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How Canada can make up ground on its global nature goals

Jun 7 2022 — Dawn Carr — Ambitious action is needed to protect biodiversity around the world. In April, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced our largest-ever project to protect private land. Covering nearly 1,500 square kilometres of boreal forest and wetlands in northern Ontario, the Boreal Wildlands marks a monumental shift in how we need to think of conservation in […]

Nature Conservancy of Canada announces largest private land conservation project in Canadian history

Apr 22 2022 — Catherine Grenier — The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just announced plans for the largest private land conservation project in Canada’s history. When complete, Boreal Wildlands will protect 1,450 square kilometres of boreal forest near Hearst in northern Ontario. The project will encompass an area twice the size of the city of Toronto. This week, as we celebrate […]

World Wetlands Day: Nature needs us to do more

Feb 2 2022 — Samantha Knight — Canada’s largest land conservation organization says there has never been a more important time for nature conservation If you used water today to brush your teeth, cook or quench your thirst, you should probably thank a wetland. World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on February 2, is an opportunity to learn about the value and importance […]

Seeing hope and opportunity in 2022, naturally – My resolution to protect nature in Canada

Jan 5 2022 — Samantha Knight — Across Canada, people have been ramping up their efforts to protect our planet. In 2021, Indigenous communities, donors, land owners and all levels of government came together with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to protect more than 200 square kilometres of wetlands, beaches, forests and prairie. These big, bold projects are vital to tackling […]

The greatest tool in tackling climate change needs our help: nature

Sep 29 2021 — Catherine Grenier — As we begin to enjoy the fall colours and foliage, let’s consider what our forests provide. The short answer is, much more than we realize. The roots of trees, from BC’s hulking cedars to Newfoundland and Labrador’s rare black ash, reach out to us all, connecting Canadians to each other and to this land.  Even if you don’t live in or near a forest, we all […]

Marking 50 years of wetlands conservation and loss

Feb 2 2021 — Dan Kraus — Fifty years ago, nations gathered to create the world’s first global agreement to conserve a habitat. Maybe it will surprise you that this agreement wasn’t for tropical rainforests or coral reefs or oceans. It was a for a habitat that had long been undervalued, and as a result was rapidly disappearing. Fifty years ago, there […]

Conserving all-Canadian wildlife

Jun 30 2020 — Dan Kraus — Every nation plays an important role in stopping wildlife extinction. Here in Canada, we have an estimated 80,000 known wild species. They range from pygmy shrew to polar bear, and from stellate sedge to Sitka spruce. Canada plays a critical role in protecting many of these plants and animals. Most of the world’s lakeside daisies, narwhals and […]

Our species to save.

May 15 2020 — Dan Kraus — Endangered species day was established 15 years ago.  It is a day for us to learn about the wildlife, plants, animals and insects that are at risk of disappearing and perhaps most importantly, what we can do about it. Every nation has a unique role in saving our planet’s endangered species. As Canadians it’s important […]

World Wildlife Day: The impossible eagle

Mar 3 2020 — Dan Kraus — Scientists estimate that up to one million species may be at risk of extinction in the next few decades. Extinction and the loss of nature now rank up there with climate change as the biggest issues facing not just our environment, but our economy and society. However, there is reason to be optimistic. Yes, officially […]