National Newswatch

New health deal could help heal fractured nation

Jan 26 2023 — John Ivison — Canada is not broken, the prime minister insists, and to prove it, he has invited the premiers to Ottawa next month to finalize a new health-care deal. It’s a risky move. Parliament Hill is used to rabble rousers in February, after the occupation by the Freedom Convoy last year. The premiers may not bring their […]

Pierre Poilievre launches consultations to find a ‘grassroots First Nations solution’ to tax revenue

Jan 24 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is launching consultations on a proposal to let First Nations communities collect more directly the federal tax revenue generated by resource projects on their lands. In an interview with the National Post, Poilievre said he has been listening to First Nations leaders who say they want less red tape and more […]

Whether careless or cunning, Trudeau’s back to taking risks

Jan 24 2023 — John Ivison — Clint Eastwood once said that when you’re young, you’re reckless. Then you get conservative. Then you get reckless again. The same appears true of prime ministers. Justin Trudeau made some audacious bets on the road to Rideau Hall, from his infamous boxing match with Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau in 2012, to gambling in 2015 that […]

The $15 billion experiment Ottawa can’t afford to mess up

Jan 20 2023 — John Ivison — The old joke is that at roll call, senators don’t know whether to shout “present” or “not guilty.” Very little happens in that sleepy sinecure that reaches the outside world. Yet over Christmas, a clip from the Senate finance committee started circulating of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland being grilled by Conservative Sen. Elizabeth Marshall, […]

Poilievre hints that he won’t be pandering to Quebec

Jan 19 2023 — Chris Selley — Pierre Poilievre embarked this week on a treasure hunt that proved mostly futile for his two predecessors, and not much more rewarding for Stephen Harper. Poilievre has been introducing himself to Quebecers, in hopes of winning their votes, and the path is uphill. As of Tuesday, 338Canada’s popular vote projection pegged the Conservatives at 35 […]

Canadians shouldn’t be dying because of health-care ideology

Jan 17 2023 — Tasha Kheiriddin — Canadian health care is in crisis. The patient isn’t just sick; she is on life support, barely hanging on. Staffing shortages and treatment delays produced by the pandemic have proved the final straw, overwhelming a system in decline for decades. Starved of money, innovation and competition, it has effectively collapsed, and the results are nothing […]

Carbon capture is the major lever to get to net zero. Environmentalists must recognize that

Jan 16 2023 — John Ivison — It is perverse that the technologies that hold the greatest promise in reducing greenhouse gas emissions are so despised by the environmental lobby. Canada’s oilsands were responsible for about 12 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. The major producers responsible for 95 per cent of oilsands production have banded together to […]