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Blaming bankers and bureaucrats only lets Liberals off the hook

May 22 2022 — Chris Selley — Candidates for the federal Conservative leadership have until June 3 to sign up new members; at that point, almost three months before the actual election date, the result may be more or less baked in. Pierre Poilievre must hope that’s true — not just because he seems to be the prohibitive favourite, but because his […]

Poilievre campaign vows to shut down ‘misleading’ website selling Trudeau blackface stickers in its name

May 20 2022 — — The site is designed to mislead potential Poilievre supporters with promises to donate an unspecified portion of sales to the candidate’s coffers. Attempts to cash in on the Conservative leadership campaign is proving a hard sell for Pierre Poilievre officials, who vow to clamp down on a “misleading” website parading as an official shop selling […]

Jason Kenney’s demise as Alberta premier was inevitable

May 19 2022 — Colby Cosh — Jason Kenney, who resigned Wednesday night as leader of the Alberta United Conservative Party he helped create, governed Alberta exactly as if someone had handed him a relatively simple playbook at the start of his second political career. “Set aside the culture-war crap if you can help yourself,” it might have read. (And he did!) […]

Jason Kenney quits as Alberta’s conservative movement eats itself

May 19 2022 — Carson Jerema — Alberta’s governing United Conservative Party has eaten itself. The dismal 51.4 per cent approval rating that led Premier Jason Kenney to step down Wednesday night is a victory for a long-percolating revolt, one that came mostly from the party’s right wing. But this is no win for conservative politics in Alberta and could signal the […]

Liberal MP announces resignation from GTA seat to take UN job

May 18 2022 — — Liberal MP Sven Spengemann is stepping down from his Toronto-area seat to take a position with the United Nations, marking the first resignation of the new Parliament, which will force a by-election later this year. Spengemann, who represents the riding of Mississauga—Lakeshore in the House of Commons, said Wednesday he will be resigning his seat […]

Let loose the dogs of political war in northern Ontario

May 16 2022 — John Ivison — Dogs are an occupational hazard for campaigning politicians and the explosion of pandemic pets has made things worse – nearly one million Canadians acquired a hound or kitty during COVID. “Every house has a dog. I’ve never seen so many dogs,” says an exasperated Vic Fedeli, the veteran Progressive Conservative who has been elected three […]