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Conserving all-Canadian wildlife

Jun 30 2020 — Dan Kraus — Every nation plays an important role in stopping wildlife extinction. Here in Canada, we have an estimated 80,000 known wild species. They range from pygmy shrew to polar bear, and from stellate sedge to Sitka spruce. Canada plays a critical role in protecting many of these plants and animals. Most of the world’s lakeside daisies, narwhals and […]

Our species to save.

May 15 2020 — Dan Kraus — Endangered species day was established 15 years ago.  It is a day for us to learn about the wildlife, plants, animals and insects that are at risk of disappearing and perhaps most importantly, what we can do about it. Every nation has a unique role in saving our planet’s endangered species. As Canadians it’s important […]

World Wildlife Day: The impossible eagle

Mar 3 2020 — Dan Kraus — Scientists estimate that up to one million species may be at risk of extinction in the next few decades. Extinction and the loss of nature now rank up there with climate change as the biggest issues facing not just our environment, but our economy and society. However, there is reason to be optimistic. Yes, officially […]

Is it time for Canada and the world to create carbon parks?

Nov 2 2019 — Dan Kraus — Parks and protected areas have been established across Canada to conserve many things we value. Banff National Park was originally established in 1885 to protect hot springs and breathtaking scenery for tourists. In 1893, Algonquin Provincial Park was set up to protect forested headwaters from settlement and land clearing. Over the last 134 years, more […]

Spending time in nature can benefit your health!

Jul 28 2019 — Erica Thompson — During the summer, many Canadians long to experience the great outdoors but research shows fewer of us are doing so these days.  A recent survey commissioned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) found that 87 per cent of respondents felt happier, healthier and more productive when connected to nature. But 74 per cent said […]

Our bird populations need your help

Jun 21 2019 — Kathryn Folkl — As summer emerges Canadians are enjoying nicer weather and the sights and sounds that nature brings us. But bird songs, once a familiar sound, are become increasingly faint whether at the local park or in our own backyard. The 2019 State of Canada’s Birds Report has been issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada on […]

Think globally, conserve locally

May 9 2019 — Dan Kraus — This week, representatives of 132 governments around the world released a United Nations report that issues a stark warning:  the accelerating deterioration of nature is jeopardizing humanity’s collective future. The report is the most comprehensive-ever study of life on Earth. 455 scientists, researchers and experts have determined that the loss of global biodiversity — the […]

Three lessons about nature from your old Christmas tree

Dec 24 2018 — Dan Kraus — People living in the northern hemisphere have brought trees and boughs into their homes during the winter for thousands of years. The evergreens that we decorate with during Christmas can represent a celebration of holidays and a reminder that spring will come again. I’m a Christmas tree traditionalist, and will never give up the ancient […]