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What is the end game? Ontario’s stark modelling forecast could help Canadians cope with COVID-19

Apr 4 2020 — — The grim forecast of Ontario COVID-19 deaths could drive a sense of resilience Canadians will need to deal with a surreal situation, experts say. “By and large, people want to know,” says Dr. Judy Illes, Canada Research Chair in neuroethics at the University of British Columbia. “Information engenders trust, and trust engenders resilience.” The opposite […]

No sugar-coating it as Doug Ford delivers the grim COVID-19 news to Ontarians

Apr 3 2020 — John Ivison — Ontario Premier Doug Ford called the projected spread of COVID-19 in the country’s largest province “stark and sobering”. Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to share the modelling on which public policy decisions are being made, including projected fatalities. No wonder the premier, and health minister, Christine Elliott, looked ashen-faced. The province is expecting […]

Canadians had better brace themselves for an alarming new post-COVID economic world

Apr 2 2020 — John Ivison — Justin Trudeau’s reluctance to level with Canadians by releasing the government’s death-toll projections has understandably led to nervousness. Are the forecasts so bleak the prime minister is worried we can’t handle the truth? Yet key decision-makers suggest that the main cause for apprehension in Ottawa is not over the immediate health crisis, or even the […]

Canadian governments refusing to release models or projections of COVID-19 spread

Apr 2 2020 — — Politicians warned Wednesday Canadians can expect weeks or months of social distancing, but declined to reveal their own models or estimates of just how many people could become infected or die of COVID-19. While federal and provincial leaders stressed the need for Canadians to maintain the fight against COVID-19, they refused to disclose models that […]

Construction on Trans Mountain pipeline goes on, company says, as First Nations concerned over COVID-19 risks

Mar 30 2020 — Jesse Snyder — Construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline has continued despite concerns over workers contracting and spreading COVID-19, the Crown corporation building the $12.6-billion project said Monday. Ian Anderson, the chief executive of publicly-owned Trans Mountain Corp., said the company is “continuously assessing this unprecedented situation” around COVID-19, as public-facing businesses across the country shut down in […]

Too soon to make definitive judgment on Trudeau’s handling of COVID-19 crisis

Mar 23 2020 — John Ivison — Bill Clinton secured his reputation as the “Comeback Kid” with his response to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. The widely-ridiculed president with a woman problem channelled the nation’s grief, handling the tragedy with empathy and compassion. “It was the moment he was born to be president for,” said George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s communications director – […]