liberties Union hired Clarence Darrow as the defence in what H.L. Mencken, writing for the Baltimore Sun, coined as the ‘Scopes Monkey Trial’. The […]

Freeland warned about ‘fake news’ before U.S. trip

Nov 6 2017 — Carl Meyer — The warnings for Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland were blunt. Ahead of a recent visit to the United States, the federal minister was advised to beware of “fake news”, “hybrid warfare” and other sophisticated tactics designed to achieve military and political goals. The warnings were delivered in a newly-released federal government briefing note obtained […]

The secret to Valérie Plante’s Montreal success

Nov 6 2017 — Toula Drimonis — Pulling off the greatest political upset the City of Montreal has seen in a long time, she managed to beat the powerful voting machine of incumbent mayor Denis Coderre and coast to a resounding victory. What should have been a cakewalk for the latter, ended with him being the first Montreal mayor in 60 years […]

B.C. urges Trudeau’s ministers to crack down on Kinder Morgan

Nov 3 2017 — Mike De Souza — The B.C. government has sent a personal appeal to members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, calling for more cooperation in enforcing the law and cracking down on alleged violations perpetrated by pipeline operator Kinder Morgan. In a Nov. 1 letter, B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman asked federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc, Natural Resources Minister […]