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Hillary Clinton, Canadian company at heart of controversy Trump and his supporters want to resurrect

Oct 21 2017 — Tom Blackwell — It’s the Russia controversy that President Donald Trump and his supporters would love the world to focus on, and it centres largely around a Toronto-based mining company. The 2010 sale of Uranium One to Russian interests — and unproven allegations that Canadian donations to the Clinton Foundation eased its approval in the States — suddenly […]

Bill Morneau’s actions reveal a critical lack of judgment

Oct 20 2017 — — The deeper Bill Morneau digs himself into the hole he is now in, the more one understands how he got there. Either the minister is genuinely unaware of the basic requirements of public office, or he imagines his audience to be. Either way, it does not fill one with confidence. To hear the minister tell […]

Hands off Morneau! In defence of a great Albertan

Oct 20 2017 — Colby Cosh — A colleague told me the other day that I should write a column about Finance Minister Bill Morneau — basically, because no columnist should pass up a chance to face wash some politician for ineptitude or deviousness. This struck me as a strong argument. But my response was that I would never dream of treating […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Canada playing ‘political games’ with newly-adopted Magnitsky law

Oct 20 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing Justin Trudeau’s government of playing “unconstructive political games” with its newly-adopted Magnitsky law. During a question-and-answer period at a conference in Sochi, Russia Thursday, Putin alleged events leading to the adoption of the law are part of a conspiracy to “blow up more anti-Russian hysteria,” according to a transcript […]

Conservative leader urged to help end Senate filibuster in neverending national anthem lyrics-change saga

Oct 19 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Parliamentarians are turning yet another page in the seemingly unending story of the short piece of legislation that would change a few words of the national anthem. In the saga’s latest development, the bill’s Senate sponsor, Independent Sen. Frances Lankin, is publicly challenging Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to help end a Tory filibuster — and […]

‘Dear Jeff…’: Trudeau sends personal pitch to Amazon CEO on choosing Canada for its second headquarters

Oct 19 2017 — Brian Platt — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making a personal pitch to Amazon to open its second headquarters north of the border, marketing Canada’s cities as “progressive, confident and natural homes” for the company. The deadline to submit bids to Amazon ended Wednesday at midnight, and Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary are all expected to be […]

McGuinty’s statement on gas plants was untrue, key witness tells trial

Oct 17 2017 — Christie Blatchford — In the exquisitely even-handed manner that is his trademark and in his usual careful language, Ontario’s former top public servant Tuesday called former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty a big fat liar. Peter Wallace was being cross-examined by Brian Gover, lawyer for former McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston. Livingston and his former deputy, Laura Miller, […]

I mean no disrespect when I say that I have a problem with #MeToo

Oct 17 2017 — Jen Gerson — No doubt you will have noticed your social media feeds filled with it, the simple little status update: #MeToo. The meme, an admission of sexual assault and harassment, has proliferated in recent days as the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to unfold. Although the experiences range from groping and peeping to abuse of power and rape, […]