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Bernier and Simms offer a tale of two whips

Apr 19 2018 — John Ivison — Francis Urquhart, the fictional chief whip in the original (and the best) House of Cards, described his role thus: “A pat on the head and a biscuit here; a short, sharp shock there – and a good boot up the backside where indicated.” In recent days, both the Conservative and Liberal whips’ offices have been […]

Opposition parties skeptical of federal government’s new $7-billion ‘slush’ fund

Apr 17 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Federal opposition parties are raising alarm bells about a new $7-billion envelope — which they call a “slush” fund — in the main budgetary estimates that Liberals introduced to Parliament on Monday. Worried that Liberals are giving themselves billions of dollars worth of wiggle room right before an election year, Conservatives are asking for assurances […]

As Conservatives call for more carbon tax data, Ottawa delivers analyses — but only to the territories

Apr 17 2018 — Maura Forrest — Amid criticism from the Conservatives that it has failed to provide enough information about the possible impacts of a price on carbon, the federal government has prepared analyses of how much its carbon tax would cut emissions and increase costs — but it has prepared them only for the three territorial governments. The analyses were […]

First it was poppies, now it’s ‘Possum Magic’: Canadian Mint ups ante in court battle with Australia over coins

Apr 17 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — A legal battle between the Royal Canadian Mint and its counterpart in Australia is heating up as Canada cries foul over “Possum Magic” coins. The Canadian Crown corporation is alleging the Royal Australian Mint stole its method for printing colour onto metal, and has expanded a December lawsuit over red poppies on a run of […]

When it comes to Trans Mountain, Trudeau is on the right trail

Apr 16 2018 — Andrew Coyne — It was not inevitable that we should arrive at such a pass over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion: province divided against province, First Nation against First Nation, with the economic union and the rule of law as potential collateral damage. A debacle this big does not come about without years of hard work on all […]

Exactly why do we need a Senate ?

Apr 14 2018 — Andrew Coyne — More than two years after the Trudeau government introduced its system of “independent, merit-based” appointments to the Senate, transforming — so it was said — the Other Place from a house of patronage and partisanship to a house of virtue, the government’s “representative” in the Senate has given some thought to how it will all […]

Kathleen Wynne says support from colleagues kept her from resigning over low approval ratings

Apr 12 2018 — Tom Blackwell — Battered by some of the lowest approval ratings in the country, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said Thursday she considered quitting before this June’s election, but was encouraged to soldier on by the backing of her colleagues. In an interview with the National Post, Wynne also suggested that her own personal unpopularity can sometimes sting, saying […]