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Pipeline shortfall not the only thing punishing Canadian oilpatch

Jan 4 2019 — Carl Meyer — A lack of pipelines isn’t the only thing that has been choking Alberta’s oilpatch, Canada’s energy regulator says. The National Energy Board (NEB) has released a report that clarifies what has plagued fossil fuel companies in the oil-rich province over the past year. The economic turmoil persisted as the industry ramped up production in a […]

Alberta turns to Indigenous partnerships and Ontario companies to pursue renewable energy projects and jobs

Dec 17 2018 — — As Ontario turns its back on hundreds of renewable energy contracts, the province at the heart of Canada’s oilpatch appears to be going in a different direction. Alberta will bring on five more renewable energy projects by mid-2021, three of which are partnerships with First Nations, the province’s government said on Monday, with the winning […]

Alberta expands midwifery service as Ontario cuts funding amid outrage

Dec 14 2018 — — While Ontario is cutting funding to its college of midwives amid widening public and political uproar, Alberta is expanding the range of tasks its midwives can do to help expectant and new mothers and their newborns. A string of politicians in Ontario and beyond have expressed outrage at the latest cut to social services from […]

Ford cuts all provincial funding to Ontario College of Midwives

Dec 13 2018 — Carl Meyer — Doug Ford’s government has revoked current and future funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario, the regulatory body that oversees more than 900 midwives and has had government support for 25 years. The halt in funding is retroactive to April 1, 2018, and includes almost $800,000 in operational grants for the College’s current budget […]

Parliamentary committee asks Ontario Proud to reveal funding, telemarketing details

Dec 12 2018 — Carl Meyer — The House of Commons ethics committee demanded Tuesday that right-wing group Ontario Proud hand over information about its out-of-province funding and reveal details about the telemarketing firm it used to blast out millions of texts and phone calls during the last provincial campaign. The official requests from the committee came after a combative appearance by […]

The Trudeau government’s Trans Mountain purchase has triggered staggering interest expenses

Dec 5 2018 — Carl Meyer — The Trans Mountain oil pipeline is costing a Canadian Crown corporation some staggering interest expenses that cast doubt on strong revenues from the infrastructure touted in the federal government’s recent economic update. The interest expenses were $20 million over a single month in September, right after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government purchased the pipeline and […]

Experts say there’s proof that Canadian-made weapons are being used for Saudi war in Yemen

Nov 30 2018 — — A collection of evidence posted online demonstrates that Canadian-made arms are being used in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have waged war since 2015, say military and weapons experts. The expert analysis, based on dozens of publicly-posted images and videos, contradicts statements made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. Canada has explicitly […]