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RCMP, let journalists witness Unist’ot’en Camp

Jan 15 2020 — Linda Solomon Wood — Members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation have fought for many years to keep three pipelines from running through their land in northern B.C. At stake, the protesters say, is their way of life, their culture and their system of governance which was recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in the landmark Delgamuukw decision in […]

Dirty, cheap marine fuel ban will affect Canada’s Arctic

Jan 4 2020 — Carl Meyer — New rules cracking down on pollution from dirty, cheap marine fuel kicked into gear this week, placing stricter requirements on cargo vessels and cruise ships that are plying northern waters thanks to climate change. As of Jan. 1, Canada is enforcing a new UN-backed cap on the amount of sulphur allowed in heavy fuel oil […]

Alberta’s $30-million bonfire

Jan 3 2020 — Chris Turner — The Alberta government’s Canadian Energy Centre — its long-promised, much-hyped “rapid-response war room,” a provincial corporation with a $30-million annual budget — finally launched on Dec. 11. It embarked on its noble mission with all appropriate pomp and ceremony, by which I mean there was a website and a sort of self-promotional video. The video […]

Canada’s government underestimated Pinterest’s disinformation problem

Dec 13 2019 — — With all eyes on tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google, the Liberal government appears to have overlooked another key contributor to the spread of disinformation as it prepared for the 2019 election. The Canadian government thought Pinterest wouldn’t be vulnerable to political disinformation, in part because government officials believed the image-sharing platform doesn’t use […]

Global climate summit. COP or Cop-out?

Dec 12 2019 — — You’ve been hearing there’s a global climate summit happening in Madrid this week. If you’re wondering what these international negotiations are and whether they have been making any progress, you’ve come to the right place. Every year, the countries of the world get together and try to figure out what to do about the accelerating […]

Canada’s public pension fund denies it’s ‘entangled’ with oil and gas

Nov 20 2019 — Carl Meyer — Canada’s biggest pension fund says it’s “unfathomable” that the fossil fuel sector could wield disproportionate influence over its investment decisions, after a new report claims members of its board of directors and staff are “entangled with the oil and gas industry.” The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), the Crown corporation that manages the country’s […]

Layoffs hit CBC News amid operating budget decline

Nov 15 2019 — — Citing a decrease in its operating budget, the news division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced layoffs Thursday. Approximately 35 positions were impacted, most of them in the broadcaster’s Toronto newsroom, a spokesperson for CBC said. “Today, as some of you may already know, a number of CBC News staff were given notice of redundancy,” […]

Green Party’s Jenica Atwin wants to liberate New Brunswick from the Irvings

Nov 2 2019 — Carl Meyer — Jenica Atwin, Canada’s newest Green MP, has come out swinging against the powerful Irving family, saying New Brunswickians have been “surrounded by their influence” and must “get out from underneath their thumb.” In a wide-ranging interview in Ottawa on Nov. 1, the first-ever Green elected outside of British Columbia also discussed banning a popular pesticide […]

What Trudeau needs to do to win the West

Oct 28 2019 — Shawn McCarthy — In the polarized swamp of Canada’s energy and climate debate, finding common ground is neither easy nor particularly satisfying for the partisans on either side of the political battle. With the Liberal party being shut out in Alberta and Saskatchewan in last week’s election, combined with the deep sense of anger and alienation felt by […]