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Parents want Canada’s climate act to count

Feb 23 2021 — — The climate is changing. As parents, we know the window to ensure our children’s future is one where they can thrive instead of merely survive closes at the end of this decade. The climate policies enacted now will decide the fate of our kids, and the Canadian government is not doing enough to keep them […]

The unfinished business of preparing Canada’s power grids for extreme weather

Feb 22 2021 — Carl Meyer — The Canadian electricity sector’s ability to withstand extreme weather events fuelled by climate change is a “work in progress,” says the head of the industry group representing power generation and transmission companies. At the same time, independent electricity system operators in Alberta and Ontario say they have taken steps to design their networks for extreme […]

Really, Rex Murphy?

Feb 19 2021 — Max Fawcett — For someone who grew up in Newfoundland, Rex Murphy certainly seems to hate the wind. In his latest climate change-denying diatribe for the National Post, Murphy decided to use the unfolding crisis in Texas as an opportunity to suggest, yet again, that renewable energy is not worth our time or trouble. In addition to recycling […]

Doug Ford donors benefit as fast-tracked developments override environmental concerns

Feb 16 2021 — — The Ford government has used controversial special orders to allow developments on sites involving environmental concerns 14 times since 2018, an analysis by Canada’s National Observer has found. In nine of those cases, the orders benefitted developers who donated $262,915 to the Progressive Conservatives and Ontario Proud, a third-party group that supported the PCs in […]

Erin O’Toole’s political future depends on carbon taxes

Feb 16 2021 — Max Fawcett — Whether it happens this spring or in the fall, it’s increasingly obvious that Canadians are headed to the polls in 2021. And while the timing will depend on how quickly the Liberal government can recover from its early vaccine rollout mishaps, federal Conservatives will have to do more than recover a fumbled political football if […]

There’s money to be made from a cleaner economy

Feb 12 2021 — — U.S. President Joe Biden is “leaning to a greening” of the economy. The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline was among his first orders of business. A call to environmentally driven ally Justin Trudeau was also on Biden’s immediate to-do list. We are all expecting the new American president to place more emphasis on the […]

Nature Canada calls on Trudeau and Biden to work together to tackle climate change, species collapse

Feb 11 2021 — — A national nature conservation charity is urging the Canadian and American governments to team up to address “twin existential” environmental crises: climate change and species collapse. Nature Canada wants the two administrations to hone in on nature-based climate solution investments and the conservation of landscapes and seascapes, with a particular focus on Indigenous-led conservation. The […]

Want more Canadians driving electric vehicles? Look to Norway

Feb 9 2021 — — Recent major investments by Stellantis (formally FCA), Ford and GM to build electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada is undoubtedly great news for the auto industry, the economy and Canadians. Not only do these investments provide a boost to the economy after the worst contraction on record, they position Canada to benefit from the transition to […]

Vaccines before votes, Mr. Trudeau

Feb 9 2021 — Max Fawcett — If there’s one thing that’s come to define the Trudeau Liberal government over the last five years, it’s a penchant for over-promising and under-delivering. Whether it was the promise of electoral reform, the commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous communities or its stated goal of winning a seat on the UN Security Council, this is a […]

The fall of Jason Kenney

Feb 8 2021 — Bruce Livesey — Jason Kenney was pissed. On Jan. 20, the Alberta premier walked into a press conference at the legislature in Edmonton, making a beeline to a podium that bore a sign reading “Standing up for Alberta.” Wearing a dusky navy blue suit and matching tie, Kenney was responding to breaking news that U.S. President Joe Biden […]