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Who has less shame, the Liberals or Brenda Lucki?

Jun 22 2022 — Jamie Sarkonak — For most of us, the events that took place in Portapique, N.S., in April 2020 constituted the worst mass murder in Canadian history. For RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, however, they may have been seen as a marketing opportunity. According to a recent report by the Mass Casualty Commission, the head of our national police force […]

The NDP-Liberal coalition has made an inefficient government inept

Jun 21 2022 — John Ivison — Much has been written in recent days about the prospect the Liberals are heading for defeat at the next election. The oracle of Delphi couldn’t come to any firm conclusion on a vote that might be three years away, possibly between politicians not currently leading their parties. But the Trudeau government’s performance in recent months […]

Canadian couple found murdered in Mexico resort town of Playa del Carmen

Jun 21 2022 — — Two Canadians were found dead in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo with their throats apparently slit, authorities said on Monday. The victims, who have not been identified, had stayed in Playa del Carmen for several months, but investigators are still determining whether they were residents or tourists, AFP reports.

Liberals propose another year of hybrid Parliament

Jun 20 2022 — Ryan Tumilty — The Liberals are looking to keep Parliament by Zoom call in place for another year, with a planned motion to extend the hybrid House of Commons again. Liberal House leader Mark Holland announced the government’s plan Monday morning, as the House of Commons enters its final sitting week before summer. He said the hybrid parliament, […]

Freeland’s magical spending won’t make inflation disappear

Jun 16 2022 — John Ivison — American writer Carl Sandburg once said politicians should have three hats: one for throwing into the ring, one for talking through and another to pull rabbits from. Chrystia Freeland, having already made clear her ambition to succeed Justin Trudeau as prime minister, made good use of her other two hats in a speech on inflation […]

Ontario’s mushiness a problem for Pierre Poilievre

Jun 14 2022 — Kelly McParland — This is just a guess, but it’s my sense that Canadians waste very little time pondering the mystic realities of Ontario. It’s got most of the population, much of the money, the biggest share of the voting pool and a blank sheet of a personality. The West has character, British Columbia has a vibe, Quebec […]

‘Misleading’ email from Poilievre camp may have led to ‘tens of thousands’ of duplicate memberships: opponents

Jun 14 2022 — Catherine Lévesque — The email, with the title ‘Membership status: incomplete,’ allegedly caused some panicked members to buy a second membership on Poilievre’s portal. “Do you know what’s going on???” This is an example of the flurry of messages sent to Conservative leadership hopeful Leslyn Lewis’ team by supporters who were left confused and panicked by an email […]

Dual loyalties trope has no place in our politics

Jun 14 2022 — Patrick Brown — There is an issue with how some treat the participation of minority groups in Canada’s democratic process. It definitely feels as if suspicion is the default position of some in the media and politics. This is wrong. The problematic tropes of “dual loyalties” or “ulterior motives” are two that regularly and unfairly follow members of […]