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More than half Canada’s AstraZeneca vaccine came from U.S. plant accused by FDA of quality-control problems

Apr 23 2021 — Tom Blackwell — Close to two thirds of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine imported into Canada came from a U.S. factory that American authorities say was rife with quality-control issues, Health Canada confirmed Thursday. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said this week it will not allow the release of any vaccine made under contract at the Emergent Biosolutions […]

Apology shows Ford is a changed man and deserves a chance to lead

Apr 22 2021 — Michael Taube — Ontario Premier Doug Ford has had a rough few weeks in office, to put it mildly. Ford has been criticized for announcing yet another provincial stay-at-home order due to escalating COVID-19 cases. Critics have blasted him for everything from keeping struggling businesses closed to halting in-person learning in Ontario schools on several occasions. He announced […]

More cake anyone? How about another scoop of ice cream?

Apr 21 2021 — John Ivison — Less than 24 hours after his government announced $143 billion in new spending, Justin Trudeau was asked about provincial demands for more health-care transfers. “We have committed that we will increase transfers to the provinces — recurring and long-term…. We look forward to discussions about how we can make more investments in the long-term,” he […]

U.S. the biggest source of COVID-19 brought into Canada, study finds

Apr 21 2021 — Tom Blackwell — It has been controversially labeled the “China virus,” but new research suggests Canada’s COVID-19 epidemic might be better nicknamed the America virus. More than half the imported variants of the pathogen that led to outbreaks in this country likely came from the United States, with Russia, India, Italy and the U.K. following well back as […]

A federal budget for you? No, it’s out to crush the NDP and shame Conservatives

Apr 19 2021 — John Ivison — If the Liberal Party does not regain its parliamentary majority after lavishing $143 billion in new spending on every sub-set of the Canadian population, it should call a royal commission of inquiry. Chrystia Freeland’s first budget professes to be about finishing the fight against COVID and building prosperity for the future. But the front-end-loaded nature […]

Doug Ford gives Ontario police-state tactics instead of COVID measures that actually work

Apr 16 2021 — Randall Denley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford brought in the toughest pandemic restrictions the province has ever seen Friday. They better work because there isn’t much more the government can do. Ford’s new approach is an odd mix of bluster, misdirection, overdue restrictions and authoritarian, punitive measures that will infuriate Ontarians for little practical gain. It’s hard to […]