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Justin Trudeau’s fight with Erin O’Toole about COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over

Oct 6 2021 — Althia Raj — The fight in Ottawa over mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over. You might think the election would have settled the issue — the Grits campaigned on mandatory vaccination and won the most seats (160 as of Wednesday). But federal party leaders see political advantage in banging this drum. Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet was […]

The GTA will be a crucial battleground in the coming election. Can the Liberals hang on?

Mar 23 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Whenever federal politicians start touring the country again, Toronto should brace for an onslaught of politicians bearing promises — the Greater Toronto Area is firmly in every party’s sights. While the GTA is always an important battleground in federal elections, several developments during the pandemic have made it even more of a hot property during […]

Remember when Conservative premiers were Justin Trudeau’s biggest headache?

Sep 20 2020 — Susan Delacourt — In the olden days, before the pandemic, the four men sitting behind a long table in an Ottawa hotel on Friday represented Justin Trudeau’s biggest problem — the “real” opposition. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Quebec Premier François Legault and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister were in Canada’s capital to remind the prime […]

Nicholson settling into new role

Jan 15 2017 — — After nearly 10 years of serving in several high-profile federal cabinet posts, Rob Nicholson had to adjust to life as an opposition MP in 2016. The 21-year federal politician is an elder statesman in the Conservative party and was an integral part of the Tory government under former prime minister Stephen Harper between 2006 and […]

Craitor won’t be at Tuesday’s council meeting

May 9 2016 — — Niagara Falls Coun. Kim Craitor will not be at Tuesday night’s council meeting, but said it has nothing to do with sexual harassment allegations against him that came to light last week. “I will not be attending council as I was hit with the shingle virus on the right side of my face and eye, […]