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Military can’t police itself when it comes to sexual misconduct

Oct 15 2021 — Kathryn Marshall — It is time to end the farce that is the Canadian Armed Force’s self-regulation. It isn’t working and the time has long since come to implement rigorous external processes for addressing sexual misconduct in the military. Over the past 10 months there have been numerous sex scandals involving high-ranking CAF officials. This week, there was […]

CERB problems are bad news for proponents of a guaranteed basic income

Oct 13 2021 — Tasha Kheiriddin — When Parliament returns to work in the coming weeks, one of the Liberal government’s first orders of business will be a fall economic statement. Expectations include such big-ticket items as national childcare, likely bankrolled by a proposed three per cent tax on financial institutions and insurance companies. But the biggest question for the new government […]

It is time for the Tories to break up with Alberta?

Oct 12 2021 — Kelly McParland — Perhaps it’s time for the Conservative party to part ways with Alberta. Sit down on the couch, engage in a frank discussion about the relationship, and agree that it’s no longer working out the way both parties had hoped. While they enjoyed many happy years as partners, the sad fact is that their interests have […]

O’Toole shoots, and scores. But he needs to up the Tory game

Oct 6 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — There was a question at Erin O’Toole’s news conference following the Conservative caucus on Tuesday, the kind that tripped him up during the final days of the campaign, but which this time he turned into a leadership moment. The same leader who had declined to say how many unvaccinated candidates were running as Conservatives, now […]

As the Conservative caucus meets, Erin O’Toole gets support from many MPs — but also harsh criticism

Oct 5 2021 — Brian Platt — O’Toole told reporters he’s spoken to most of the caucus and believes he has the support to stay on as leader. As Conservative MPs filed into their first post-election caucus meeting Tuesday morning, many expressed strong support for Erin O’Toole’s leadership — but others walked by without comment, and at least one Alberta MP fumed […]