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Ottawa halts weapon sales to Turkey after it invades Syria

Oct 15 2019 — Justin Ling — The Canadian government has suspended new weapons sales to Turkey as its NATO ally invades northern Syria. Global Affairs Canada confirmed that Ottawa has “temporarily suspended new export permits to Turkey.” Canada joins fellow NATO members Germany and France in pausing military sales to Ankara, as the Turkish army pushes into Kurdish territory in Syria. […]

Bad policy versus no policy — the real difference between Conservatives and Liberals

Sep 25 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Two weeks into the campaign, the differences between the two major parties’ platforms are starting to emerge. In brief, the Conservatives’ promises are specific, costed and mostly stupid, while the Liberals’ are vague, uncosted and mostly meaningless. Where the Tories seem intent on bribing voters, one absurdly microtargeted tax credit after another, the Grits prefer […]

Putting the R-word in politics: How religion has become the sleeper issue of the 2019 election

Sep 14 2019 — Joseph Brean — In the strategic context of the election, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer talks about religion the way teenagers talk about sex with their parents, reluctantly, downplaying his personal enthusiasm. Whereas Liberal leader Justin Trudeau talks about religion the way parents talk about sex with their teenagers, awkwardly, downplaying his personal experience. As parties trade smears of […]

Trudeau’s debate no-show speaks volumes more than if he had shown up

Sep 13 2019 — Chris Selley — “Now with 25 per cent fewer leaders.” That was Maclean’s writer Paul Wells’ very apropos quip to introduce the first leaders’ debate of the 2019 federal election campaign. Despite what Liberal partisans might tell you, Justin Trudeau’s absence is neither justifiable nor a good look. On Aug. 6, 2015, Stephen Harper, Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and […]