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Survey shows spike in opposition to higher immigration in Canada, but too soon to call it a trend

Aug 21 2018 — Brian Platt — Canadians have been dubious for decades about the merits of increasing levels of immigration, but a new report also suggests growing opposition to immigration over the past few years. The report from the Angus Reid Institute analyzes polling data going back to 1975 to show that, throughout that period, a relatively constant number of Canadians […]

Justin Trudeau blows dog-whistle on Conservative xenophobia

Aug 20 2018 — John Ivison — The phrase “dog-whistle politics” is most often associated with the right, but Justin Trudeau has been using his own coded language to reach his political base. The now infamous video of him being heckled at an open-air rally in Quebec could scarcely have been orchestrated to better effect, if the woman shouting questions about immigration […]

From embryos to Jerusalem and supply management to pornography, here’s what’s on the agenda at the Conservative policy convention

Aug 19 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — This week, the federal Conservatives are adding to their policy book for the first time under leader Andrew Scheer, and for the last time before the next election. On the table for the rank-and-file to discuss at the party’s convention in Halifax are changes to positions on everything from immigration to abortion to freedom of […]

‘This has not been a good hour for Canada’: John Baird slams Trudeau government on Saudi state TV

Aug 14 2018 — Tristin Hopper — As Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia remains on the rocks, ex-foreign affairs minister John Baird appeared on Saudi state TV over the weekend to denounce the Trudeau government for its “gratuitous attack” on the Saudi regime. “For Canada to treat a friend and ally this way has been incredibly unhelpful,” Baird told the English-language arm […]

‘I think she’s better than that’: Jagmeet Singh takes back Saudi oil comments, takes aim at Notley

Aug 13 2018 — Maura Forrest — Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is hitting back at Rachel Notley after coming under scathing criticism from the Alberta premier last week for comments he made about oil imports from Saudi Arabia. “I know that Premier Notley’s in a tough political fight. But I’ve always felt and I believe that personal attacks are beneath her,” […]

Liberals’ pulpit diplomacy is more about feel-good than do-good

Aug 13 2018 — John Ivison — Certain things in public life should not be taken at face value — including election promises, government spending estimates and former ministers furthering their commercial interests under the guise of speaking about the national interest. John Baird’s appearance on the Saudi regime’s mouthpiece channel, Al Arabiya, complaining that the Trudeau government has been “poking a […]

‘Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women’: Saudi Arabia’s bizarre propaganda campaign

Aug 10 2018 — Tristin Hopper — A Saudi-owned TV channel claims that University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is a Canadian prisoner of conscience. Within hours of Saudi Arabia expelling Canada’s ambassador, the country’s broadcasters and pro-government social media accounts ramped into high gear digging up dirt on its newest enemy. A recurring theme of Saudi attacks against Canada is “those […]