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Twitter bots boosted the trending #TrudeauMustGo hashtag

Jul 18 2019 — — The hashtag #TrudeauMustGo soared to the top of Twitter’s trending list in Canada on Tuesday, perhaps giving some observers the impression that Canadians were taking to social media en masse to express their discontent with the prime minister. But a closer look revealed that much of the activity surrounding the hashtag was actually driven by […]

Imperial Oil sponsored a gala for $50,000. Then it lobbied Scheer

Jul 17 2019 — Carl Meyer — Imperial Oil says it “took the opportunity” to lobby Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer at a literary gala in May where the oil company paid for everyone’s dinner. In fact, that night both Liberal and Conservative MPs were lobbied by several corporate representatives from various sectors, whose employers paid tens of thousands of dollars to […]

Advisors quit, accusing Trudeau government of dithering on corporate watchdog

Jul 11 2019 — — All 14 civil society members of a panel appointed by the Trudeau government to provide advice about a new corporate watchdog have resigned. The members, representing labour unions and other civil society groups, publicly stormed out of their advisory role on Thursday, complaining in a statement that the government had failed to give a newly-appointed […]

Politicians can block you on Twitter. But should they?

Jul 4 2019 — — A matter of days after her new city councillor took office, Rida Abboud had been blocked from communicating with him on his Facebook page. It was the fall of 2017 and Jeromy Farkas had just been elected to Calgary city council. In an early Facebook post, he accused his predecessor of destroying the ward’s records […]

Okanagan Nation will have unprecedented role in new national park

Jul 3 2019 — — Chief Clarence Louie stood against a backdrop of dry hills spotted with sage bushes. Nearby, there’s a sign that says to watch for rattlesnakes. He was standing in his territory. It also happens to be Canada’s only desert. He said he looks around the Okanagan, and he sees some of British Columbia’s famous provincial parks. […]

Doug Ford loses carbon tax court battle with Trudeau

Jun 28 2019 — Fatima Syed — Ontario’s Court of Appeal followed its Saskatchewan counterpart in deeming the federal price on pollution constitutional, in another blow to Conservative premiers challenging the levy across the country. In a 4-1 ruling on Friday, the Ontario court concluded that the federal carbon tax is within the government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is within Parliament’s […]

Don’t read into darker-skinned Trudeau image, Conservatives insist

Jun 28 2019 — — The federal Conservative Party says a social media graphic that depicts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a dark-skinned oil worker is the result of a standard filter applied to many of their photos — not racism. The photo, versions of which were posted to the party’s Facebook and Twitter accounts Wednesday morning, appeared to have […]

The serious $70 BILLION climate plan you’ve heard nothing abou

Jun 27 2019 — — When the prime minister’s long-awaited announcement approving the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline finally came, few citizens concerned about environmental hazards and climate change could cheer it. Nor could many Indigenous communities applaud ⁠— so many of those that signed agreements with the project felt enormous pressure to salvage at least some benefit, skinny […]

Canadians risk growing ignorant about climate crisis, say scientists

Jun 26 2019 — Carl Meyer — Canadians risk growing ignorant about the global climate emergency because the federal government has failed to maintain predictable and long-term research funding, scientists say in a newly released survey. The survey by advocacy non-profit Evidence for Democracy and non-partisan charity Canadian Climate Forum has prompted Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna to call for […]