National Newswatch

As big names drop out, Conservative leadership race is now Peter MacKay’s to lose

Jan 23 2020 — John Ivison — Conservatives are often concerned about the unintended consequences arising from tight regulations. It seems the rigid rules governing their own leadership campaign may be having some unexpected results. Pierre Poilievre is the third prospective candidate in three days to drop a bombshell announcement around supper-time, withdrawing from a race in which he was considered one […]

Former Conservative Party staffer prepares to enter leadership race as the ‘so-con’ candidate

Jan 22 2020 — Brian Platt — ‘All the so-cons are mobilizing behind me because I’m the only candidate who is running that actually represents their values.’ he social conservative wing of the Conservative Party looks set to have at least one flag-bearer in the leadership race, as former party staffer Richard Décarie is collecting signatures and has a network forming behind […]

Canada could use a PM like Rona Ambrose

Jan 21 2020 — Kelly McParland — Just in case no one has made it clear to her yet, which seems unlikely, there are compelling reasons Rona Ambrose should quit stalling and seek the leadership of the Conservative party. She has been under pressure for some time, and is obviously torn, given that she hasn’t rejected the idea yet, even if it […]

Dumping social conservatives would be a mistake for Tories

Jan 17 2020 — Sean Speer — As the Conservative party’s leadership race gets started in earnest, there’s already plenty of commentary about how the party needs to eschew pesky social conservatives and their backwards-looking traditionalism if it wishes to win elections in modern Canada. It’s not just unsolicited advice from the CBC or the Toronto Star either. Various conservatives are making […]

Does Jean Charest really want his record scrutinized?

Jan 17 2020 — Justin Ling — I always imagined it would happen in a dank and smokey bar. A woman in trenchcoat buttoned up to her ears would sit down, slide a manilla envelope to me across the rye-soaked table, and disappear as soon as she arrived. Pulling out the page inside, I’d take a deep breath and say: “Jean Charest? […]

Speaking Chinese to Quebeckers

Jan 17 2020 — William Watson — I met the late John Crosbie, whose state funeral was Thursday, just once. It was so long ago it was at a big GATT meeting in Montreal — remember the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade? — when the WTO was just a twinkle in international trade bureaucrats’ eyes. We were all waiting for a […]

Justin Trudeau fails yet another transparency test

Jan 15 2020 — Justin Ling — Four years ago, the Prime Minister’s Office announced something revolutionary: Justin Trudeau’s daily schedule would be public. The world would know what he was up to. Well, not that revolutionary. The U.S. president’s daily itinerary is both a matter of public record, and quite detailed. But in Canada, a land of polite secrecy, it was […]