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Politicians won’t even discuss mandatory vaccinations, for all the wrong reasons

Jul 27 2021 — Chris Selley — The debate in Canada over mandatory vaccinations for health-care and education workers, and over requiring “vaccine passports” for currently restricted activities like sporting events, concerts and cinemas, has by and large been remarkably civilized. That’s a healthy sign: Pro or anti, most of us seem to understand that forcing people to choose between their job […]

Voters say they’re over COVID. That could hurt Justin Trudeau

Jul 27 2021 — Tasha Kheiriddin — Back to the Future! As the nation lurches ever closer to a widely expected election call, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be quickly receding in our collective rearview mirror. Traffic clogs our highways like bad cholesterol. Dogs howl with anxiety as their owners mysteriously disappear. A million sourdough starters have been left to die. Pre-pandemic […]

NDP supporter ordered to pay $7,330 after making series of illegal donations to party

Jul 24 2021 — Christopher Nardi — An NDP supporter must pay $7,330 after the federal elections watchdog caught him making a series of illegal donations to the party and various leadership candidates between 2015 and 2017. According to a compliance agreement published Friday by the Commissioner of Canada Elections, Dartmouth, N.S., resident Dennis Theman donated $6,600 to no less than seven […]

Bilingualism is the enemy of Ottawa’s inclusivity agenda

Jul 22 2021 — Chris Selley — Official Languages Commissioner Raymond Théberge insists he has nothing against soon-to-be Governor General Mary Simon, despite her inability to speak one of Canada’s official languages: The Queen’s first Indigenous representative in Ottawa speaks English and Inuktitut, but less French than Her Majesty herself. “We all know what a great candidate she is, what a great […]

Box-ticking ‘diversity’ appointments aren’t the only way for Ottawa to represent today’s Canada

Jul 20 2021 — Tasha Kheiriddin — What does it mean to “represent Canada” in the 21st century? We are a nation of two official languages, 10 provinces, and three territories. Forty-one per cent of us are first-or-second generation immigrants. Eighty-one per cent of us live in cities, the rest in rural or small-town communities. In terms of gender and orientation, the […]

The conservative case for a four-day workweek

Jul 9 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Calling all politicians who need a quick boost in the polls: have you considered giving Canadians a four-day workweek? Erin O’Toole, I’m looking at you. No, I haven’t confused you with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. No, I’m not high on hallucinogens. I’m entirely serious when I suggest a shortened workweek as a Hail Mary addition […]

Liberal MP William Amos says he appeared naked on camera twice because of ‘hyperactive multitasking’, ‘lack of focus’

Jul 9 2021 — Christopher Nardi — May run again in next election — but that may not be as the Liberals’ candidate. Liberal MP William Amos says he mistakenly appeared naked twice during virtual House of Commons proceedings because of issues with “hyperactive multitasking” and a “lack of focus” and not because of any “mental health disorder.”