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Why the feds should step in and stop Doug Ford’s plan to cut Toronto council in half

Jul 31 2018 — George Elliott Clarke — According to the Constitution Act of 1982, Canadian elected officials, provincial and federal, are supposed to provide “Peace, Order and Good Government.” Clearly, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s bruited plan to cut city council almost in half to 25 seats – despite a recent mandate from the Ontario Municipal Board to increase the number of seats […]

Doug Ford’s sex re-education

Jul 21 2018 — Michael Coren — The arguments around Ontario’s sex-education curriculum have been made countless times, and it’s increasingly clear that most of its loudest critics haven’t actually read the document. Opponents of the 2015 curriculum, which has now been taught to countless students with few complaints, rushed to Doug Ford’s side when he declared during the provincial election that […]

Even in Canada, conservatism is a ticking time bomb

Mar 1 2017 — Michael Coren — Conservatism is at a crossroads: in the United States under Donald Trump, in post-Brexit Britain, with the rise of the National Front in France and Geert Wilders in Holland, and with the reformation of traditional conservative parties in the rest of Europe and even Latin America.

Kellie Leitch shoots to thrill

Dec 22 2016 — Enzo DiMatteo — I’ve been thinking a lot about Kellie Leitch, the “Canadian values” MP running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Mostly I’ve been thinking about who fits into her version of Canada. Leitch, in case you haven’t heard, has been playing the Trump (and race) card like a two-bit blackjack dealer on […]

J’accuse Kellie Leitch

Dec 9 2016 — Michael Coren — It’s not hyperbole to say the Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate is the most irresponsible mainstream politician in recent Canadian history. Canada’s newspaper columnists must be sending thank-you cards to former immigration minister and Conservative Party leadership contender Chris Alexander. His failure to stop a crowd at a right-wing protest in Edmonton from chanting […]

Meet Ontario’s youngest ever MPP – and PC leader Patrick Brown’s latest headache

Nov 18 2016 — Michael Coren — Social conservatives in Ontario PC party ranks are rejoicing. Long convinced that powerful special interests have conspired to silence them, they now have a miniature saviour in 19-year-old Sam Oosterhoff, the new PC MPP for Niagara West-Glanbrook in Ontario’s Bible belt. The university student shocked the party establishment when he defeated PC party president Rick […]

Toronto Police Board chair Andy Pringle backs away from Kellie Leitch campaign

Nov 16 2016 — — Toronto Police Services Board chair Andy Pringle has quietly stepped away from his role as a key fundraiser for Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Kellie Leitch, who since September has campaigned on a xenophobic proposal to screen all immigrants, refugees and visitors to Canada for their ostensible compatibility with “Canadian values.” In early October, […]

Patrick Brown’s sex-ed gamble may just work

Oct 3 2016 — Michael Coren — Whether by design or accident, luck or logic, Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown has emerged not in trouble but largely triumphant from the sex-education curriculum controversy of recent weeks. The conventional wisdom is that Brown’s flip-flopping on the issue – he now says he supports the curriculum – has alienated social conservatives in the party […]

Patrick Brown’s sex education

Aug 31 2016 — Michael Coren — I’ve known Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Patrick Brown for many years. He was a regular guest on my old TV show when he was a federal MP. I never got the impression that he was especially concerned with sex education or gay issues. If anything, he struck me as more liberal than conservative […]