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After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M

Jan 5 2019 — Brian Platt — One of the longest-running national security cases in Canada has resulted in a massive civil lawsuit, as an Egyptian-born Toronto man is suing the federal government for repeatedly trying to deport him over alleged ties to the 1998 terrorist bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa. The federal government first arrested Mahmoud Jaballah in 1999 through […]

‘He knows the rules’: NDP MP cries foul over Trudeau fundraising video shot in PM’s parliamentary office

Jan 5 2019 — Maura Forrest — NDP MP Charlie Angus is criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for shooting an end-of-year fundraising video in his office on Parliament Hill, in violation of rules that prevent MPs from using parliamentary resources to raise money. The video, posted to Trudeau’s Facebook page on Dec. 28, shows the prime minister in his Centre Block office, […]

Carbon taxation needs public buy-in. Are you seeing much of that?

Jan 4 2019 — Joe Oliver — An important question in this year’s federal election will be whether Canadians hold the Liberal government to account for consciously inflicting an economic calamity on an energy industry that sits on the third-largest proven oil reserves in the world. The answer depends on whether the public buys into climate-change alarmism. We recently heard from a […]

‘Tis the season for Liberal soul-searching

Dec 28 2018 — Chris Selley — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s year-end press conference on Parliament Hill was dominated by questions about Sino-Canadian relations, in the wake of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Vancouver. Asked why he wasn’t publicly demanding the release of Canadians detained in China, apparently in retaliation, he offered a fairly stunning bit of self-reflection.

One is ready for the ‘Grand Bargain.’ Will nine follow?

Dec 19 2018 — Andrew Coyne — “It is time for Ottawa to shoulder its responsibilities,” argued an opinion piece in last Friday’s Financial Post, “by introducing a Charter of Economic Rights clarifying the vital rights of Canadians to sell their goods and services and exercise their trades and professions in every part of Canada.” The idea of federal legislation guaranteeing the […]

Trudeau only half as popular as he used to be

Dec 19 2018 — John Ivison — It was in July 2017 that Justin Trudeau graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, accompanied by the headline: “Why Can’t He Be Our President?” Fast forward 18 months and Canada’s golden boy prime minister has seen his approval rating fall below that of the much-maligned U.S. president, Donald Trump. Real Clear Politics has a […]