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Jason Kenney tries to channel the power of the pickup truck

Jul 27 2021 — Max Fawcett — Jason Kenney may have appointed a new minister of culture earlier this month, but culture wars are clearly still the purview of the premier. His latest skirmish involves a broadside against the “Toronto” Globe and Mail for a column it published criticizing Canada’s love affair with the pickup truck. “I’m happy to say that ~40% […]

To avoid climate catastrophe, Canada must account for its hidden emissions

Jul 27 2021 — — The past month has been a wake-up call for many Canadians as large parts of the country sweltered under an intense “heat dome” that is believed to have contributed to at least 719 sudden deaths in British Columbia. Scientists have since concluded the heat wave would have been “virtually impossible” without climate change caused by […]

Here comes the death of LNG

Jul 23 2021 — Max Fawcett — For years now, the oil and gas industry has touted natural gas as a so-called “bridge” to a low-carbon future. Not surprisingly, it was one they intended to help build and use to transition their businesses away from fossil fuels at a leisurely pace. But if a flurry of recent announcements is any indication, that […]

At least $23 billion spent supporting pipelines since 2018

Jul 6 2021 — — Since 2018, governments in Canada have pumped at least $23 billion worth of support into three megaproject pipelines designed to move giant amounts of oil and gas to international markets, undermining Ottawa’s commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions, says a new report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

Climate change is killing us

Jul 2 2021 — Max Fawcett — The small town of Lytton, British Columbia, has always been one of the hottest places in Canada. But this week, with the temperature hitting a high of 49.6 C, it’s one of the hottest in the world — and it’s giving the rest of the country a preview of what our climate future might look […]

Is there a path to net zero without nuclear power?

Jul 2 2021 — — There is little to no disagreement about the fact that mitigating the long-term impacts of climate change must remain at the top of our collective priorities from a global perspective. Canada has stated time and time again its willingness to play a leadership role in efforts to decarbonize the global economy.

It’ll take a supercharged national effort to get Canadians driving EVs

Jun 30 2021 — — The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation on the same scale as the transition from the horse and buggy to the gas-powered automobile. But just like previous game-changing technological innovations, the move to electrification will not be without challenges. One of the biggest obstacles to early widespread automobile adoption was consumer concerns about […]

It’s time for a new Canada Day

Jun 29 2021 — Max Fawcett — If Erin O’Toole wants an explanation for his pitifully low personal approval numbers, he should look in the mirror. After all, in the wake of the discovery of 751 unmarked graves on the site of a former residential school in Saskatchewan and renewed calls for justice and reconciliation across the country, the Conservative leader went […]