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One week after losing Vancouver Island seat to Green Party, NDP’s Singh changes tune, says he opposes fracking

May 13 2019 — Maura Forrest — In an about-face coming a week after his party lost a Vancouver Island seat to the Green Party, federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he doesn’t support fracking and has concerns about a major liquefied natural gas project in British Columbia. Singh, who has previously voiced support for LNG Canada’s $40-billion natural gas export facility […]

My top three ‘lessons learned’ from the Mark Norman case

May 10 2019 — Christie Blatchford — They’re big on “lessons learned” in the Canadian Forces, so here then, are my top three from the recently concluded Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case: 1. The private bar will almost inevitably kick the living hell out of prosecutors. This wasn’t always true, arguably still isn’t true of provincial prosecutors, but with federal prosecutors, alas, it […]

Auditor General report more evidence of a Liberal government more taken with grand visions than actual governing

May 7 2019 — John Ivison — Another day, another dumpster fire. The release of the interim Auditor General’s report Tuesday has given the opposition parties five new avenues from which to assault this beleaguered Liberal government. The performance audits of government programs unveil shortcomings that most emergent nations would kill to have. Not being able to reach an agent at a […]

Tory immigration critic Michelle Rempel aims for middle ground between Liberals and Bernier

May 2 2019 — Maura Forrest — Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel told reporters on Thursday that she wants Canada’s immigration system to run “seamlessly, quietly and efficiently,” as she tried to build a narrative that the Tories will deliver a common-sense approach to immigration in the face of polarizing rhetoric from the left and the far right. It was the latest […]

Behind Jason Kenney’s bluster, there is real rage in Alberta

May 2 2019 — John Ivison — Alberta’s newly anointed premier, Jason Kenney, returned to Ottawa to start the fight against the federal government he promised during the recent provincial election campaign. The former federal Conservative cabinet minister was appearing before the Senate energy committee Thursday, as part of its hearings into C-69, the Liberal government’s impact assessment legislation — what critics […]