National Newswatch

On equalization, Ottawa and Alberta are speaking entirely different languages

Jun 22 2018 — — News broke late Thursday that the government was renewing the federal equalization program — with no changes. But Alberta’s United Conservative Party was ready for it. UCP leader Jason Kenney planted himself in front of some rail tanker cars and took advantage of Alberta’s mid-June bounty of sunlight — more than 17 hours — to […]

We know how much a carbon tax would cost. If only we could say the same about the Tories’ alternative

Jun 19 2018 — Andrew Coyne — For twelve exciting hours last week, Parliamentary business was held up by a Conservative procedural tactic forcing a vote on every one of 200 items in the Main Estimates. The marathon voting session was in protest at the Liberal government’s failure to release detailed projections of the cost to Canadian households of pricing emissions of […]

The carbon tax could be the ballot question in the 2019 federal election

Jun 18 2018 — John Ivison — The Conservatives have made clear their preferred ballot question in the 2019 election — the cost to the average family of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. They filibustered all night last Thursday to highlight their point that finance minister Bill Morneau won’t release that figure, despite having the analysis to hand. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party’s Twitter […]

Canada’s senior bureaucrat and top auditor are having an unprecedented feud over the public service

Jun 14 2018 — John Ivison — The office of the auditor general has been deemed infallible since Sheila Fraser almost single-handedly brought down Paul Martin’s Liberal government with her report on the sponsorship scandal. Ministers whose departments have been unfortunate enough to fall foul of a critical audit have genuflected and promised to fix the problem pronto. That’s what made a […]