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Mark Carney jumpstarts Trudeau death watch

Sep 29 2023 — Tasha Kheiriddin — It’s been another grim week for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Nazi-gate continued to dominate the headlines and another poll came out showing the Liberals 12 points behind the Conservatives. As Trudeau flails, speculation mounts about his potential departure, and about possible alternatives. One name on a lot of people’s lips this week was that of […]

A sober David Dodge informs the Liberals their fiscal bender is finished

Sep 27 2023 — John Ivison — David Dodge was like the grown-up handing out black coffee and aspirins the morning after a night of teenage bacchanalian excess. The former Bank of Canada governor was testifying before the House of Commons finance committee on Monday and his message was unequivocal: The party’s over. Article content The Liberal government has rarely encountered a […]

School ‘inclusion’ excludes parents. No wonder they marched

Sep 21 2023 — Tasha Kheiriddin — On Wednesday, thousands of parents and supporters took to the streets across Canada for the 1 Million March 4 Children protest, chanting “leave the kids alone.” They were protesting the teaching of “gender ideology” in schools, including lessons about gender identity, transgenderism and schools’ refusal to inform parents of their children’s use of preferred pronouns.

Trudeau, China have most to gain from India tensions

Sep 19 2023 — Tasha Kheiriddin — The House of Commons is back — and with it, a crisis no one saw coming. On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that “Over the past number of weeks, Canadian security agencies have been actively pursuing credible allegations of a potential link between agents of the government of India and the killing of a […]

Trudeau tries pinning the cost-of-living blame on anyone but himself

Sep 18 2023 — John Ivison — To err is human; to blame someone else is politics. The House of Commons is back and the prime minister had barely cleared his throat before he turned the Opposition leader’s questions on housing and grocery affordability into a response about the Conservative party’s plan to “restrict access to abortion, deny the impact of climate […]

‘Anti-woke’ general and his wife to endorse Poilievre, talk ‘common sense’ values at CPC convention

Sep 6 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — Retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve and his wife, retired Maj. Barbara Maisonneuve, are hoping for another standing ovation when they take the stage during the Conservative party convention in Quebec City on Thursday night. In an interview, the military couple, lifelong Conservatives and supporters of leader Pierre Poilievre, said they were already expecting to attend the […]

Freedom Convoy trial won’t help Trudeau’s tanking poll numbers

Sep 5 2023 — — Hello, September. Labour Day’s done, the kids are back in school, parents are back at work, as the sweet indolence of summer fades into the chilly reality of fall. Our federal politicians are also back in the saddle, though they get an extra-long break: Parliament returns in two weeks. But in the meantime, a couple […]

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