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Kinder Morgan just told its shareholders how it persuaded the Trudeau government to pay billions for a pipeline no one else wanted to buy

Aug 8 2018 — Mike De Souza — The Trudeau government made financial overtures to Texas energy giant Kinder Morgan more than a month before the pipeline operator issued an ultimatum that drove Ottawa to offer billions to take over the troubled Trans Mountain project, according to a new document released by the company this week. These previously secret overtures began even though […]

Saudi Arabia goes back 23 years to troll about Canadian history and fails miserably

Aug 7 2018 — Toula Drimonis — While most Quebecers were busy enjoying a gorgeous summer weekend, the sovereignists in the province were being used as unsuspecting (and, by all accounts, unwilling) pawns in an escalating diplomatic spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia. Attempting to publicly “shame” Canada for “interfering” in their internal affairs, an army of Saudi Arabian online accounts started […]

Feds never fully probed carbon price impact on Ontario

Aug 2 2018 — Carl Meyer — Federal public servants never analyzed the full impact of a national price on carbon in Canada’s most populous province, and are now holding additional meetings as a result of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s election, a senior federal official revealed Thursday. John Moffet, assistant deputy minister at Environment and Climate Change Canada’s environmental protection branch, confirmed […]

Youth, LGBTQ+ and health groups rally to pressure Ontario’s Doug Ford into reinstating modern sex-ed

Aug 1 2018 — Carl Meyer — Over 20 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Canadians are demanding the Ford government nix its plans to roll back Ontario’s sexual education curriculum to the ‘90s. An open letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Lisa Thompson was released Wednesday. It was co-signed by 21 groups in community and sexual health, reproductive […]

No one is coming to save us

Jul 31 2018 — Desmond Cole — If Torontonians want to protect Toronto’s 2018 election, we have to do it ourselves. Doug Ford is the duly elected Premier of Ontario, and will govern with a majority at Queens Park for at least the next four years, whether we like it or not (I really don’t). But Ford is not satisfied with his […]

Ontario cancelling 758 ‘unnecessary and wasteful’ renewable energy contracts

Jul 13 2018 — — The Ontario government intends to cancel more than 750 renewable energy contracts in a bid to save the province’s taxpayers a few extra dollars on their hydro bills. Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines Greg Rickford made the sweeping announcement on Friday, labelling the clean energy projects “unnecessary and wasteful” in an afternoon press […]

Oilpatch fires ‘warning shot’ at Trudeau Liberals in Ontario with ‘unprecedented’ ground campaign

Jul 5 2018 — — Canada’s largest oil and gas lobby group ran a political ground war that targeted voters in 13 Ontario “Liberal swing ridings” with billboards in “high visibility locations” in the Toronto area and 400,000 pieces of pro-pipeline literature sent via Canada Post, an ongoing National Observer / Toronto Star / Global News investigation has found. The […]

Trudeau government reviewing $420 million in transfer payments to Ontario after Doug Ford begins ‘orderly wind-down’ of green programs

Jul 3 2018 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government says it’s reviewing $420 million worth of transfer payments to Ontario after newly-minted Premier Doug Ford announced Canada’s most populous province was beginning an “orderly wind-down” of its green programs. The federal funding was part of the Trudeau government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund, set up as part of the prime […]

Ontario’s Doug Ford strands ‘thousands’ on waiting list for solar, says industry group

Jun 21 2018 — Carl Meyer — Doug Ford’s decision to abandon Ontario’s price on pollution has left “thousands” of Ontarians waiting for solar installations hanging out to dry, the national industry group says. John Gorman, president of the Canadian Solar Industries Association, said Thursday that the shutting down of a rebate agency that had been funded by the cap and trade […]

Trudeau is planning intervention in Ontario after Doug Ford abandoned Canada’s national climate plan

Jun 20 2018 — Carl Meyer — A disappointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that he was planning an intervention after learning that Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford was withdrawing from a national climate change plan. “On the environment, the premier-designate has notified us that he intends to withdraw from the national climate plan,” Trudeau told reporters at a news conference marking […]