National Newswatch

The Liberals and NDP have embraced contempt for Parliament

May 30 2020 — Andrew Potter — One thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the depths of the contempt that Canada’s professional class has for the practice of politics, our political parties and even Parliament itself. In the early days of the pandemic, this contempt largely emanated from journalists, but it appears to have now spread to members of the […]

Social assistance recipients allowed to double-dip on CERB payments, depending on province they live in

May 26 2020 — Tom Blackwell — Conservative governments are among the more generous and some Liberal-run provinces are taking the toughest stance. The federal government’s emergency-response benefit was originally pitched as a buffer for employed people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic and lockdown. But thousands of Canadians on welfare and disability benefits are also receiving the $2,000-a-month payments, […]

Ottawa lacks financial capacity to withstand another economic lockdown, must look to rein in spending: report

May 26 2020 — Jesse Snyder — Canada cannot afford to completely shut down the economy in the event of a second wave of the coronavirus, according to a group of academics and executives headed by a former Bank of Canada governor. A new report by the C.D. Howe Institute warns the Liberal government against “turning one-off deficits into structural deficits” as […]

Look to the provinces, frustrated conservatives

May 22 2020 — Sean Speer, — The prevailing view that Andrew Scheer and the Conservative party have performed poorly in the COVID-19 crisis is mostly unjustified but the problem with conventional wisdom is that it ultimately becomes convention. Recent polls show that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has completely rebounded from his “blackface” scandal and would now win a major election victory […]

Soaring household debt leaves Liberals with ‘extremely complicated’ task of winding down COVID-19 support programs

May 20 2020 — Jesse Snyder — Rising household debts are set to heap even more strain onto the Canadian economy in coming months, leaving the Liberal government to grapple with the difficult question of how and when to unwind its massive support programs, economists say. Canada has for years held some of the highest household debt levels among developed nations, something […]