National Newswatch

Surely nothing could go horribly wrong with Trudeau’s hastily cobbled-together dental-care plan

Sep 28 2022 — John Ivison — For Justin Trudeau, the idea is more interesting than the implementation. He’s always more excited about “what’s new” than absorbed in executing decisions already made. The Liberal government’s proposals for a national dental-care program are a case in point. The Liberals have become converts to the idea of subsidized dental care for lower-income Canadians not […]

Pierre Poilievre plans to scrap the carbon tax, but will he unveil a climate plan?

Sep 27 2022 — Catherine Lévesque — Nuclear technology, carbon capture and mining critical minerals are all components of Pierre Poilievre’s approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change, but it remains unclear when he will unveil a more fulsome climate plan of his own. Liberal MP Rachel Bendayan said it was “laughable” to suggest that the Conservative party has […]

Travel-mandate victory could be a double-edged sword for the Tories

Sep 27 2022 — — For many travellers weary of pandemic restrictions, the Canadian skies just got a lot friendlier. Last week the federal government announced that it will be lifting COVID-19 restrictions, including mask mandates on planes and mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app, at the end of this month. Cue the cheers not just from a weary travelling […]

Fiona is a fresh tempest, but a familiar unease

Sep 25 2022 — Stephen Maher — To get my oceanfront home on Nova Scotia’s south shore ready for Fiona’s arrival this week, I had to move the floating dock out front. We didn’t know on Thursday if there would be a storm surge, if the salt water would stay where we like it or get pushed by the tremendous force of […]