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Ontario’s Doug Ford strands ‘thousands’ on waiting list for solar, says industry group

Jun 21 2018 — Carl Meyer — Doug Ford’s decision to abandon Ontario’s price on pollution has left “thousands” of Ontarians waiting for solar installations hanging out to dry, the national industry group says. John Gorman, president of the Canadian Solar Industries Association, said Thursday that the shutting down of a rebate agency that had been funded by the cap and trade […]

Trudeau is planning intervention in Ontario after Doug Ford abandoned Canada’s national climate plan

Jun 20 2018 — Carl Meyer — A disappointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that he was planning an intervention after learning that Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford was withdrawing from a national climate change plan. “On the environment, the premier-designate has notified us that he intends to withdraw from the national climate plan,” Trudeau told reporters at a news conference marking […]

Canadian pipeline regulator’s ‘transparency’ boss resigns following failed hunt for journalist’s sources

Jun 20 2018 — Mike De Souza — An executive responsible for “transparency” at Canada’s pipeline regulator, the National Energy Board, has resigned following an unsuccessful hunt for a reporter’s sources. Sylvain Bédard was hired in the summer of 2016 as executive vice-president of transparency and strategic engagement at the regulator. He went on leave in the fall of 2017 following a series […]

A Soviet propaganda expert from Canada’s national library asks Facebook to show its cards

Jun 19 2018 — Carl Meyer — An archivist who studies Soviet propaganda and works for Canada’s national library is calling on Facebook to reveal more of its plan to boost media literacy in an age of rampant misinformation. Jennifer Anderson, archivist for science, environment and economy at Library and Archives Canada, has investigated how false or exaggerated information originating in the […]

With inhuman frequency, army of bots shares news about Doug Ford on Twitter and Facebook

Jun 6 2018 — — Ontario PC party leader Doug Ford’s Twitter messages from @fordnation are often amplified from a small army of hyper-partisan, largely anonymous accounts that publish with inhuman frequency. The proliferation of mostly right-wing boosters for populist candidates and issues on Twitter and Facebook is suspected of shaping public opinion in Brexit, the 2016 British referendum in […]

Horwath gaining on Ford among older voters, says poll

Jun 6 2018 — — Support among older citizens for the Progressive Conservative party has slipped during the campaign for the June 7 Ontario election, says CARP, an advocacy group for people over 50. A CARP poll showed NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s support doubled and Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne’s support barely moved. Ontario-based CARP members released a poll on the […]

G7 still negotiating as clock runs down on climate commitments

Jun 5 2018 — Carl Meyer — Environmental policy experts are watching to see if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can deliver a strong outcome on climate change at this week’s G7, as the U.S. continues to avoid consensus deals and Canada faces backlash over its pipeline purchase announcement. The issue of climate at the summit in Charlevoix, Que. remains front and centre […]

Wynne admitting defeat may be the opening Horwath needs

Jun 3 2018 — Marcella Munro — Kathleen Wynne delivered something usually saved for election night: a concession speech. Her plea is meant to help the Ontario Liberals save seats, and she basically said as much. She is asking Ontario voters to deliver a minority government so the Liberals can be the “voice of reason” between two parties she claims are too […]

Kinder Morgan execs Ian Anderson and David Safari offered $1.5 million bonuses under Trudeau bailout

Jun 1 2018 — Mike De Souza — Two executives at the Canadian unit of Texas-based Kinder Morgan are poised to cash in with $1.5 million bonuses after Ottawa offered to bailout their west coast oil pipeline system and expansion project, according to a new filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Both Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson and David […]

Trans Mountain pipeline scores another victory as court rejects news reports as ‘hearsay’

Jun 1 2018 — Mike De Souza — Kinder Morgan has scored another legal victory after the Federal Court of Appeal rejected a request to consider new evidence from news reports that allegedly showed the Trudeau government rigged its review of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. The ruling was released on Thursday, two days after the federal government confirmed that it would […]