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Canada is heading into a ‘foggy’ fiscal future, new C.D. Howe report warns

Oct 20 2020 — John Ivison — The government leader in the House of Commons accused his political opponents of “paralyzing committees with partisanship” on Monday, apparently struck by amnesia about last week’s Liberal filibuster and the prorogation that stopped those same committees digging into the WE Charity affair. Pablo Rodriguez didn’t even blush as he portrayed the Conservatives as the thieves […]

Nobody should tolerate the Liberals’ hideous tricks to hide WE documents

Oct 16 2020 — Chris Selley — “There probably isn’t a smoking gun in these docs, but the Liberals on committee are certainly acting like there’s one,” Andrew MacDougall, Stephen Harper’s former press secretary, remarked on Twitter this week. He was referring to the pathetic, endless spectacle of Liberal members of two separate parliamentary committees — 21 hours of useless wrangling between […]

Liberals filibuster opposition motion to get details of Trudeau family’s speaking fees

Oct 9 2020 — Brian Platt — Liberal MPs on the House of Commons ethics committee mounted a filibuster Friday afternoon of the opposition’s attempt to get details of the Trudeau family’s speaking fees — particularly as they relate to WE Charity events. The Liberals dragged out the committee’s proceedings through lengthy speeches and repeated requests to adjourn. Finally, after four and […]

Why the Liberals’ plastic plan may need recycling

Oct 7 2020 — John Ivison — I doubt I am the only householder to be shocked by the revelation of how small a percentage of plastic is recycled from the small mountain we lug to the curb in our blue boxes. Just nine per cent of the three million tonnes produced a year is re-used, with the rest ending up in […]

Trudeau has laid a trap. Here’s how Erin O’Toole can avoid it

Sep 23 2020 — Sean Speer — Notwithstanding speculation that the recent spike in COVID-19 cases may dampen its ambition, the Trudeau government’s speech from the throne outlined a dizzying number of major policy commitments underwritten by ongoing deficits and debt. There were new and rehashed commitments on pharmacare, childcare, health care, long-term care, climate change, infrastructure, skills training, Employment Insurance, and […]